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NiteRider Poker Run at Smokin Spoke

The Smokin Spoke will be hosting a NiteRider Poker Run on Saturady evening, September 6, 2008 beginning at 8 p.m. The Poker Run is a team event for fun.  Team members will explore the backwoods of Camp Tesomas, searching out check points where they will receive a playing card.  After receiving one card from each check point, the team will pool their cards to form their best Poker hand.  Best hand wins!  Lights and helmets required.  NiteRider will have a limited number of lights to barrow. This event will be staffed and run by the Muddy Cup Racing Team.   

Entry Fee:  $1 per team.  Entry fee used for post-event party.

On-site Saturday 6- 7:45pm. 

NiteRider, Muddy Cup & WORS schwag.

Border Battle Traveling Trophy

A traveling trophy has been created for the Border Battle.  This trophy will be presented to either WORS or MNSCS officials for display at their events.  The trophy is intended to designate which state has the fastest mountain bike racers for that year.

Scoring for the competition is as follows: For each of WORS category and age class that has both a Wisconsin and Minnesota resident participating in it, points equal to the place of the top placing racer from each state will be added to get arrive at a total for each state.  An age class that does not have a participant from both states will be thrown out. The State with the lowest total points will be declared the winner and claim bragging rights and possession of the Border Battle traveling trophy until next year

Rendezvous Cash Contest Announced


The Wolf River Rendezvous announces the Estimate Your Time Contest.  The Rendezvous main sponsor is putting up $1100 that will be split amongst the five men and women who can most accurately predict their finishing time for the race.  At race registration each racers number along with their predicted finishing time to the tenth of a second will be recorded.  The five closest predictions will split the money as follows:


1st closest        $200

2nd closest        $125

3rd closest        $100

4th closest        $75

5th closest        $50


So get out there and pre-ride the course, figure in the weather, course traffic, etc. and come up with that prediction.  Good luck and we will see you at the Wolf River Rendezvous.  Stay tuned to the website and message board as Chief of Course, will be posting course details in the weeks to come.

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