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SHEBOYGAN SHOWDOWN, LAST RACE FOR 2006The Sheboygan Showdown coming on Sunday, October 8th will be the final WORS Trail Running event in the 2006 racing season. Pleae remember the starting time for this event is 8:45am, not 9:00am as previously posted.

It has been an extremely competitive year with runners coming from around the world. We have seen runners stop on by for some great trail action from as far away as Japan. Sheboygan will be our last stop in this season and we have saved the best for last. Sheboygan, a brand new venue for WORS trail runners, is made up of not one, but two park trail systems. The 5K runners will enjoy one of these, the 10K will see both. For the first time, while medals will be distrbuted in their normal fashion, prizes will not be distributed to top overall finishers but will instead be given out in our event wide prize drawing, open to all trail runners regardless of placing. Participants of all skill levels and purpose have shared the trails with us now for 4 years and we would like to return the favor by giving everyone the equal chance at some pretty neat swag.

This event will also be the host of the 2006 WORS Trail Running Series Award Ceremony and prize drawing to honor our series competitors and their acheivements over the past several months of racing. Only two slots had been decided before the last series event last week in Wisconsin Rapids making this our most competative series ever. And a record number of 40 runners have qualified this year for Series Overall and Age Group awards. Congratulations to all!!!

This event will also be the final event in our year long fund raising effort to benefit the Achilles Track Club of Wisconsin. A portion of every entry this entire racing season has been set aside for this incredible group of folks to help them in their efforts to participate in running sports. What most of us might take for granted these folks, both athletes and assistants strive for with incredible purpose and determination. It has indeed been our honor to contribute in such a small way to the benefit of this stellar program.

We look forward to seeing you all again and to share one last trail before we place the final period on this, our 4th year of trail running here at WORS Racing. For those who can't make it to Sheboygan, we will save room for you on the starting line in 2007.
WORS Director Elected to NORBA Board of Trustees

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Midwest Regional Championship

The following email was received today.  As we have two series races left, those who qualify and would like to participate in this newly formed competition will be asked to fill out a Iceman Registration Form the Sheboygan race or download one from the iceman website and turn it in filled out to the WORS tent at Sheboygan or mail it to WORS, Midwest Championship, 8675 Rolling Hills Rd, Custer, WI  54423 so it is received no later than October 10th.  WORS team for the event will be announced and entries mailed in on October 11th.  WORS can not be responsible for mailing delays.


Hi everyone,


Plans are moving forward for the first Midwest Regional Championship including a plan for scoring racers and ranking each state series.


There was a series directors meeting at the 2005 Iceman and although only directors from three of the five series involved were in attendance, discussion was begun on how to best score such an event, acquiring a sponsor to allow for a traveling championship trophy, possible individual awards, and whether the venue for the event would travel from state to state.


It was decided to continue the competition at the Iceman for 2006 pending approval of the director of the event, Steve Brown.


It was also decided that for 2006, rather than a state to state competition, the Midwest Regional Championship would be a series to series competition with the champions of ability and age groups (that equate with the Iceman categories) from the various series competing against each other at the Iceman.


Talk on scoring centered on a lowest common denominator formula that would allow the smaller series to compete with the larger ones by only scoring a number of the best finishes of all series equal to the lowest number of categories entered by any of the series involved.


Steve has offered to host the first regional championship and has requested that we ask our racers who may be eligable to fill out entry forms now so that he can get them on the roster sooner rather than later.


1. Please send the entry forms in one envelope

(IMPORTANT) to the Iceman, Attn: Steve Brown and send a copy of those forms or an excel or word document with a list of registrants to OMBC at PO Box 97, Butler, OH 44822 or


2. Please DO NOT have racers send in their regisration forms individually. It is much easier for Steve if you can collect those forms and send them in one package.


Please review the attached word file. This will appear in the upcoming issue of the Glacier Gazette. Our Results Director, Mark Crouse, is working on a new website specifically dedicated to the Midwest Regional Championship at


Once we receive your list of representatives, we will update the website to include that information. Please be sure to include age, gender and iceman category. 


Please let me know your thoughts on the format for the event and any other suggestions. We are planning another directors meeting at the Iceman. Hope everyone can make it this year!




Ryan O'Dell

OMBC Series Director


Please be sure that if you wish to compete you get your entry to WORS by the deadline.  Not all WORS overall winners are eligible for this event as we must compete in the established Iceman categories.  Comp will combine with Sport for Iceman Sport categories.  WORS Citizen racers will compete in Iceman Beginner categories, however anyone that competed in an Iceman Beginner category last year is inelligibile.

Fast Times and Cool Weather at Sunburst

Fast Times and Cool Weather at Sunburst


Although weekend rains plagued the majority of Southeastern Wisconsin, somehow Sunburst and the Sunburst Showdown managed to stay relatively dry as the little precipitation that did fall had little or no effect on the race course.  With otherwise fall-like weather, racers in the Showdown were treated to a very fun and fast course consisting of a prologue loop followed by a mixture of short and enjoyable sections of singletrack, rolling climbs, and open descents covering the majority of the Sunburst property. 


As usual, racing began with the Hayes Disc Brake Citizen Youth Series Race at 9:30.  For the first time at Sunburst Citizen Youths went most of the way up the ski slope with their own open slope climb after the prologue loop.  For the girls, Alyson Davis from Genoa City, Wisconsin and Elizabeth Shull out of Libertyville, IL turned in the fastest times for the 8-10 and 11-12 year olds respectively with times of 24:32 and 25:21.  On the boy

TWO RACES TO GOWhat a season it has been, and it's not over quite yet. With two races left, our series finale at Wisconsin Rapids on Sunday September 24th, and our end of year Specail Event at Sheboygan on Sunday, October 8th our 2006 racing season is looking to go out with a bang. The La Sportiva Rapid Trail Run will at last determine our Series final standings, most of which have yet to be decided. It has been a great season with more series competitors than ever and rightly so, it comes down to the finale.

The Sheboygan Showdown will be unlike any event to date. It takes place in not one but two park trail systems and instead of the typical WORS Trail Running prize structure, with most going to the top overall finishers, at this Special Event, all prizes will be handed out through our event prize drawing open to all racers regardless of finish. We are clearing out everything left from sponsor donations... and then some, making this our largest prize drawing ever. Following this event, we will be conducting our Series Award Ceremony and Series runner prize drawing. We encourage all series runners placing in this year's series to attend to receive their awards. Final placings will be posted on our web site results page as soon as possible after the La Sportiva Run. Any challenges to this final posting must be made no later than Tuesday, September 26th.

We are still in need of a few volunteers to help out on race morning for the event in Wisconsin Rapids. Anyone interested please contact WORS Trail Running at or call our new phone number at (608) 235-1108.
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