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2005 WORS Race DirectorWORS annual race director
Final Selection for Midwestern Regional TournamentThe following WORS racers are those that qualified for and accepted entry to the Iceman race in Traverse City, Michigan on November 5 to represent WORS and either Wisconsin or Illinois in the first ever Midwestern Regional Tournament a competition between the champions of the Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, and Wisconsin state series. Congratulations and Good Luck!






Pro/Semi-Pro MenPro/Semi-Pro Men

Brian Matter

Expert Men 15-18Expert Men 15-18

Cole House

Expert Men 19-24Expert Men 19-24

Nathan Guerra

Expert Men 25-29Expert Men 25-29

Ronald Stawicki

Expert Men 30-34Expert Men 30-34

Jerrry Long

Kevin Klug

Expert Men 35-39Expert Men 35-39

Ray Nelson

Expert Men 40-44Expert Men 40-44

Jerry Daanen

Kory Nauta

Expert Men 45-54Expert Men 45-54

Don Edberg

Sport Men 15-18Comp Men 15-18

Ryan Bauman

Sport Men 19-24Comp Men 19-24

Tim Pacholski

Sport Men 25-29Comp Men 25-29

Joshua Probst

Sport Men 30-34Comp Men 30-34

Chad Wilsing

Sport Men 35-39Comp Men 35-39

John Lirette

Ken Krebs

Sport Men 40-44Comp Men 40-44

Ross Lemke

Dennis Schueler

Sport Men 45-49Comp Men 45-49

David Torgler

Sport Men 50-54Comp Men 50-54

Larry Reimer

Larry Swanson

Beginner Men 15-18Citizen Men 15-18

Jim Doherty

Beginner Men 19-24Citizen Men 19-24

Kyle Guerra

Beginner Men 25-29Citizen Men 25-29

Anthony Dipizza

Beginner Men 30-34Citizen Men 30-34

Peter Cherchian

Beginner Men 35-39Citizen Men 35-39

Shawn Meinke

Beginner Men 40-44Citizen Men 40-44

Chris Tamborino

All Men 12-14All Men 12-14

Aristotle Peters

All Men 55-64All Men 55-64

Mike Ruzich

All Men 65+All Men 65+

Don Howell

Pro/Exp Women 19-34Pro/Exp Wm 19-34

Christina Betz

Sara Stanford

Expert Women 35-44Expert Women 35-44

Lori Sable

Sport Women 19-34Sport Women 19-34

Anna Fink

Rachel Gatto

Sport Women 35-44Sport Women 35-44

Kristina Meinig

Spt/Exp Women 45+Spt/Exp Women 45+

Wendy Burns

Beginner Women 19-34Citizen Women 19-34

Catherine Swanson

Gabriela Baranova

Beginner Women 45+Citizen Women 45+

Amy Dykema

All Women 12-18All Women 12-18

Jasmine House

Beginner ClydesdalesCitizen Clydesdales
Spt/Exp ClydesdalesComp Clydesdale

Pete Stinski

Men Single SpeedSingle Speed

Jeremy Rodriguez

Women SinglespeedSpt Wmn Singlespeed

Amy Pikalek

NORBA State Champions Announced for Wisconsin and IllinoisWORS and NORBA are please to announce the Wisconsin and Illinois state champions for 2005. To be eligible for these awards a competitor must first have a current NORBA annual license. The next criteria is they must have raced in WORS and finished with an overall score. And lastly they must be a resident of either Wisconsin or Illinois. Because of the high percentage of Illinois racers participating in WORS and the lack of other NORBA events in Illinois, WORS was selected to name Illinois state champions as well as Wisconsin.

Congratulations to all the State Champions. Medals will be awarded at the WORS Awards Banquet on October 29 at Devil
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