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Moosejaw Bump & Jump

There is less than one week to go before our first Trail Running event of the year. The Moosejaw Bump & Jump will take place on Sunday, May 7 at the Iola Winter Sports Club. Check out our Moosejaw Event Page for specific details. This is one of our favorite venues as it provides a truely fun trail experience regardless of weather.

NOTE: Beginning this year, racers can still receive 'Pre-Registration' entry rates ($15) for On-Site Registrations from 4:00pm - 6:00pm the evenings before each event. This is to assist our timers with entering racer information early to reduce entry time on race day so results can be available quicker and with less chance of error. We thank you for your assistance in helping us streamline this time and labor intensive process to make everyone's racing experience much more enjoyable. Se you all this weekend in Iola!

Attention WORS Elite Racers and Those Desiring to Race Elite

In the past NORBA has allowed anyone to start at their Expert level, however that has changed this year and you may only be able to register for Sport.  I have talked with Kelli Lusk, NORBA Eastern Region Manager and she said that she would OK the upgrade to Expert for anyone with qualifying WORS Comp results whether or not they have held a license previously.  I am a NORBA Official and have the authority to approve an upgrade from Sport to Expert.  So even if the USA Cycling website will only allow you to register as a Sport, do so and we can take care of the upgrade at your first WORS race.

Please take care of your NORBA license in advance, because although it can be done onsite at your first WORS event, doing so will effect the time required to get the actual license in your hands and ranking points.

Don Edberg , WORS Director

Series Number Assignment Underway

If you have not received your email it could be because of several reasons.   There may be an error in your email address as entered in your WORS profile, your email software may be blocking it*, or you may have other filters in place.


Please logon and print your Series Number Pickup Card if you have not done so.


If you mailed your series registration and you provided and email address on your registration form, we have seen you an email.   If we did not have an email address or it bounced back to us, we be senting out postcard number notifications the week of April 17th.


*This could be for several reasons, one that we just found out about is that WORS shares server space through its web host service and if a spammer ends up on the same server, your computer could block all emails from that server.  Our host identifies these violators as quickly as possible, but even when they are discovered an removed from the server, the block on your end remains in place.  This ends  today

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