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2007 WORS Race Directors

WORS current and future race directors got together for their annual meeting on Saturday October 20 to review 2007 and plan for 2008.  The summit began with series director, Don Edberg welcoming returning directors, Phil Johnsrud (Iola Bump & Jump) and Jon Holcomb (Wigwam MTB Challenge).  New directors Kent Lambert (Treadfest), Jess Manthey (Chippewa Valley Firecracker), Ty Gonzales (Alterrra Coffee Bean Classic), and Elvis Bauman and Wayne Fish (Smokin Spoke) were introduced and welcomed.  Introductions concluded with the welcoming of Adam Schmidt of the new Border Battle event and Ron Neuman representing a possible event in Shawano.   Only Ben Griggs (Reforestation Ramble) and Dave Hasse (Sunburst Showdown) were unable to attend.


Discussion began with the 2008 WORS schedule.  Dates for the Iola Bump & Jump (May 4), Treadfest (May 18), Subaru Cup (June 14 & 15), Reforestation Ramble (June 22), Chippewa Valley Firecracker (July 6), Border Battle (August 24), Smokin Spoke (September 7) and Wigwam MTB Challenge (October 12) were confirmed.   Don reported that WORS would not be able to fully administer the Big Ring Classic and that a search was on for a race director and local organizing committee.  Note: Adam Schmidt has put together a coalition and will be taking the helm of the Big Ring for 2008.  It current position in the schedule is being held as June 1.  It was reported that finalization of the dates for the Alterra Coffee Bean Classic and and Sunburst Showdown were awaiting the date and status of the 24-9 twenty-four hour race. Note: The week following WORS Race Directors

Awards Banquet Tickets & Riders

Wednesday October 17, is the last day to purchase tickets for this year

WORS 2008 Schedule

The Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) has the majority of it 17th season book and is releasing its tentative schedule so racers can begin their planning for 2008.   The series will under go some changes from 2007.   Unfortunately WORS successful marathon series will not be run in 2008.  There will most likely be one or two yet to be determined marathon formatted events in the series, however no separately scored marathon series. Although the venues used in the marathon series for 2007 will all be back, scheduling conflicts for these venues won

WORS Midwest Regional Championship Qualifiers

WORS will send its largest contingent ever to the Iceman in Traverse City, Michigan on November 10th for the Midwest Regional Championships.  Two criteria were necessary for individuals to qualify to represent WORS, 1) they needed to submit an Iceman entry form to WORS by this week and 2) they needed to be the highest placing individual to do so within the Iceman division that there WORS category and class falls within.  Congratulations to all qualifiers!  We are sure you will do WORS proud.


Midwest Regional Championships (Iceman)


Iceman Division

WORS class/categories



Pro/Semi Pro Men

Pro/Semi-Pro Men

Jesse Lalonde


Expert Men 15-18

Elite Men 15-18

Mitch Gantz


Expert Men 25-29

Elite Men 25-29

Ronald Stawicki


Expert Men 35-39

Elite Men 35-39

Ray Nelson


Expert Men 40-44

Elite Men 40-44

Jeff Melcher


Expert Men 45-54

Elite Men 45-54

Jon Timm


Sport Men 15-18

Comp & Sport Men 15-18

Chris Hurst


Sport Men 19-24

Comp & Sport Men 19-24

Jon Fang


Sport Men 25-29

Comp & Sport Men 25-29

Landon Lueck


Sport Men 30-34

Comp & Sport Men 30-34

Peter Cherchain


Sport Men 45-49

Comp & Sport Men 45-49

John Shull


Beginner Men 15-18

Citizen Men 15-16 & 17-18

Chris Hinshaw


Beginner Men 19-24

Citizen Men 19-24

Robert Wiltzius


Beginner Men 25-29

Citizen Men 25-29

David Bender


Beginner Men 30-34

Citizen Men 30-34

Scott Hietpas


Beginner Men 35-39

Citizen Men 35-39

Brian Hess


Beginner Men 40-44

Citizen Men 40-44

Dave Riech


Beginner Men 45-54

Citizen Men 45-49 & 50-59

Nick Christofalos


All Men 55-64

Elite 50+, Comp 50+, Spt 55-59

Jon Derksen


Pro/Exp Women 19-34

Elite Women 19-34

Sara Kylander-Johnson


Expert Women 35-44

Elite Women 35-44

Ann Grabowski


Sport Women 19-34

Spt Women 19-24, 25-29, 30-34

Claire Cannon


Sport Women 35-44

Sport Women 35-39, 40-44

Brittany Nigh


Sport/Exp Women 45+

Sport/Exp Women 45+

Patti Kaufman


All Women 12-18

All Women 12-18

Sara Lukas


Beginner Clydesdales

Citizen Clydesdales

Gary Esko


Sport/Expert Clydesdales

Comp Clydesdale

Russel Jobs


Men Single Speed

Single Speed

Jerry Dannen


Women Singlespeed

Spt Wmn Singlespeed

MurphyKate Montee

Race Report: Wigwam/Ultimax MTB ChallengeLast weekend's Wigwam/Ultimax MTB Challenge in Sheboygan, WI brought over 750 racers to the season finale of this year's Subaru-sponsored Wisconsin Off Road Series.

A combination of rain earlier in the week and dry, warm weather on race day kept dust and mud at bay and left the track in prime condition. The Sheboygan course is deservedly well-loved by series veterans and a delight for first-time riders. Course redesigns for this years' event added to the fun while retaining popular features, including flowing singletrack, technical descents, a creek crossing, and the steepest hill in all of WORS - "The Equalizer".

Expert riders Holly "Paula's daughter" Liske (left) and Ron "rode it on a singlespeed" Stawicki (right) are greeted at the top of "The Equalizer", WORS' steepest climb, with $5 courtesy of FAT KATS. Photo credits: Rusty

WORS' fantastic sponsor participation once again made race day in Sheboygan especially fun. Before and after racing, riders lined up to collect Wigwam/Ulitmax cycling socks in a vendor area that also featured the Muddy Cup Cafe, Joe Bikeler's Bike Shop, Massage by Sylvia, Clif Bar and Trek Bicycle Works, plus local concessions. During the race, a sprint premium offered by Bicycle Works of Sheboygan Falls greeted each wave of racers 400 meters from the start, and rewarded spectators with some impressive sprints during the lead-out climb. Local organizers FAT KATS were at the top of the Equalizer with water, welcome encouragement, and a 5-dollar prize to every racer who successfully ascended to the top without needing to dismount.

In the Hayes Disc Brakes Citizen Series, the Citizen Youth racers took off in pursuit of the $20, $10 and $5 sprint premiums at 9:30 AM. After one lap of the course, racers Alyson Davis of Genoa City, WI (20:37), and Samuel Martz of Kewaskum, WI (17:59), were the first to cross the finish line in their respective races. Citizen racer Moriah Griesbach of Rockford, IL led the Citizen ladies with a time of 55:54 for two laps, followed by Sheboygan's own Roxanne Rogers (56:17). Matthew Amman of Milwaukee once again led the Citizen men with a time of 44:32, closely followed by David Bender of Belvidere IL (45:14).

In the women's CycleOps Sport race, Paula Liske of Medford, WI once again topped the field with a winning time of 1:26:33 for 3 laps of the Sport Course. She was followed by Michelle Peariso of Amherst Junction, WI at 1:27:35. Anthony DiPiazza of Kaukauna, WI had the best overall time among the Sport men, crossing the line at 1:12:16, nearly 3 minutes ahead of second place finisher Jason Roelse of Sheboygan (1:15:02).

More than a few closely-contested battles played out at Sheboygan. In the Cliff Bar Comp Series, singlespeed racers Casey Masterson (1:40:25) and James Lalonde (1:40:26) of Milwaukee, WI took first and second place, respectively, finishing within a second of one another after 4 laps. In the BelGioioso Elite race, Sara Kylander-Johnson (Trek/VW, 1:41:42) and Jenna Zander (Bear Naked/Cannondale, 1:41:52) rode together through 4 laps of the course, with Kylander-Johnson pulling away for the win just ahead of the finish. Kylander-Johnson also won the sprint premium for the women, while Cole House took the early lead, and the $20, for the expert men. In the men's Elite race, overall series leader Jesse Lalonde (Gary Fisher 29/BKB) withdrew with a flat and Doug Swanson (Trek/VW) edged the win (1:52:04) after Brian Matter (PCW/Trek, 1:52:07), who led through the the fifth lap, was momentarily slowed by cramping in his legs.

The awards ceremony and raffle provided plenty of after-race opportunities for fun for racers, friends, family and spectators alike. Many thanks to all who helped to make this event a fitting end to a great season of WORS racing. See you on Saturday, October 20, at Sentry World (601 N. Michigan Ave Stevens Point, WI 54481), for the Annual WORS awards banquet!

More photos of the event can be found online. And, as always, make sure to check out Extreme Photography to place your orders before the upcoming banquet event!

Article by Claire Cannon.

CycleOps Sale

The CycleOps Fluid2 trainers from the Saris/CycleOps warm up tent go on sale starting at 8:00 this Sunday morning.   The Fluid2, is the most advanced trainer available in cycling today.  It delivers road-like feel, progressive resistance, and best-in-class performance allowing for a real impact on your training program.  The Fluid2 trainers carry a suggested retail price of $330 and can be purchased at the WORS tent during the Wigwam/Ultimax MTB Challenge for $199 plus tax on a first come first serve basis.  No pre-sale orders will be taken.  If you are unable to make to Sheboygan, we suggest you have a friend or teammate make the purchase for you.  Also, WORS will have a list that you can be put on to purchase a trainer should any be available after Sunday

WORS Sponsors

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