WORS Director reelected to NORBA Board of Trustees

Don Edberg was announced the top vote getter in the recent NORBA Board of Trustees elections. Although we now refer to the mountain bike segment of USA Cycling as USA Cycling Mountain, for legal and legislative reasons its directing board continues to be the NORBA Board of Trustees. This board is responsible for shaping and directing the vision of the sport and deals with rules. ?My main focus for this three year term is to work on Results and Rankings reform.? ?I will push for a system that will factor in the racers competing in an event and not just the predetermined status of an event by its placement on a National Calendar or as an AMBC event, etc..? Edberg stated.

This summer?s NORBA Board of Trustees election also saw an incumbent who was on the USA Cycling Board of Directors defeated opening up his seat on the USAC BOD. Don was nominated for this position by the president of the NORBA Board of Trustees and elected to the post by a vote amongst the trustees. The USAC BOD deals with the financial aspects of USA Cycling among other all encompassing duties, meeting twice annually to conduct business. ?I am very excited about the new position and hope to quickly learn as much as I can so as to make the best of this opportunity.?

Input from members regarding USA Cycling can be directed to Don at don@wors.org.

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