Subaru Cup Updates

Please remember that the Subaru Cup XC starts at noon on Saturday with pre-ride in the morning and Friday late afternoon.  Check the complete schedule here:


Outback Super D  This event will be run in National Championship format with complete categories (Elite, Comp, Sport, or Citizen) and/or classes (18 and under, 19-39, Singlespeed, Clydesdale, etc.) utilizing a short ( approximately 100 yard) LeMans Start (run to bikes).  Racers will now be racing other racers as well as the clock in this event.


StoneRidge Dual Slalom  The course will be one of the finest ever seen in the Midwest as Todd Karkula is heading up construction.  Starting out on traditional parallel courses racer will merge into a single wider course (2 cross if you will) and the competition will be run under a double elimination format.

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