WORS 2009 Movie preview


After a good reception for the 2008 WORS movie, TeamWORS will again create a video for the 2009 season. The movie will include still photos and short video clips captured by WORS spectators and racers during the 2009 season, along with footage from the GoPro HERO Cams.

As before, we?re asking you to help us by contributing your photos and videos. All photos are appreciated, and we?re especially interested in multiple photos that capture a similar frame in a sequence (a preview of the 2008 movie will help to explain this request).

Video footage has been especially hard to find. If you have short movies taken with a video camera or hand-held camera at WORS events, we?d be delighted to have it. And, of course, if you ride with a helmet cam - let us know!

To contribute photos or video, burn them onto a disc and drop them off at the WORS registration tent at any event. Please remember to label the disc with your name and a contact info (phone or email), in case of questions. If you have a very larger number of ?les, email us at teamWORS at gmail dot com, and we may be able to arrange transfer using an external USB drive.

New this year, we?d really like to thank all photo and video contributors in the credits with a photo alongside their name. We?ll be asking photographers to submit a photo - preferably one taken at a WORS event. And, of course, contributors will receive a free copy of the ?nished WORS 2009 DVD. Thanks!!

Here's a preview of IOLA segment from the WORS 2009 movie in progress - it's still rough around the edges!

Iola preview from Team WORS on Vimeo.

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