Update: Alterra Coffee Bean Classic

It has been a long time coming, but our rescheduled date is fast approaching for the third Alterra Coffee Bean Classic to be held at Crystal Ridge Ski Area in Franklin, WI on August 29, 2004. We once again thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding in dealing with the weather situation that we all faced. With the new date we had to overcome certain scheduling conflicts. Even though we have been able to get over most of the hurdles we still have a few more that we know of that we have deal with. In order for us to clear some of these hurdles we will need help from you, the racer. Since we are running a race back to back with a WEMS race on Saturday it?s imperative that we get cooperation once again from the racers. For those of you who don?t know what a WEMS race is, it?s a 12-Hour race. We want the Pre-ride on Saturday to go smoothly and without incident. Since a race will be in progress we are asking that everyone that comes to pre-ride check in at the Pre-Ride table and sign a waiver and pick-up a Pre-Ride number. There is no additional cost to you nor are we asking that you register for the race in order to pre-ride. However, if you have registered or have a permanent WORS number, we will require you to have it on your bike. The waiver is being used to show responsibility and accountability that WORS racers will in fact acknowledge that a race is in progress and right of way needs to be given at all costs. All we are asking is that you sign the waiver agreeing that you will heed the right of way to racers that are racing on Saturday. We thank the WEMS Race Promoter, Race Director and all of the WEMS racers for working with us to get our race effectively off the ground.

Adjusted time for the Pre-ride will be Noon ? 6pm Saturday.

Thank you,

Anthony Gonzalez
Race Director
Alterra Coffee Bean Classic
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