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Wisconsin mountain biking rocks!


RE: coverage of the WORS series.

Hello, as an avid cyclist here in the Midwest, as well as an appreciative subscriber to VeloNews, I was very pleased to read your coverage of the WORS mountain bike series.

I have ridden and raced around the country, and Don Edberg and his dedicated crew run as good a series as you will find in terms of organization, course variety and difficulty, fan accessibility and community involvement.

It is the largest registered racer series in the U.S., highly competitive (The top pros travel to Europe and routinely beat some of America's best at Chequamegon and The Iceman Cometh) while still remaining accessible and friendly. We are lucky to have it, and I look forward to your continued coverage of the deserving people who volunteer and compete for WORS.

David Compton, Wisconsin

Editor's Note: Thanks, David, and to the other Wisconsin riders who have written. I haven't been to a WORS event yet, but I appreciate that the organizers help us gather results and other information on a timely basis so we can report on the events here (Hint, hint, other offroad race organizers).

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