WORS 2020

WORS Reorganization

This is a year of major reorganization in an effort to keep the series going. This involves reducing the time commitment upon whoever is directing the series to a point where it will attractive to someone else to take up and Don Edberg can fully step away (retire).  In the last year there have been three very interested parties that have investigated buying the series, but all came to the conclusion that it was a far greater time commitment than they wanted to make, the compensation was far too little and costs far too high.

We are sad to say goodbye to several events from the series.  The Red Flint Firecracker informed us that they are leaving to pursue a more festival type event and we wish them the best of luck.  The Hixon Epic has also left the series stating that their event is no longer sustainable as a WORS race at the level of participation they have had.  Finally we say goodbye to the WORS Cup.  The organizing committee for this event having reached appoint where the majority have decided to move unto other pursuits.

Now for the good news!  The Pro XCT returns to Wisconsin.  Ben Agnew, Matt Knowles and crew have picked up the May 2nd race along with a UCI Junior race following the departure from the series of the Soldier Hollow, Utah event.  Englewood Farm will host the UCI races on Saturday May 2nd and a WORS race on Sunday May 3rd.   The Iola Bump & Jump is back.  The Battle of CamRock moves to Saturday June 13th followed by the Mount Morris Challenge on June 28th, (no back to back races in June this year). July belongs to the Colectivo Coffee Bean Classic at Minooka Park in Waukesha and two weeks later on the first weekend in August many WORS participant will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to race the private trails of Trek in Waterloo, Wisconsin.  The Refo Ramble moves to Saturday as well, with WORS 2020 concluding with Treadfest the following Saturday.  Treadfest is moving to Alpine Valley because of conflicts with the Lake Geneva venue a will be hosting WORS overall awards and an end of the year celebration on Sunday.  

Series Registration is now open

Both Series and All-In-One registration are open online at swiftentry.com.  Please try and take care of your series registration online as our resources for handling it onsite are diminished.

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