Treadfest at the Grand Geneva Resort

Treadfest2007 Treadfest 2007 at the Mountain Top Lodge, Grand Geneva Resort, Lake Geneva, WI
Cyclocross season got off to an early start this year at Treadfest once the Elite/Comp racers took to the track. A sudden cold downpour lent the newly created Treadfest course that extra element* of challenge. In the Ladies' Elite race, Abigail Strigel (Team Polska - FDL Cyclery, finishing time 2:09:26.5), beat out her closest competitor Erin Disterheft (Team Billy's, Galesburg MI) by a nearly 8 minute margin to win the Ladies' Elite overall. Tristan Schouten (Trek/VW, finishing time 2:05:14.8) held off Jesse and Marko Lelonde (Gary Fischer/BKB, 2nd and 3rd place respectively), to win the Men's Elite overall. Honors in the Comp Males overall went to Mike Sherer, racing for Pony Shop, who crossed the line with a time of 1:57:38.2.

Polska Abigail Strigel placed first for Team Polska

Trek/VW Tristan Schouten placed first for Team Trek/VW

Trek/VWTrek/VW Tristen Schouten carves a path less taken through the rock garden

LelondeLelondeJesse Lalonde stays the course
The rain held off earlier in the day for Sport, Citizen and Youth racers. Women's Sport Overall winner Martha O'Connor-Leigh (Free Flight Racing -DBQ, IA, finishing time 1:21:58.8) dominated the field, crossing the line more than 5 minutes ahead of the 2nd place finisher, Claire Cannon (Team WORS). Two of the youngest competitors in the field, Megan Wolf (15, #3021) racing for Team Extreme, and Sarah Huang (12, #3015) for Hayes Disc Brakes, finished strong to place in the top 5 overall. In the Men's Sport race, Radek Vopalka (Endeavor Cycling, finishing time 1:05:58.5), held off the second place finished, Craig Stanley, to win.

Men's Start Radek Vopalka (#2148), started fast and went on to win the Men's Sport Overall.

Women's Start Martha O'Connor-Leigh (6th from left in the yellow jersey), went on to win the Women's Sport Overall.
Citizen racers Liz Baumgardt-Kays, and Matthew Amman (Team Extreme) took top honors in the Women's and Men's races, respectively, while Alyson Davis and Brett Poulton were first place finishers in the Citizen Youth races. In all, over 740 racers turned out to test the newly created course. Lake Geneva-based bike club Skinny's Club Tread (pictured below) deserves a Big Thank You from satisfied WORS racers for the 1000+ hours that club members and friends invested in carving out both the track as well as the necessary collaboration with local land-owners.

Skinny's Club Tread Skinny's Club Tread made the Treadfest course possible.
Club members, faced with scarce riding in their local community, created the course in hopes of promoting interest in, and opportunities for, mountain biking in their area. Skinny's is currently working with the Grand Geneva Resort towards the possibility of future access to the course, which is on private land and can currently be ridden only by invitation. Skinny's Club members and friends who invested time in developing the course include Ray Nelson, Butch Welke, Lorna O'Rourke (this year's Treadfest director), Kent Lambert, Ryan Fosnaugh, Rich Mennenoh, Dan Getzen, Dave Seity, Steve Miller, Chris Solen, Paul Lauderbach, Don Thomas, Chris Volbrecht, Bob Weinty, Bob O'Rourke, Jared Collier, and RePete and DJ Burns from Clif Bar. In all, over 1000 hours were invested in developing the 5 miles of new trail. Skinny's would also like to extend their thanks for the support of the Grand Geneva, Michael's Cycles and Team MARS. And, of course, WORS racers who helped make Treadfest a great event this year. Let's cross our fingers for Skinny's efforts to keep this track open for future access! You can view these and other pictures of Treadfest, including Starts and Podium shots, here: Watch for future pictures of WORS events to be posted here at the WORS website. And, of course, for shots of the race itself, check out WORS sponsor Extreme Photography Unlimited! See you at the Rudy Rack Big Ring Classic, June 3 at Nine Mile Forest, Wassau, WI! * Originally this was Seth Lenss' pun, but he said I could have it because he didn't want it.
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