WORS Announces Entrants to Midwest Regional Championship

The following racers will represent WORS in the Midwest Regional Championship.  These racers qualified by finishing the series first in the WORS class and category that most closely equated to one offer in the Iceman Cometh Challenge race that is hosting the Midwest Regional Championship and turning in an entry form to WORS by the required date.  Unfortunately if the qualifier was unable to attend or did not turn in an entry having the second place finisher represent WORS is not allowed under the rules of the championship.  Congratulations to the qualifiers and best of luck.  We are sure you will represent WORS very well.


Pro/Semi Pro Men

Brian Matter

Expert Men 15-18

Jesrin Gaier

Expert Men 25-29

Ronald Stawicki

Expert Men 30-34

Jerry Long

Expert Men 35-39

Jeff Melcher

Sport Men 15-18

Mitch Gantz

Sport Men 25-29

Ryan Rysewyk

Sport Men 30-34

Chad Wilsing

Sport Men 40-44

John Lirette

Sport Men 50-54

Larry Reimer

Beginner Men 30-34

Eric Luebke

Beginner Men 40-44

Phil Therrien

Beginner Men 45-54

Michael Giesen

Pro/Exp Women 19-34

Abigail Strigel

Expert Women 35-44

Christina Betz

Beginner Women 45+

Deb Joseph

All Women 12-18

Samantha Schneider

Sport/Expert Clydesdales

Russel Jobs

Women Singlespeed

MurphyKate Montee


The Midwest Regional Championship is a series to series competition between the OMBC representing Ohio, Tailwind representing Michigan, DINO representing Indiana, KYMBA representing Kentucky and WORS representing Wisconsin/Illinois series.  Scoring for the Regional Championship will be centered on a lowest common denominator formula that would allow the smaller series to compete with the larger ones by only scoring a number of the best finishes of all series equal to the lowest number of categories entered by any of the series involved.
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