The Sheboygan Showdown coming on Sunday, October 8th will be the final WORS Trail Running event in the 2006 racing season. Pleae remember the starting time for this event is 8:45am, not 9:00am as previously posted.

It has been an extremely competitive year with runners coming from around the world. We have seen runners stop on by for some great trail action from as far away as Japan. Sheboygan will be our last stop in this season and we have saved the best for last. Sheboygan, a brand new venue for WORS trail runners, is made up of not one, but two park trail systems. The 5K runners will enjoy one of these, the 10K will see both. For the first time, while medals will be distrbuted in their normal fashion, prizes will not be distributed to top overall finishers but will instead be given out in our event wide prize drawing, open to all trail runners regardless of placing. Participants of all skill levels and purpose have shared the trails with us now for 4 years and we would like to return the favor by giving everyone the equal chance at some pretty neat swag.

This event will also be the host of the 2006 WORS Trail Running Series Award Ceremony and prize drawing to honor our series competitors and their acheivements over the past several months of racing. Only two slots had been decided before the last series event last week in Wisconsin Rapids making this our most competative series ever. And a record number of 40 runners have qualified this year for Series Overall and Age Group awards. Congratulations to all!!!

This event will also be the final event in our year long fund raising effort to benefit the Achilles Track Club of Wisconsin. A portion of every entry this entire racing season has been set aside for this incredible group of folks to help them in their efforts to participate in running sports. What most of us might take for granted these folks, both athletes and assistants strive for with incredible purpose and determination. It has indeed been our honor to contribute in such a small way to the benefit of this stellar program.

We look forward to seeing you all again and to share one last trail before we place the final period on this, our 4th year of trail running here at WORS Racing. For those who can't make it to Sheboygan, we will save room for you on the starting line in 2007.
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