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Doug Swanson Updates 2003 Top 5 Expert MenWORS has a little write ups on the top 5 experts of '03. Of course, they are pretty simple, more an explanation of accomplishments. Here's what I think they should include:

#5 - Brian Eppen - Brian loves the naked crits. If there is a naked crit within 12 hours of his hometown (which varies depending on where he parks his truck) Brian will be there. One time during superweek, instead of spending at least $20 to sleep in a hotel, Brian chose to camp out in a graveyard for the night. All of a sudden he showed up in 2003 with a wife. A cool wife at that, so now Brian has become an expert at racing a Tandem mountain bike. Bike of choice - Cannondale Tandem

#4 - Whitey Debroux - The guy's name is Whitey and he's from some corner of Wisconsin that has reported more Sasquatch sitings than any other spot in the U.S. One time after a really hot race, Whitey was seen bathing in a run-off ditch with his kid. Don't be fooled though, Whitey is a nice guy with a lot of talent. He has to ride fast, they shoot at him in the woods by his hometown. The best Whitey quote? "Are you guys going hard, 'cause I'm not." Bike of Choice - One that can take the Abuse

#3 - Jesse Lalonde - Jesse is one of those guys you'd expect to see riding through downtown on a track bike. He's a singlespeed guy that's actually really fast. Someday's he'll show up at a race looking like Ryder Hesdejal, other days, he's got on a pink leopard chamios. He doesn't care. It's almost like he got lost on the way to a derby and ended up at WORS. He's a welcome addition to the field, a nice guy with a unique spirit. Bike of choice - Surly Cross Check

#2 - Brian Matter - B. Matter is old school. He's been on the scene for a long time even though he's only 25. Brian races to get extra cash to finance his electronic device fetish. He loves the big screen TV's and the Sony XGKB123. Brian is teaming up with Tristan and Shanning to form a Sheboygan superteam. During thier first training ride Brian didn't show. When Tristan called to find out where he was, Brian confessed that he got hung up programming his universal remote control. Bike of Choice - 1994 Diamondback Ti with V brake's and Hayes disc rotors.

#1 - Doug Swanson - Aka "Ghetto Pro" or "Doug-e-Fresh". Fresh thinks he's from the 'hood, though he's really from the suburbs. He can't rap, and certainly should use the term's "Yo Dogg", "Word", "Fresh" or "Mad Skillz", but he does. Doug has chrome bar plugs that he call's his "bling-bling mojo". He really really loves to wear orange pants. Bike of choice - Trek Fuel with at least one thing taped together...for that ghetto flava.
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