WORS changes 2012 Schedule to avoid Midwest race conflict

WORS has made a schedule change to our 2012 racing calendar.  In order to accommodate an unexpected conflict on July 29:
  • the Alterra Coffee Bean Classic has moved to July 15
  • the Sunburst Showdown has, in turn, moved to July 22
Please update your calendars.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change! Details are below if you are interested in knowing more. The new schedule is as follows: We would like to thank our local race directors at The Alterra Coffee Bean Classic and the Sunburst Showdown for their help in quickly resolving an unforeseen scheduling conflict for the 2012 Racing Schedule.   A race date is not an easy thing to change for WORS, or our local organizers. We are thankful to the Race Directors, their staff and volunteers for being fun and flexible!  Date changes after the schedule has been announced are an exception for WORS, and we were exceptionally fortunate that - in this instance - a change was possible. We work hard to avoid conflicts for our racers, and hope to encourage other race directors to do the same.  WORS creates our racing schedule early, and we share this with other regional race directors months or years in advance of public announcement to solicit feedback and identify possible conflicts.  Each year, we strive for a schedule that maintains outstanding quality and fun for racers, and that conflicts as little as possible with other regional events - and whenever possible we don't open registration until we have problems solved. WORS believes that the strength of Midwest racing, and our own success, depend upon the quality of choices available to racers. We will be updating all online content in response to this change and ask for your patience over the next few days as our webmaster makes all appropriate updates. See you on the trails in 2012!
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