Series Registration and Mandatory Move-Ups

As registration for the 2012 series is in full swing, we remind racers to check that they are registering for the appropriate category of competition. In January of 2011 WORS Guidelines changed, moving away from top age class finishes to overall placing. If you place well within your category overall last year please check to see if you are required to advance. The overall placing for Citizen or Sport can be viewed on the website by clicking on either the men’s or women’s series results and replacing the "m" or "f" at the end of the url with an "o". Fifth place is 177 points and tenth place is 157. We believe this is the best criteria currently available for assessing a racers readiness and need to advance, however there may still be a number of racers that have good rational for remaining in their previous ability category. These riders need to submit a written statement to WORS justifying staying in their current category. WORS will have these statements on file at the WORS tent for public viewing. There may also be some conflict with USA Cycling rules that could curtail a racer from advancing to the next category. If you have any questions, please email Don at, and include your name and series number from 2011.
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