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New Format for WORS Short TrackThe Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) announces a new format for its short track series which will kick off with the Willy Bikes Short Track at the WORS Cup Stage Race at Devil?s Head Resort in Merrimac, WI on June 26, 2004. WORS short track races will be run in heats with no greater than eight racers on the course at any one time. Each heat will be two laps of the short track course in duration with the top three finishers going on to the next round. Racers will be seated by their standing in the overalls of WORS cross country series with some consideration given other race results as well. Racers not qualifying in their first round race will go into a second chance race with random selection to heats. The top three in the second chance heats will also advance. Heats will continue until six racers are left for a final.

At the WORS Cup Stage Race event, Citizen and Sport initial heats will be run, which will then funnel together into the Super Sport finals.

WORS Short Track Series points (and points toward stage race overalls) will be awarded in the following manner: For heats: qualify in the first heat of a round and receive 3 points, qualify in a second chance heat and receive 2 points, complete second chance heat and do not qualify receive 1 point. In the Finals: first place receives 12 points, second place 9 points, third place 7 points, fourth place 5 points, fifth place 4 points, and sixth place 3 points. Points accumulate as a racer advances through heats and the total number of points available at any one race is dependent upon the number of heats (thus the number of participants).

Along with the new format, WORS will be adjusting its short track courses to include more turns and varied terrain dependent upon the layout of the venues hosting short track events.
WORS #2, Adventure in the Mud!WORS #2, the Kewaunee XC Adventure was held this last weekend at Bruemmer Park in Kewaunee, Wisconsin. Although the sun shined for both Saturday and Sunday, it was not able to dry up the water soaking the Riverview and Winter Park portions of the race course. Following a week of rainy weather that deposited over five inches of rain in the area, the XC Adventure course turned from one of hard packed dirt across fields, up and down rolling hills and wooded singletrack into one of soft tracks, wet grassy areas, and muddy creek crossings. The only part of the course that remained consistent from the previous year was the road lead out and return. Unfortunately the wet condition scrapped plans to add additional course from the newly built Winter Park area. The softness of the track let to a shortening of the course as well creating a short tough race for those suited to the conditions and a long trudge for those not. But hey, that?s mountain bike racing.

Sunday?s race got started at 9:30 a.m. with the Citizen Youth portion of the USA Cycling Citizen Series class competition of WORS (Wisconsin Off Road Series) sponsored by Subaru. This class for entry level and WORS youngest competitors features competition for 8-10 year olds and 11-12 year olds. In the 8-10 year old race, Jessica House and Nathan Labecki turned in fast times for the girls and boys respectfully and for the 11-12 year olds, Arin Lemke and Nick Montee did the same. In the adult Citizen race, fast times came from Antonia Leal (Greendale, WI) for the women and Ron Kay (Rice Lake, WI) for the men.

The Saris Sport Series Race went off at 11:30 with competitors challenged to approximately 2 additional miles of the Riverview Park mire. 274 Sports, 23 Sport Clydesdales and 19 Singlespeeders took to the course and when the mud and water had settled, Katie Schneider (Madison, WI) with a time of 1:10:49 and Kip Spaude (Watertown, WI) recording a 59:20 had fastest times for this segment of the Kewaunee XC Adventure. While those not fairing as well with the extreme course conditions were still finishing the Hayes Youth Race for kids twelve and under was held in the staging area through a dry area of large pines.

The final race of WORS #2 combined the Clif Bar Comp Series and Bel Gioioso Elite Series events. The absence of several of the top male Elite participants as they were in California to compete in NORBA National #2 left room for a different look to the men?s podium and Brian Schaning (PCW Cycling) set the pace with time of 1:20:36 to claim top spot with A.J. Ettmayer, Jr. (Team Pedal Moraine) 1:53 back for second. Mike Bushey (Ski Hut ? Duluth), Jesse Lalonde (Kenwood/Gunnar), and Chris Peariso (Gear ?N Up) respectively filled out the other five podium spots representing career high WORS placing for many of the guys. The women are still looking for someone to interupt Sara Kylander-Johnson?s (Trek Midwest Regional Team) quest for a second consecutive WORS overall as she rode to the Kewaunee championship chased by Susan Juedes (Team Bike Hub, Jenna Zander (, Rebecca Cleveland (Team Bike Hub), and Lori Sable (Team Wisconsin) finishing second through fifth in order. For the Comp?s, the race for the Clif Bar Comp leader?s jersey is on with those after it coming from the 14-18 year old category. Jake Whitwam?s (Bike Doctor) win tied him with Jonathan Kay, (Hayes OnTrack Race Team) the leader coming into Kewaunee. The tie breaker (time differential) leaves the jersey on Kay?s back through the running of WORS #3, the Rome Around. Jerry Long (Chainsmokers) turn finished 23 seconds back to claim third overall. Complete results for the Kewaunee XC Adventure are available on the Cross Country Result page of . WORS Series Overalls will be updated by the end of the week.

Thanks to all those responsible for the Kewaunee XC Adventure,especially race director Jonathan Viste who is hoping for drier times to show off the singletrack of this area. Next up for WORS is the Rome Around staged at Alexander Field in Wisconsin Rapids on May 30, 2004. The Rome Around features an excellent course to introduce new racers to WORS and a fast fun singletrack filled course experienced racers. See you there!
NORBA Members DiscountFor 2004, at WORS races, Comp, Sport, Citizen, and Citizen Youth NORBA members are eligible to receive a three dollar discount on WORS normal entry fees. To receive the discount, NORBA members must present their membership card and ask for the ?NORBA Discount? at race registration when registering (either day of or picking up registration materials after pre-registering online or by mail. No membership card, No Discount.
New Benefit for WORS Series RegistrantsWORS has instituted a new benefit for series registrants. Those who have a series number seven days prior to an event will have a filled out race registration form waiting for them at each race. So, if you are a series registrant and elect to register day of either Saturday or Sunday for the Sunday WORS Cross Country Race, you will not need to fill out a race registration form. Just go up to the registration table, give the workers your class and name and they will pull your form. You pay the race entry fee, sign the waiver, and collect your registration materials (back tag, Clif Bar or Shot, etc).
WORS 2004 Gets RollingWith rain and cool temperatures leading up to the race, many may have been scared off from attending the Alpine Valley Open at Alpine Valley Resort, East Troy, Wisconsin this past weekend. However, the 975 that did attend enjoyed a mostly sunny day in the low fifties that contrasted from the snowy weather just over an hour away in Madison, Wisconsin.  As race number one of WORS 2004 sponsored by Subaru, this year?s Open course ran backwards from 2003 allowing a little easier climbing and more enjoyable singletrack.  With the exception of the creek crossings, the track was mostly dry, however, the tackiness of it had an energy zapping effect that left racers acutely aware of the status of their early season fitness.

The day of racing began at nine in the morning with race number one of the 2004 WORS Trail Run Series.  Twenty-seven runners competed on the long course and twenty-three on the short.  Most of the entrants reported a preference for the new Sunday starts and really enjoyed the challenge of the Alpine Valley trails.  Overall winners for the Long Course were Rosy Walsh (Rhinelander, WI), Tawnya Cook (Rhinelander, WI), and Kerry Sweeet (Mundelein, IL) respectively for the women and James Marschalek (Hartland, WI) with fast time 23:59, Mark Schaefer (Waukesha, WI), and John Brandt (Waukesha, WI) for the men.  On the Short Course, Nathan Sweet (Mundelein, IL) turned in fast time followed by Mike Borzick (South Milwaukee, WI) and Daniel Whitney (Mayville, WI) for the men and Dot McMahan (Jackson, WI), Antonia Leal (Greendale, WI), Alison Beckman (Ironwood, MI) were the fastest of the women.  Complete results can be found on the WORS Trail Run website:

Citizen Youth class headed into its second year and is once again run a half hour before the USA Cycling Citizen Series event which started with the first of six waves at 10:00 a.m.  Nathan Labecki and Jessica House posted the best times for the Youth 8-10 category with Bradley Peterson and Arin Lemke doing the same for the 11-12 category.  In the Citizen event, 228 competitors took up the challenge of the Alpine Valley course.  WORS?s Saris Sport Series event had 420 racers leaving the start in seven waves with fastest men?s time of 1:10:29.2 for three laps of the 4.2 mile course recorded by Charley Schmidt (Rochester, MN) in the Single Speed category. Katie Schneider of La Crosse, WI with a time of 1:30:18.5 was fastest for the women.  At 1:00 the newly formed Hayes Disc Brake Youth Race for novice racers twelve and under was held.

WORS top level competitors got there chance to test themselves on the Alpine Valley course starting at 1:30 in the afternoon as the Elite men competed in the Bel Gioioso Elite Series race.  The were followed out onto the course by the Clif Bar Comp Series competitors and the women competitors of the Bel Gioioso Elite Series.  The men?s race saw 2003 WORS champion, Doug Swanson (Trek/VW) battle 2001 & 2002 Champion, Tristan Schouten (PCW Cycling) ahead of the rest of one of WORS? largest Elite fields ever.  Swanson pulled the victory out in the end as he escaped Schouten in lap traffic.  Here is an excerpt from Doug Swanson?s homepage describing their battle: ?Leading now, Tristan was on the offensive, and having a much easier time passing people than I was. It was nearly impossible to stay on his wheel as we kept bumping into rider after rider. This is always a touchy subject at these races. Everyone has their own race to worry about, but when people are lapping you and fighting for the lead, they deserve the right of way. Maybe I'm biased, but I know if I had Roland and Ryder charging up to lap me I would get the hell out of the trail. I must say I'm sorry if I offended, cut off or bumped anyone too hard. We're all racing out there, and I'm trying my best to get by without incident. Back to the race, Tristan had me at the limit for a bit and by the fourth lap I knew I needed to get ahead of him in that singletrack. So, right before the first mud crossing, I had to make a pretty aggressive move on the outside of an off camber line. Tristan gave me a hard time for it later, but it was a clean pass, yo.?.   Brain Matter (PCW Cycling) was third with Brian Schaning (PCW Cycling) and Dan Swanson (Nature Valley/Penn Cycle) completing the top five.  In the women?s race, 2003 WORS Champion, Sara Kylander-Johnson (Trek Regional Team) left Susan Juedes (Team Bike Hub), Anne Grabowski (Penn Cycle/Nature Valley),  Rebecca Cleveland (Team Bike Hub), and Jenna Zander ( in second through fifth respectively.   The Comp race had Tim Pacholski (New Berlin) with fast time followed by 16 year old Jonathan Kay (Shell Lake) and Chris Solan (Gurnee, IL).  Complete results will be found soon on the results page of    

Once again WORS and TS Events combined to orchestrate a national caliber event.  Special thanks to race director, Kevin Eccles, chief of course, Jim Surges, head of registration, Debbie Surges,  head course marshall, Ed Bartunek, Butch Dushack, and all who volunteered.  WORS prepares now for the Kewaunee XC Adventure, May 16th  in Kewaunee and we all hope to see you there.
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