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Fun at the Sun RunThe 10th annual Calumet Sun Run, race number eight of WORS `05 sponsored by Subaru was run Sunday, August 14th in near perfect weather conditions at Calumet County Park. Marc Wildemann and Scott Protheroe who have been directors of the race since its inception are currently the longest reigning directors in all of WORS. To celebrate their 10th anniversary Mark and Scott decided to make a major modification to the course by running it in the opposite direction from that of the last several years. With the traditional just under 2 mile lead out along Lake Winnebago racers were able to get their legs move before climbing the lower portion of the ski and heading into the woods for the first section of singletrack. This singletrack presented the first major challenge for most of the racers as one third of the way in was a short climb with a right hand turn that was steep enough to put many riders in their granny gear. After emerging from the woods, racers climbed the remainder of the ski hill after which they shifted to their big rings for the long traverse across the top of the ridge upon which the park trails are located. A fast downhill wooded singletrack brought racers back to the base of the ridge. A fast grass traverse returned competitors to wooded singletrack with several moderate switchbacks climbs returning them up the ridge. Racers then entered a brand new section of singletrack consisting mostly of an off camber traverse. Another singletrack down, up, down, and up put racers on a short road section followed by a sharp left back to a wide dirt trail that brought them to the last section of swooping, winding singletrack with several rock gardens. Another short road section dumped racers into the final downhill a sketchy gravel covered 10 foot wide path with several left turns that spewed them out into the finish area to either finish or traverse the ski hill to head out for additional laps. Citizens did 2 laps, Sports 3, Comps and Elite women 4, and Elite men 5. Well received by the racers the course made for many exciting finishes and race within the race. If you check out the results you will notice numerous close finishes the result of finish line sprints that had many on the edge of control.

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