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Iceman to Host Midwest Regional Championship Again!

As the race season winds down we have received information to update WORS racers on the 2007 Midwest Regional Championship. Racers for the past two years have expressed their appreciation for this additional reward and competition.  


At the Iceman last year, participating race directors agreed that we should continue to hold the regional tournament at the Iceman again for 2007.


Offering many of WORS class winners an opportunity to compete in the largest single day (and sold out) MTB event in North America is certainly a great reward for their accomplishments and an excellent way to showcase the talent of WORS racers.


The "Iceman", Steve Brown, noting the costs of offering free passes to our division winners for the past two years, is requiring racers to pay $10 each this year to help cover the basic costs of numbers plates, administration, timing, etc..


Given that the normal entry fee for 2007 is $60, seems like a small price to pay to continue to hold this regional competition at the Iceman race. Thanks to Steve for making this possible!


The Midwest Regional Championships (MRC) are a "lowest-points wins" competition between mountain bike race series in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky and now West Virginia that pits division winners from each state series in a head to head competition. 1st place equals 1 point, 2nd place 2 points and so on. DNF

Race Report: Smokin' Spoke

This weekend's Smokin' Spoke, the third and last race in the new WORS Marathon Series, drew nearly 600 racers to Camp Tesomas outside Rhinelander, WI. WORS series racers enjoyed blue skies overhead and a dry course beneath their tires after two successive races held in wet, muddy conditions. More than halfway through this year's overall Subaru sponsored 2007 Wisconsin Off Road Series, the Spoke course was warmly welcomed as a new addition to the WORS lineup. The challenging track was studded with small hills, rapid descents and mogul-like, wooded singletrack. More than one bridge kept riders on their toes while a few wide-open passing lanes required both stamina and speed as nearly everyone decided to put the hammer down at the same moment. Overall, the 10 mile lap length gave riders plenty of individual challenge and opportunities for teamwork.

Youth racers Madeline Labecki of Milwaukee and Brett Poulton of Lake Forest IL, took top honors in the Hayes Disc Brakes Citizen Series, keeping their respective Marathon Series winning streaks alive. In the Citizen races, Rhinelander's own Mary Lucas led the ladies with a time of 2:01:13 for two laps. Matthew Amman of Milwaukee led the Citizen men with a time of 1:35:42. In the women's CycleOps Sport race, Kaitlin Anotonneau of Racine topped the field with a winning time of 2:49:44 for 3 laps, while Ben Koenig of Schofield led the Men's field in 2:23:28. In the Cliff Bar Comp Series race Karl Schult of Crystal Lake, IL had the best overall time of 3:00:46 for 4 laps.

Despite the length and speed of the course, the finish line saw many closely-contested battles at the Spoke. In the BelGioioso Elite race, Sara Kylander-Johnson (Trek/VW) was one of a few to beat this trend, dominating the ladies field with a time of 3:09:11 for four laps, more than 13 minutes ahead of the current WORS series overall leader Anne Grabowski (Nature Valley/ PENNCYCLE, 3:22:17). By contrast, in the men's Elite race, the top three finishers, Jesse Lalonde (Gary Fisher 29/BKB; 2:40:24), Brian Matter (PCW/Trek, 2:40:37), and Marko Lalonde (Gary Fisher/BKB; 2:40:57) crossed the line within 30 seconds of one another.

As with previous races in the new WORS Marathon series, the Spoke seemed to bring out the best in racers of each category. The rough terrain also put bikes to a brutal test. Mechanicals and flats along the track were numerous and forced more than a few competitors to retire in frustration. WORS series racers I spoke with found the course challenging and fun. The variety provided by the Marathon Series format once again found Citizen, Sport, Comp and Elite on the track at the same time. Although the track was somewhat less conducive to passing than previous Marathon courses, the post-race talk suggested that WORS regulars are mastering passing on both sides of the equation. The Elite series riders were especially singled out for their excellent passing etiquette and technique, consistent with the hypothesis that polite passing does, in fact, make you faster.

roughin' it, Alterra-style
The enthusiastic local event organizers worked hard to provide for racers and spectators both on and off the course at this first-ever event for WORS. Camp Tesomas at Crystal Lake provided plenty of opportunities for fun for racers, friends, family and spectators alike. More than a few of us enjoyed a swim in the spring-fed lake after the race. Local organizers even may be persuaded to let us try our hand at rock-climbing next year. Lakeside cabins, comfortable camp grounds, showers, concessions and wonderful group of local volunteers made everyone feel welcome. Racers enjoyed fruit and brownies after the race, the encouragement of smiling volunteers at the water stations, the ever-popular misting tent and more cowbell in the woods. WORS riders are certainly looking forward to a chance to ride at the Spoke again next season.

More photos of the event can be found online. And, as always, make sure to check out Extreme Photography.

See you in two weeks, September 9, at the Sunburst Ski Area in Kewaskum WI, for the Sunburst Showdown!

Article and photos by Claire Cannon.

Subaru Cup Super D & Short Track Refunds

WORS is asking any and all racers having refunds coming to them due to the cancellation of last weekends Super D and Short Track events at the Subaru Cup to please stop by the WORS tent at Rhinelander to pick up your refund.  You will need to present a photo ID and sign for the refund, so do not ask friends to get it for you.  Refunds not picked up either at the Smokin Spoke (Rhinelander) or Kewaskum (Sunburst Showdown) will be mailed please expect to wait 2-4 weeks after Sunburst to receive your refund by mail.

Race Report: Subaru CupThe Subaru Cup, Wisconsin Off Road Series' annual mega event, brought over 600 competitors to Nordic Mountain in Mount Morris, WI for two days of off road racing. The Subaru Cup Cross-Country Race, the eighth race in the 2007 Subaru-sponsored WORS line-up, also was a level three event on the newly created USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Calendar. The top ten racers in each age class at the Subaru Cup qualified for the 2008 USAC National Mountain Bike Championships.

Although WORS events are usually held on Sunday, as part of the two-day Subaru Cup mega event, the cross-country race was scheduled for Saturday. The Elite BelGioioso Series racers were the first to take to the track under persistent light rain. Initial lap times were fast as forest cover delayed the rain's impact on the single-track. By the third lap, mud and rain had necessitated a bypass of one of two bridges on the course, though the course was otherwise unchanged. Sara Kylander-Johnson (Trek/VW) took top honors in the ladies' race with a time of 1:59:08 for four laps of the Elite course. The hotly-contested second place spot went to Susan Juedes (Bike Hub; 2:04:52). In the 5-lap Elite men's race, Jesse (2:05:17) and Marko Lalonde (2:07:51), both of Gary Fisher 29 / Bare Knuckle Brigade rode steadily to first and second place, respectively.

Ron "holeshot" Stawicki leads the men's Elite start up the first climb.

The WORS men's Elite podium welcomed back Tristan Schouten (Trek/VW) this week, who returned from an extended absence to edge out Ron Stawicki (Hayes) for a 6th place overall finish. The Elite men's race also welcomed Travis Brown (Trek FRS) of Durango CO, piloting the new Gary Fisher Superfly. Brown rode with the lead pack for 3 laps before a broken chain forced him to retire with a mechanical.

Showers intensified as the Cliff Bar Comp Series race began at 2:15 PM and the course was shortened to three laps. Dan Teaters (Beans and Barley; 1:32:38) had the fastest overall time, edging out current series leader Landon Lueck (Glyde Clothing/TREK; 1:33:56).

By the time the CycleOps Sport race began at 3:30, the steady rain had become heavy, the second bridge as well as a lead-out climb were bypassed for safety, and the race was reduced to two laps. In the women's race, 15-year old Kaitlynn Antonneau of Racine WI, outrode and outran her competition to finish first with a time of 1:32:03, ahead of second place finisher Claire Cannon (Milwaukee; 1:33:19). In the men's contest, Ben Koenig of Schofield WI led the field in 1:11:52, ahead of Michael Kohnle of Mequon WI (1:13:18).

Steady rain continued into the Hayes Disc Brakes Citizen Series event and racers leaving the starting line at 6:00 PM traversed a single lap of the very well-churned course. Spectators alongside the singletrack reported overhearing "run Forest, run!" as often as "rider through".  In the ladies competition, 16-year old Alyssa Borell of Ripon WI took the top spot with a time of 58:44. Second place went to 13-year old Moriah Griesbach of Rockford IL (1:01:48). Michael Ziegler of Milwaukee led the Citizen Men with a time of 44:07, followed by 13-year old Mitchell Bogardus of Kenosha WI (44:15). Citizen Youth racers 12-year olds Emily Shull of Libertyville IL (32:37) and Ryan Kay of Rice Lake WI (24:06) took top honors.

As part of the Subaru Cup WORS mega event schedule, the cross-country race was shifted to Saturday to allow series racers an opportunity to participate in other racing formats that were to be held on Sunday. Rain, however, continued through the night into Sunday.   Conditions forced the cancellation of the Impreza Short Track and the Outback Super D, events that were to be run on sections of the cross-country course that had been rendered close to unrideable and dangerous from use the day before.  WORS Director Don Edberg promises a contingency course for next years event. Gravity riders braved the mud during the Nordic Mountain Downhill at noon on Sunday and the Stoneridge Dual Slalom immediately after. Phil Ott of Fontana, WI (1:14.1), Troy Fisher of Kaukauna, WI (1:25.0), and Chad Ament of Plano, IL (1:25:4) took first place in the Open, Intermediate and Beginner classes, respectively. Be sure to check the WORS message board for links to additional photos and videos of these Subaru Cup events!

More photos of the event can be found online. And, as always, be sure to check Extreme Photography.

See you in one week, on Sunday August 26, in Rhinelander WI, for the Smokin' Spoke!

Article and photos by Claire Cannon.

More Subaru Cup News rev. 8-15

Breakfast  Nordic Mountain will be serving breakfast Saturday morning 7-10 and Sunday morning 6:30 to 9:30.  Breakfast will include generous portions of pancakes, eggs, sausage or bacon and your choice of coffee or orange juice all for $6.

Friday Fish Fry and All-You-Care-To-Eat Spaghetti  Feed  Nordic Mountain will host their usual Fish Fry and will be cooking up generous portions of pasta for those wishing to carbo-load before their race.

Schwag Bags  Stuff continues to roll in from sponsors and other businesses and the schwag bag for the Subaru Cup looks to be the biggest WORS has ever had.


Camping  Camper may set up starting at noon on Friday.  The cost is $10 per night per car.  We are working on a rudimentary shower set-up for campers, no promises.

Subaru Cup Updates

Please remember that the Subaru Cup XC starts at noon on Saturday with pre-ride in the morning and Friday late afternoon.  Check the complete schedule here:


Outback Super D  This event will be run in National Championship format with complete categories (Elite, Comp, Sport, or Citizen) and/or classes (18 and under, 19-39, Singlespeed, Clydesdale, etc.) utilizing a short ( approximately 100 yard) LeMans Start (run to bikes).  Racers will now be racing other racers as well as the clock in this event.


StoneRidge Dual Slalom  The course will be one of the finest ever seen in the Midwest as Todd Karkula is heading up construction.  Starting out on traditional parallel courses racer will merge into a single wider course (2 cross if you will) and the competition will be run under a double elimination format.

Race Report: Alterra Coffee Bean ClassicThe seventh race in the Subaru sponsored 2007 Wisconsin Off Road Series drew nearly 600 racers to Franklin, WI this weekend. In marked contrast to last year's Alterra Coffee Bean Classic, which was held under blazing skies in 100 degree heat, thundershowers Saturday night transformed the sometimes parched Crystal Ridge Ski Area into a showcase for plentiful mud of almost every possible consistency . The rain, however, did nothing to wash away the hills. Each lap offered ample vertical challenge with long, steep climbs - including one of the best lead out climbs in all of WORS.

The Citizen racers were the first to test the course. In the Hayes Disc Brakes Citizen Series, Youth racers, 11-year-old Alyson Davis of Genoa City WI and 12-year old Brett Poulton of Lake Forest IL, took top honors in their respective races. In the Citizen races, 16-year old Alyssa Borell of Ripon edged out Ann Holsen of Manitowoc to take top honors for the ladies, with a time of 58:17 for two laps. Matthew Amman of Milwaukee led the Citizen Men with a time of 41:50, followed by Nick Desrochers of Tigerton. By the time the Sport race began, many sections of the course were well-churned. Racers rode into puddles that were sometimes axle- or fork-deep and ran alongside or while carrying their bikes. A bit of swimming, as necessary, completed the impromptu triathalon. The women's CycleOps Sport race saw Team WORS on the podium with Claire Cannon (1:41:31) and Amelia Barber (1:45:51), taking the top spots in the three-lap race. Singlespeed racer Stuart Shelton of Hubertus WI led the Men's field in 1:20:49, ahead of teammate Joshua Rupnow of Cederburg.

By the time that Comp and Elite racers took to the track, the course had only just begun to solidify. Landon Lueck (Glyde Clothing/TREK) of Madison continued his winning-streak in the Cliff Bar Comp Series race with a time of 1:36:10 for 4 laps. The BelGioioso Elite Women's race saw Abigail Strigel (Polska/FDL Cyclery, 1:51:21) once again lead the field, ahead of second-place finisher Anne Grabowski (Nature Valley/PennCycle). And it was a Gary Fisher / BareKnuckleBrigade finish in the Elite Men's contest with singlespeed racers Jesse (1:49:28.6) and Marko Lalonde (1:51:21) taking first and second place, respectively.

In sum, a challenging race for all. More photos of the event can be found online. And, as always, be sure to check Extreme Photography.

See you in two weeks, on Saturday August 18 and Sunday August 19, in Mt Morris WI, for the Subaru Cup Stage Race / WORS Mega Event!

Article and photos by Claire Cannon.

Volunteers Needed for Subaru Cup

The Subaru Cup is fast approaching and we are in need of many volunteers to help make WORS Mega Event a success. Descriptions of positions that need to be filled are listed below.  You need not commit to the full time listed since most positions can be done in shifts, leaving plenty of time for both spectators and racers to enjoy all that the Subaru Cup has to offer.  Those volunteering for at least a

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