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MaxPlaxton Max Plaxton
[quote style="boxed"]@teamWORS favorite race this season, can't wait to come back next year! keep up the awesome work.[/quote]
TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Awesome! RT @GeoffKabush: Wish more courses had singletrack like this: Subaru Cup ProXCT Preride #InouAtlas http://t.co/OXiNCnZ[/quote] TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Likewise! RT @superfly411: Super FUN weekend!!!! Thanks Don Edberg and Posse and Claire Cannon for a fantastic Subaru Cup 2011!!![/quote]   @gouldgeorgia Georgia Gould [quote style="boxed"]Won the short track today. Tough race @leadavisonbikes, @emilybatty made me work for it! Headed home before next world cup[/quote]
MaxPlaxton Max Plaxton
[quote style="boxed"]Did I mention how awesome the fans in Wisconsin were, love it. I even felt welcomed out there being lactose intolerant n' all.[/quote]
  @ryantrebon Ryan Trebon [quote style="boxed"]I like racing in Wisconsin. Thanks everyone for coming out and cheering this weekend. Best mtb race we do all year[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Thanks for being there! RT @Radpolizei: @teamWORS: Thanks - Great Weekend![/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]Lucky enough to catch @yotwells and @GeoffKabush "rubbin is racing" action on the 4th lap to today. Thanks 4 the exciting race. Fun to watch[/quote]
GeoffKabush Geoff Kabush
[quote style="boxed"]Raced aggressively, did some sweet jumps, big drifts, a bit of "rubbin is racing" w/ @yotwells, but ended 2nd to a good ride by @MaxPlaxton[/quote]
  TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Photos - http://goo.gl/X8DKj submit your picks![/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Pro men's ShortTrack presented by Salty Wench ...Adam Morka in 7th, then Tristan Schouten in 8th for the home crowd![/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup ShortTrack Pro men Plaxton, JHK, Wells (by a bike throw) and Ettinger, then Schultz in 5th. Ryan Trebon 6th after midrace flyers[/quote]   @garbagetry [quote style="boxed"]Cat 1 short track insanely packed and fast.[/quote] TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Pro women's ShortTrack presented by Salty Wench results: Georgia Gould wins, Lea Davison 2nd, Emily Batty 3, Irmiger 4 Freeman 5[/quote]   @chloeforsman Chloe Forsman [quote style="boxed"]9th at #SubaruCup in the XC. Hoping for better today in the short track. Thanks to all the @teamWORS super fans on course![/quote]   @Bontrager [quote style="boxed"]Prepping for another day at @TeamWORS Subaru Cup. Short track, SuperD and Expo. Lots of Bontrager tires on display + demo ^cc[/quote]   @Bontrager [quote style="boxed"]Congrats also to Bontrager athletes @Emilybatty and @irmigrrr for 2nd and 4th at @teamwors #SubaruCup. ^cc[/quote]   @culversracing [quote style="boxed"]The @teamWORS super fans even came out for the Cat 1 race. That was amazing support for the team. Thank you everyone.[/quote]  
[quote style="boxed"]Congrats to @MaxPlaxton for taking the w today and all but wrapping up the series, @jeffkabush 2, me 3. Super fun course[/quote]
  TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]@a_craig No worries AC. Thanks for all the wheelies! Great to see you out on the trails.[/quote]   @a_craig Adam Craig [quote style="boxed"]No disrespect intented @teamWORS for missing XC podium today. Tried to get there but I fell down and just couldn't get up. Shredded too hard...[/quote]   @JeremyHK JHK [quote style="boxed"]The Wisconsin MTB fans are awesome. Even racing for 8th with legs of concrete was fun thanks to all the cheers today.[/quote]   @tjwoodruff [quote style="boxed"]Not the race I planned, but I finished it out. Willed on by hundreds of @teamWORS superfans. Thanks for the cheers![/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]The course here is super awesome. Watching the pros now and getting my mojo/love for the sport back.[/quote]
TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Help a guy out? RT @nholzem: Broken frame! Need bike for tomorrow #SubaruCup![/quote]   @Jake_Richards [quote style="boxed"]Had a fun day at #SubaruCup. Stacked junior field. Ended up 5th for juniors. Course was perfect![/quote]   @cdncyclist [quote style="boxed"]US Pro XC Subaru Cup: Wm 1 Gould, 2 Batty, 3 Davison. Mn 1 Plaxton, 2 Kabush, 3 Wells[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Tristan Schouten finishes 17. Then Brian Matter, Rotem Ishay, Nathan Guerra in 20th. Mike Phillips 23 #SubaruCup[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Sid Taberlay just crossed line in 6th. Then Barry Wicks 7th. JHK 8th. Ryan Trebon 9Th. Adam Morka 10. Kris Sneddon 11. Carl Decker 12.[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Plaxton wins! Then Kabush, Wells. 4th is Adam Craig. 5th Ettinger. Then JHK, Trebon.[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]The move has been made. Plaxton now in the lead, Kabush chasing through last singletrack climb. Wells third. #SubaruCup[/quote] TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Tristan Schouten on wheel of Sam Schultz into last lap. Matter then Phillips now.[/quote]   @irmigrrr Heather Irmiger [quote style="boxed"]Nice job on 2nd for @Emilybatty today! I'm stoked w/ 4th- thumb pooped out but legs great!So nice to feel good in a race![/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Kabush takes the lead, Plaxton chasing, bigger gap for Wells. We've got the best seat in the house! http://ow.ly/i/du6Y[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Wells, Kabush and Plaxton staying away. Big gap, then Trebon chasing solo. Locals Schouten, Phillips and Matter in top 15. Lap 4[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup How great is DJ Costa! Kept it groovin' all day with Phil Liggit infused sets AND Rick-rolled the Pro men's start climb.[/quote]   @timrekdgorf [quote style="boxed"]#subarucup wells, jhk, and rest of pros at starting line http://yfrog.com/h4bcucmj[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup locals Tristan followed closely by MikeyP then Matter and Guerra.[/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]First lap action paysonmcelveen.posterous.com/58560279[/quote]
  TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Geoff Kabush, Todd Wells and Max Plaxton have a gap. 2nd lap through Firelane #SubaruCup http://ow.ly/i/du0P[/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]No, this is not Europe. Awesome turn out. Fans are loud, heard about 5 different languages and the racing is ON! paysonmcelveen.posterous.com/58558515[/quote]
  TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup men are on course. Todd Wells and Kabush leading the train. T Schouten first local through Firelane.[/quote] TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup unofficial Midwest Regional Champions Cat 1 Junior Men Brendon Davids of Big Bear City, CA (also overall winner for Cat 1 men)[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup unofficial Midwest Regional Champs Cat 1 Women 16-year old Karen Brocket of Kansas City, MO and Men Josh Johnson of Fort Wayne IN.[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup unofficial Midwest Regional Champions Cat 2 Women Maria Statz of Plover, WI. Men Paul Mumford of Chicago IL.[/quote]   @timrekdgorf [quote style="boxed"]Race done. Thanks @teamWORS for the great course and all the effort to put on a fun event! #SubaruCup[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Pro women final top 6 Georgia, Emily, Lea, Heather, Kelli, Judy.[/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]Georgia handing it to the other women right now paysonmcelveen.posterous.com/58551039[/quote]
  @chloeforsman [quote style="boxed"]Race at 12:30 today. Thanks @teamWORS for the great course! #SubaruCup[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Georgia Gould has a commanding lead. Emily Batty, Lea Davison and Heather Irmiger chasing. Jenna Rinehart and Abby Strigel top15[/quote]   @SubaruTrek [quote style="boxed"]Team is excited + ready for #SubaruCup tomorrow at Mt Morris, WI. Big grins on their faces from pre-ride laps on great course.[/quote]   @sam_schultz [quote style="boxed"]Made the cover of @Subaru_usa Drive mag! www.drive.subaru.com http://twitpic.com/5gf64z[/quote] @gouldgeorgia Good to be out here in Wisconsin. Course is super fun and in great shape. Hopefully I am too...   @Jake_Richards [quote style="boxed"]Good pre ride with @Hildebrandt22 at #SubaruCup. Course is gonna be fast and sweet! Perfect conditions.[/quote]   @kylenagO [quote style="boxed"]RT @jumanjicycling: Good luck to @kylenago, JD, KMC, and the Eppens tomorrow! Wish I could be there! Iowa City represents in WI[/quote]   @timrekdgorf [quote style="boxed"]Car packed full - wife, kids, dog, & a bike. On our way to the inlaws cabin for the wknd and the subaru cup![/quote]   @Rotem_Ishay [quote style="boxed"]Thumbs up to @teamWORS for a great course on Mount Morris, WI. Looking forward to the race tomorrow![/quote] @emilybatty [quote style="boxed"]RT @OakleyRich2: @emilybatty bike is weight of Randys BMX mini! I pity the girls 2marow http://yfrog.com/kf6krjzj[/quote]   @exporacing [quote style="boxed"]Almost done with set list for DJ Costa's Subaru Cup premier. Yes, I just talked in 3rd person.[/quote]     TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Iowa represent! RT @kylenago: @teamWORS #SubaruCup Iowa City crew en route to the Cup. Sadly no Robin. Stupid job![/quote]   @jhmaloney [quote style="boxed"]MTB shakedown complete, the new wheels are AWESOME! @teamWORS Subaru Cup here I come![/quote]   @dzangel [quote style="boxed"]To Mt Morris for Subaru Cup...pre-ride today...volunteer tomorrow...race on Sun. Fun Fun Fun[/quote]   @rachelraces [quote style="boxed"]A couple more errands to run and then off to the Subaru Cup @WORSWomen @teamWORS[/quote]   @nholzem [quote style="boxed"]To nordic mt for subaru cup[/quote]   @exporacing [quote style="boxed"]EXPO Base Camp. Get here! http://t.co/CWcveLR[/quote]   @exporacing [quote style="boxed"]Seeing the blue through the clouds. Winds have picked up a tad. This course should be blazing today.[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Work it. RT @svenofthenorth: ...pre-ride @ Mt. Morris. Work til 11 and race tomorrow morning. Going to be busy-and tired.[/quote]
iamspecialized Specialized
[quote style="boxed"]New Max Plaxton blog: http://bit.ly/irrnP8 - Heading to Wisconsin.[/quote]
@exporacing [quote style="boxed"]EXPO Photo Shoot 6pm. Be here![/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]Cool to see @HoneyStinger supporting top level MTB racing here at the @WORSRacing Subaru Cup. Tasty goodies in reg bag. paysonmcelveen.posterous.com/58458019[/quote]
  @m_laufenberg [quote style="boxed"]On the way to Mt. Morris with Alex![/quote]   @EXPORacing [quote style="boxed"]For as much rain as they have gotten, this place looks reaaaaaly nice. Still a little mist now.[/quote]   @ryantrebon [quote style="boxed"]First time in an airport since the end of january. Can't say I missed it. But I'm excited to be racing this weekend[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]@jenkins_ben At this time, the Short Track for Cat 2 men is a little over half full. On site registration opens Friday at 2. teamwors@gmail[/quote]   @irmigrrr [quote style="boxed"]Flying in to Wisconsin tonight for the #Subaru Cup. Excited to see all the racers, fans & my people from #Trek, #Bontrager![/quote]   @HoneyStinger [quote style="boxed"]Tasty goodies in each registration bag for all of you @teamWORS Subaru Cup racers. Good luck and have fun in WI.[/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]The sky's lifting a bit here in Wautoma. The course may turn out to be about perfect tomorrow. Glad I left the dry's on.[/quote]
@spycyride [quote style="boxed"]I'm leaving for this http://t.co/FpIrdqS tomorrow. #stoked[/quote]   @JeremyHK [quote style="boxed"]Photo shootin' at @VeloNews, quick session in the #ValmontBikePark, and now off to Wisconsin for the Subaru Cup.[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]We'll live tweet for you on Saturday! RT @thebonebell: Hate that I'm missing @teamwors subaru cup. Adam Craig is coming!!!![/quote]   @velonews [quote style="boxed"]Subaru Cup, MTB Marathon Worlds on Tap http://t.co/M9H2ut9 [/quote]    
GeoffKabush Geoff Kabush
[quote style="boxed"]@sam_schultz You should show up with a big gold necklace and when people ask about your bike say "biggest f@#%in wheels you can buy".[/quote]
  @sam_schultz: [quote style="boxed"]@GeoffKabush ha, you got that right. I'm ready to throw down![/quote]   @GeoffKabush [quote style="boxed"]Heading to Wisconsin. Feeling good but I heard @sam_schultz on the radio last night and he said he owns that place.[/quote]   @EXPORacing [quote style="boxed"]Subaru Cup attendance: "EXPO Racing?" Present![/quote]   @A_Craig [quote style="boxed"]... weights lifted, Longboard burritos picked up. Headed to WI for some @teamWORS action in Mt. Morris![/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Check out the map of the 2011 Subaru Cup Pro XCT course, including new technical singletrack and spectator areas. http://ow.ly/5onOK[/quote]   @gouldgeorgia [quote style="boxed"]Home, then heading to Wisconsin for the next Pro XCT. Excited to race at Mt Morris again- i had a blast last year![/quote]
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