Subaru Cup Schedule Finalized

WORS held a popular poll Feb 1 - Feb 8 on two possible schedules for the SUBARU CUP Pro XCT. With over 100 preferences registered, Option 1 and Option 2 were pretty much deadlocked throughout the polling. WORS has carefully considered all of the comments and concerns expressed by racers in every category. We worked hard to respond to all concerns. We brainstormed minor course revisions, and will require extra volunteer man-power during the event. We believe this final compromise is the best possible solution. Throughout this process, we have sincerely appreciated your input, and your patience. We're looking forward to an outstanding event at the Subaru Cup, for all of our WORS racers and visitors. SubaruCup Final Compromise Schedule Here are some of the concerns expressed throughout this process, and how the compromise is able to address them. The Super D is now on Sunday afternoon. This change was made for those who wanted to participate in the event but were unable to travel on Friday, and for those who were concerned about course pre-ride on Friday evening. It was also arranged for those Pros who expressed concern with racing the Super D immediately after their XC event. Cat 2 races are on Saturday. This change was made for Cat 2 racers who were concerned about racing on Sunday. Cat 1 XC before the Pro XC. This change was made for Cat 1 racers who were concerned about watching the Pros. Cat 3 XC on Sunday starts as late as possible. Although we'd like the event to start even later, 9:30 is the latest we can begin the Cat 3 XC. We did modify the Cat 3 and Short Track courses, and will move the start scaffold to accommodate a later race start (which otherwise would have been quite early). The Cat 3 race is now only 30 minutes earlier than usual. Cat 2 Short Track is included. Cat 2 men will have two heats of Short Track (divided depending upon registration numbers). Cat 2 women will race while the Cat 3 XC event is still in progress. It's been a week-full of hard listening and head-scratching here at WORS HQ, but we hope you'll agree that the end result is a solution that honors our #1 goal at WORS: to bring a high quality, competitive MTB racing experience to as many people as possible. Thank you for your support in helping us to make this an outstanding event for every WORS racer! We'll see you there.
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