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WORS at Bike Expo

WORS will be displaying at the Wheel & Sprocket Bike Expo at State Fair Park in West Allis on March 19, 20, 21, & 22.   WORS will be accepting both series and race registrations onsite.  As a premium, all registering for the series at the Expo will receive a WORS sticker ($4 value).   


Got a favorite picture you would like to do something special with ?  WORS Art may be the answer.  Stop by and check out these posterized vinyl wall hangings that WORS is now producing and selling.  Mountain bike art just became avaliable, customizable, and affordable.

Stop by and say, "Hi".  We look forward to seeing you at the Bike Expo.

TEAM WORS Recruiting New Members
  • WORS series registration and race entry fees waived.
  • A custom WORS kit (jersey and shorts).
  • Discounts on your biking and racing needs (parts, clothing, etc.).
  • A place to sleep and some meals on race weekends.
  • A great team that travels, rides, and works together.
  • Advice and direction from the great awe inspiring Don, himself.

Does this sound too good to be true?  Well it is all part of being a member of TEAM WORS.  Riders of all ability and skill levels are eligible.  Your first year racing or been racing for 10 years?  All are welcome.


The fine print: TEAM WORS is for the members of the WORS Posse.  Team member will help with setup and tear down of the race start scaffold and staging area, WORS tents, finish scaffold, awards backdrop and scoreboards.  Work begins at noon on Saturday and continues until after everyone leaves on Sunday. The Posse work is concentrated into two hours set up and two hours tear with some minor duties in between like setting up the sound system on Sunday morning before the racing starts.


It's not that much work, and with enough people it's fun and rewarding.  As a kid did you ever dream of joining the circus?  Well here is your chance, be a part of "Don

WORS Racer Handbook Online

A pdf version of the complete 2008 WORS Racer Handbook can be accessed by clicking on the Handbook button on the left under Racing Fun.  Several edits have been made to correct errors from the original printing.  The file size is just under 20 megs.  Should you happen to find any additional errors please email Don at and I will get them corrected.

WORS Racer Handbook Mailed & Shipped

The 2008 WORS Racer Handbook has been mailed and shipped.   If you raced with us during the last two years a handbook should be on its way to you.  For your  reading enjoyment this year

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