Wolf River Photo Contest Categories

Please review the recently updated WORS Photo Contest rules, and submit photos to TeamWORS at gmail dot com.

NEW: TeamWORS is now accepting short (< 60 seconds) digital video clips as well as photos. The raw file (.mov, .avi, .mpg, etc) must be submitted directly via email.

Categories ($10 WORS Bucks for Best Photo or Video in each category)
  1. Best Venue Photo or Video. For tips on this category, see this page.
  2. Best Photo or Video of Racer(s) and a SUBARU Sponsor Banner. For tips on this category, see the Team WORS website.
  3. Best Candid Moment. This could be a photograph or short video of a racer, from the kids race, the podium, or spectators.
  4. Best Photo or Video from the singletrack.
  5. Best Photo or Video of WORS Fall Colors. Autumn is here and the weather on Sunday looks great for racing. Catch racers, spectators, a sponsor banner or the full venue area against a backdrop of autumn leaves or sky.
$25 WORS Bucks for the Overall Best Photo. This can be an image submitted to any of the Categories below, or may not apply to any of the specific categories for this race ? just a great image!
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