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2007 WORS Racer Handbook Will Mail on Schedule

The 2007 WORS Racer Handbook has been delivered to the printers and final proofing took place last Friday.  The handbook is now printed and being assembled for mailing on Tuesday, February 27.   This year

WORS Marathon Series

WORS is proud to introduce a new racing format to Midwest mountain bikers. Three of WORS largest venues will be utilized for this new series. These off-road areas will support laps of greater than 9 miles in length making them appropriate for marathon distance events. The USA Cycling and UCI definition of a marathon mountain bike event is 60-100 kilometers (37 to 62 miles).   WORS distances will be 37 to 42 miles for Sport and above level competitors.


WORS Marathon Seriesis the perfect series for riders who are unable to commit to WORS 12 race series and those looking for racing fun that will keep them motivated throughout the summer months. Courses for these events aim to be fast rolling, safe, forest adventures and provide a transition from less technical off-road riding for riders of all abilities. Each event will have a shorter distance option for beginning and Citizen racers as well as a Citizen Youth race (6-8 miles) for juniors 12 and under.

Further details on each of the events within

WORS Marathon Series are coming to the events pages soon.  Specifics related to overall scoring of the three race Marathon Series can be found in the WORS Guidelines.

Tater Bake Open Replaces Rome Around

WORS has secured an event for the September 23rd opening in its schedule created by the cancellation of the Rome Around.  WORS and the Iola Winter Sports Club are pleased to announce the Faldet Farms Tater Bake Open.  Race Director, Phil Johnsrud and his staff promise a fun-filled weekend for all.  New twists to the ever popular race course, used on May 6th for the Iola Bump and Jump, are in the works.  A potato bake will replace the Bump & Jump

Rome Around Forced to Cancel

One of WORS perennial favorites, the Rome Around, has received a mortal blow.  Race organizers have learned that the lands upon which their race course was situated have been sold and that the new owners have denied the race access.  After checking out several alternatives, race director, Tim Tenpas announced that he has run out of options and must cancel the event.   


WORS would like to thank Tim, his wife Sue, and their great staff for their years of service to the mountain bike community.  WORS is working on an event to replace the void left by the Rome Around

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