Subaru Cup Open Letter

As I have had a little time to reflect on this year’s Subaru Cup event several thoughts have come to mind. Number one is that I and all of WORS owe a huge debt to the many individuals that made this past weekend possible and so amazing. First and foremost I have to thank Team WORS that continues to support the series with phenomenal feats of logistics and setup. Kenny, Chris, Jason, Kelly, Collin, and Scott, you guys are the best. .

These are the real unsung heroes of the series and definitely live the WORS Posse motto, “First to show, last to go.”

We built a truly world class mountain course on the slopes of Nordic mountain and none of that would have been possible without the support of owner Rick Schmitz and an amazing amount of sweat equity on the part of many WORS racers who believed in the goal and worked very hard to achieve it. Dave, Steve, Ron, Myles, Mike, Andrew, Thom, Dave, Claire, Abby, Matt, and many others helped to put the icing on the cake with this spring’s additions. Dave Reich and his family are the closest thing we have to trail stewards and are always out at Nordic making the trails better for everyone.

My family all showed up and did an amazing support job. My brother, Barry, came in on Tuesday before the race and without his help through the following Monday, the Subaru Cup and my sanity would have been is serious question. I only wish I had had some time to enjoying your company during the event.

Karen continues to be my rock and always puts an extraordinary effort into handling everyone’s needs at the WORS tent. Although my daughter, Alexis, was unable to attend, she spent countless late nights organizing the volunteer effort that was necessary to make this event happen. Her friends have been helping with WORS events for years and have always proved to be exceptionally intelligent and hard working. Thanks Melissa, Kim, Anna, Sean, and Porter.

To all the volunteers, a huge “THANK YOU!” Hopefully you can all take pride in your part of putting on one of the best Pro XCT (national series) events ever. I have to mention few of the stars of the weekend and apologize in advance to those I fail to mention. Jon Holcombe and his family went way above and beyond. Wally Sniadajewski rocked. Both Jon and Wally announced for awards ceremonies in addition to volunteering at what ever needed to be done. Thanks guys. We also got great help from Jeff Steckbauer who has been working the event since it moved to Nordic Mountain.

Attention all WORS racers, families and fans, the secret is out. Now the rest of the mountain bike world knows how awesome you are.

Leigh and his timing crew took on a herculean effort, with Leigh working for a full week up to and after the event in an attempt to achieve the perhaps unrealistic goals I had for scheduling, the adjusting of categories and classes, results and scoring. I know I need to put many more resources into this area to make this event truly world class. I pushed the schedule and mistakenly relied too heavily on the abilities of the USA Cycling officials. The result was a substantial deficiency in getting our amateurs the quality results they deserve. For this, I apologize to all.

I also want to acknowledge the great sponsorship we received for the event. The financial support and participation of Subaru, Trek, Wheaties Fuel, and Capital Brewery, as well as all our other WORS sponsors, was a big part of the success of this event.

And last, but certainly not least, a big thank you to Claire Cannon, WORS marketing coordinator for all her efforts in letting the world know about the Subaru Cup and her help in the planning and direction of the event.

Plans are already in the works for next year and we know we have areas to improve upon. Thankfully, we already have an excellent base to build on, as we shared many successes with all of you this year. Thanks to everyone in attendance for making the Subaru Cup such an amazing event!

Best wishes, Don
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