WORS GoPro HERO Cam: Andy at Alterra and Brent at Border Battle

Camera maker GoPro has gifted Team WORS two of their GoPro HERO Wide-angle lens cameras. Footage from the cameras is online at the Team WORS vimeo.

WORS Junior racer Andy Schirpke rode with one of the cameras at the Alterra Coffee Bean Classic, where he finished 2nd overall in a field of 25+ boys between the ages of 8 and 12. Andy races for Twin Six, and even dressed up like T6 teammate Jesse Lalonde for Halloween last year (see minute 6:20-ish).

All of Andy's 27-min race was captured, and has been edited down to just five minutes hereVimeo. Thanks Andy!

WORS GoPro HERO Cam: Andy Junior Alterra from Team WORS on Vimeo.

Brent and Ryan are the guys behind TWIN SIX out of Minneapolis. The Border Battle, race number eight in the 2009 Subaru-sponsored Wisconsin Off Road Series, was also unofficial "TwinSix day".

Brent took time away from slaving over hot graphic designs to cross the border, represent for Minnesota, and throw down with the T6 crew. He also graciously agreed to ride with the GoPro camera (as long as we included his favorite NIN song on the soundtrack). Here, we edited Brent's first lap down to a blazing 5 minutes.

WORS GoPro HERO Cam: T6 BRENT Comp BORDER BATTLE - 1st lap (short version) from Team WORS on Vimeo.

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