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Online Registration / Message Board Update

The online registration system is back online as of 2:00pm today.  If you registered for an event or signed up for an account in the past few days, please verify everything is in order.

As many of you were aware, the wors site was just migrated to new hardware by our webhost. As a 'going away' present, the old system decided to override the newly updated message board, thus I have had to restore the board from earlier this week.

Why does this matter?

- All posts from the past couple days have been lost.
- All users who registered in the past couple days have disappeared, and you will need to re-register.
- Any password changes, etc will have been lost as well.

Sorry for the trouble this caused, but it should be smooth sailing from this point on.  Please contact me if you encounter any problems.

-Ryan Rastedt

Subaru Cup a Devilish Good Time

Subaru Cup a Devilish Good Time


After three days and total of nearly four inches rain, course conditions for the Subaru Cup were surprisingly good and improved throughout the weekend.  The WORS Mega Event took on a new sponsor this year and with their support, WORS was able to make the event even better than before.  Below is a recap of the individual event highlights.


Outback SuperD/Time Trial


The first challenge of this event to be overcome by racers was just getting to the start, as this event was staged all the way at the top of the Devil

Subaru Cup Night Games

WOW!  The first ever Muddy Cup/Nite Rider Poker run took place on Saturday night at the Subaru Cup.  A whopping 10 teams took place in the inaugural event and took home lots of fun.

The race began promptly at 8:30, with a "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" that was donned "Don Jr".   Despite a minor fiasco with Jim not really being on the golf course and Russell guiding the lightless kids with a bee sting hangover, the race went very well.  Although Seth Lenss didn

Subaru Cup Updated Schedule & Course MapHere is an updated schedule and the course map for the Subaru Cup WORS Mega Event with links for downloading pdf versions of them.

Subaru Cup Trail Map (.pdf, 210kb)

Subaru Cup Schedule (.pdf, 40kb)

SOMETHING A-FOOT IN MIDDLETONOn a morning straight from a Sherlock Holmes novel, runners converged on Pope Farm Park in the Town of Middleton from as far away as Philadelphia, PA for WORS Trail Running
Volunteers Still Needed for Subaru Cup

WORS is looking to fill several key volunteer positions for Sunday August 27th

Nite RIder Poker Run Presented by Team Muddy Cup

More fun is in store for the Subaru Cup as details of the Nite Rider Poker Run presented by Team Muddy Cup have been released.   Teams will consist of two to four riders, each team will be given a map with three to four poker points located on the map.  These points will be one to three miles away from the starting point and a Team Muddy Cup member will hold a deck of cards at each point.  All teams will leave at the same time and will have one hour to get to as many points as possible and return with collected cards.  Each team member is allowed to pick up only one card at each poker point and must return to the staging are within the one hour time limit.  The team that makes the best 5 card hand from all of the cards collected by its member wins, but teams may have to play out there hand against other top hands to determine final prize distribution.


Merchandise awards will be provided by Nite Rider and The Muddy Cup Cafe.  There is no entry fee for this event and it is open to racers and non-racers alike.


Estimated start time for this event is 8:30 p.m. Saturday evening with staging occurring at the base of the hill near the Expo Area.  Registration will be at the Start beginning at 7:00 p.m. up until 15 minutes before the start. 


So bring your lights to Devil

Trail Work at Devil

WORS will be out working on the Devil

Sun Sets on Sun Run

This past weekend saw the running of 11th annual Calumet Sun Run, race number eight in the fifteenth year of WORS, the Wisconsin Off Road Series sponsored by Subaru.  An announcement was made prior to the event that race directors Scott Protheroe and Marc Wildeman along with Calumet County Park had decided that this would be the last running of the race.  Marc Wildemann and Scott Protheroe, who have been directors of the race since its inception, are currently the longest reigning directors in all of WORS. Marc is currently serving active duty in the Naval Reserve in the Middle East. I, along with all of WORS, would like to wish Scott and Marc the best of luck and thank them for their many years of service to the mountain bike community. 


This year

Volunteers Needed for Subaru Cup

and still have plenty of time to cheer on your favorite racer, compete in one or more of the races, and still have time to enjoy the Subaru Cup as a whole.  Most positions include free food and and commemorative t-shirt.  Be a part of helping bring a primier event to the Midwest, the Subaru Cup AMBC event, August 26th & 27th at Devil

WORS Sponsors

2020 WORS Series Sponsors