UPDATED WORS Photo Contest FTP Instructions


The WORS Photo Contest has grown in popularity since we began at the start of the 2009 season. We hope that you have enjoyed taking photos at WORS events, and seeing the fantastic images captured by many WORS Photographers. We are very grateful to have such great images of WORS events to share here, and with regional, national, and international media.

As submissions have increased, we are no longer able to review all of the online galleries posted each week after the contest. Although we will do our best to continue to share these images with you, we now ask all WORS Photographers to submit photos and videos to us directly via FTP.

From now on, we'll be accepting Photo Contest entries exclusively via FTP. Some of you have been submitting via FTP for some time - thanks! For those who are unfamiliar with "File Transfer Protocol" - once you know how to FTP, we think you'll agree that it is easy, faster, and more convenient than uploading files to online photo sharing sites like Flickr or Picassa. Of course, we hope you'll still upload your photos there for all of your WORS friends!

Four easy steps to upload your photos to the WORS Photo FTP site:

1. Take some pictures, and organize them in a folder labeled with your name.

2. Get free FTP Software

You will need an FTP client - the software that makes it easy to FTP. I use Win SCP on my PC and Cyberduck on my Mac. There are many good, free FTP programs.

3. Connect and log in via FTP

Open your FTP Client software. Every FTP client will have a place (a dialog box which automatically appears, or a menu selection which brings up such a box) where you enter information to tell the program which server on the Internet you want to connect to. You may have to hit a button labeled "Connect" in order to get this box to appear. When you have found this connection panel, there are three crucial pieces of information needed to log you in to your account as the account owner. They are:

  • Host Name = ftp.wors.org
  • Username = worsphoto
  • Password = hotshots-2010

4. Drag and drop your folder of photos into the WORS Photo Contest FTP site.

Once you do this, you may need to stay online while the files transfer. Most programs will show the progress of the file transfer, and let you know that your transfer was a success.

Unofficial Step 5. Sit back and relax and maybe come pick up your winnings at the WORS tent?

If you are having trouble with FTP, or are in a state of photo or video emergency and must submit photos or videos in another way, you can always email us at teamwors at gmail dot com. Thanks!

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