Series Number Assignment Underway

If you have not received your email it could be because of several reasons.   There may be an error in your email address as entered in your WORS profile, your email software may be blocking it*, or you may have other filters in place.


Please logon and print your Series Number Pickup Card if you have not done so.


If you mailed your series registration and you provided and email address on your registration form, we have seen you an email.   If we did not have an email address or it bounced back to us, we be senting out postcard number notifications the week of April 17th.


*This could be for several reasons, one that we just found out about is that WORS shares server space through its web host service and if a spammer ends up on the same server, your computer could block all emails from that server.  Our host identifies these violators as quickly as possible, but even when they are discovered an removed from the server, the block on your end remains in place.  This ends  today

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