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WORS Heads We Salute You!

The following racers have demonstrated incredible commitment and be the odds by participating in all twelve WORS races of 2008.  In honor of this accomplishment they are officially "WORS Heads".  They were acknowledged at the Awards Banquet however, clerical error had us omitting Ray Nelson and John Lirette to whom we would like to sincerely apologize for our error.  If there are others we missed please let us know at  Fifty-seven racers achieved WORS Head status in 2008 and those in attendance at the Banquet were presented a special edition WORS Head sticker for their bike and a framed 5x7 photo of themselves in action.


If you are a WORS Head that was unable to attend the Banquet, we will be mailing your award out to you.

2008 WORS Heads
WORS # First Name Last Name
2019 Myles Beach
1067 Mike Budd
2125 Todd Bugnacki
4047 Johnny Chang
4112 Mark Clinton
513 Christine Czarnecki
2139 Steven Drecoll
6002 Brandon Flisram
2169 Wade Flisram
2002 Eric Fossell
2025 Dan Gacke
1043 Ty Gonzalez
525 Lindsay Guerra
26 Nathan Guerra
2026 Scott Hietpas
2049 Chris Hinshaw
9016 Rob Hofmann
6020 Maja Holcomb
6019 Shane Holcomb
2038 Chad Hoppe
2097 Adrian Icenogle
6004 Rachael Jensen
1012 Glenn Kirst
1022 Ben Koenig
507 Lisa Krayer
34 Ryan Krayer
2196 Russ Krueger
6023 Riley Kunstman
2020 Wally Kunstman
9015 Jay Labecki
2128 Nathan Labecki
2152 Jerry Leair
2037 Caleb Lenss
11 John  Lirette
4061 Sean McLaughlin
36 J.W. Miller
1037 Steve Miller
100 Ray Nelson
2144 Troy Olm
2121 Brian Rummelhart
9001 Nick Sabel
2035 Troy Sable
8002 Mark Schindel
6001 Andrew Schirpke
4001 Jack Schirpke
5002 Emily Shull
7009 Wally Sniadajewski
5035 Lizzy Sobotta
502 Abigail Strigel
2081 Brad Tennis
2200 Karl Tillman
4073 Jordan Watkins
3001 Colleen Westphal
2102 Keith Westphal
4078 Jeff Wren
3025 Brenda Zimmermann-Thorpe

WORS 2008 Awards Banquet

Good friends, tasty food, big awards, plentiful prizes, and a great time, were all on the menu for the annual WORS Awards Banquet.  Approximately 250 of the WORS faithful gathered at Sentry World Sports Center in Stevens Point, Wisconsin on October 25th to celebrate the conclusion of this year

End of the WORS 2008 Season: Awards Banquet and MovieThe 2008 Subaru-sponsored Wisconsin Off Road Series came to an official close on Saturday October 25 at the Awards Banquet, held in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Those who made the trek enjoyed the WORS 2008 Movie (click below to watch) and a slide presentation during dinner, followed by the awards and a raffle for more than $25,000 in prizes.

Every year, WORS recognizes those racers who finished every event in the 12-race series. The 2008 "WORS Heads", pictured above, received a special gift.

Individual series and overall finishers were recognized with plaques, including Elite overall finishers (ladies pictured below), who also received prize packages totaling several thousand dollars. Team competitions for overall finishes and participation were also honored. For complete results, see

-- -------

The WORS 2008 video, above, was created by Team WORS racer Claire Cannon from photographs and movies of WORS racers and fans, taken by WORS racers and fans during the 2008 season. In addition to sharing the WORS experience, the video promotes WORS, WORS sponsors, and local venues.

WORS is America's largest state mountain bike series, and is well recognized in regional and national media. The race experience enjoyed by WORS racers is well-organized, highly competitive, and great fun. For sponsors, WORS is a unique opportunity to reach regional and national mountain bike enthusiasts of every age and ability. Please feel free to download, link to, embed on your website and/or pass the video along to family, friends, and interested mountain bikers. The downloaded .m4v file will play in Quicktime or iTunes. You can watch it on your video iPod, or video-enabled phone. It may even help you to explain to friends and loved-ones what, exactly, you were doing every other weekend all summer long!

Special thanks to Marcum Martz, Jeremey Rodriguez, Cory Hetzel, Dave Reich and Phil Kurtz who contributed material directly and will receive a free DVD copy of the movie. Thanks also to many more who shared photos and videos online. Anyone interested in being mailed a DVD copy of the movie, please see details below.

Finally, for those who take movies and photographs at WORS events, check back here and in the racer handbook for details of the 2009 WORS Photography contests! We'd love to include your best photographs in WORS coverage by VeloNews and regional media.

In closing, many thanks to those who came out to the Banquet for the annual close of WORS, and to 2008 WORS racers, fans, family, friends and volunteers for a great season of racing. See you next season on May 17 at Iola!


For a DVD copy of the WORS 2008 video, send $5 (add $3 for each additional copy) to cover the cost of materials and shipping cost to:

Claire Cannon
Biomedical Sciences
Box 1881
Marquette University
Milwaukee WI, 53201

Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Rendezvous Predict Your Time Contest Winners Announced

Rendezvous Predict Your Time Contest Winners Announced


Results for the Joe Bikelers Wolf River Rendezvous Predict Your Time Contest have been determined and here is a list of the lucky winners. If you have any questions please contact Stana or Ron at



1st Prize: $200 - Josh Barret Bib#29 

2nd Prize: $125 - Dallas Fowler Bib#79 

3rd Prize: $100 - Dakota Smith Bib#6016 

4th Prize:$75 - Steve Jeske Bib#1060

5th Prize: $50 - Brendon Coleman Bib#1518 



1st Prize: $200 - Margaret Matuszak Bib#5184 

2nd Prize: $125 - Karlene Olson Bib#3034

3rd Prize: $100 - Terra Nicklas Bib#3016 

4th Prize:$75 - Brooke Peters Bib#5188

5th Prize: $50 - Monica Gabrielson Bib#6017


As posted at Race Registration at the Wolf River Rendezvous, prize winners were select by raffle after having qualified by being one of the five closest within their category at estimating their finishing time.  Winners should be receiving a check in the mail next week.

2008 WORS Awards Banquet

The 2008 WORS Awards Banquet will be held Saturday October 25th at Sentry World, 601 N. Michigan Ave, Stevens Point, Wisconsin (directions).  Banquet tickets** are on sale online* for $20* each or you can buy them by mailing a check for $20 per adult and $14 for each child

Midwest Regional Championships (Iceman) Qualifiers

Attached is a list of the WORS qualifiers and alternates for the 2008 Midwest Regional Championships to be held as part of Iceman Cometh Mountain Bike Race in Traverse City, Michigan on November 8.  If you have not confirmed whether or not you will be able to attend and represent WORS in the competition, please do so before Friday, October 17.  If you feel I have made an error in our calculations, please email me.  If you know that both the qualifier and alternate are not planning to attend and believe you are next in line, please email me,  I will try to update this list as new information becomes available.




 2008 Midwest Regional Championships Qualifiers   Updated 10-15, 10:00 a.m.
    Confirmed   Confirmed
Category WORS Quilifier  Yes   No Alternate  Yes   No
Pro/Semi-Pro Men Jesse Lalonde     Travis Woodruff    
Expert Men 15-18 Kelby Shaw          
Expert Men 19-24 Dallas Fowler   X   Sam Wellskopf    
Expert Men 25-29 Landon Lueck     Ted Hanes    
Expert Men 30-34 Maciej Nowak   X   Ron Knutowski    
Expert Men 35-39 Ray Nelson   X   Josh Barrett    
Expert Men 40-44 Jeff Melcher   X   John Lirrette    
Expert Men 45-49 Jan Rybar     John Shull    
Expert Men 50-54 none          
Sport Men 15-18 Aristole Peters   X   Joseph Maloney    
Sport Men 19-24 Ben Koenig     X Jake Begley   X  
Sport Men 25-29 Nate Jasperson   X   Jason Gosse    
Sport Men 30-33 Tim Scanley     Anthony DiPiazza    
Sport Men 34-36 Mike Budd     Douglas Pietz    
Sport Men 37-39 Chris Schutte     Dan Tevela    
Sport Men 40-43 Greg Jones     David Compton   X  
Sport Men 44-46 Jeff Seifert     Jeff Sympson    
Sport Men 47-49 Marcum Martz     X Kenneth Ramm    
Sport Men 50-54 James Sniadajewski     X Larry Fish    
Beginner Men 15-18 Chris Harrison   X   Sean McLaughlin    
Beginner Men 19-24 Mike Kubala     Mathew White, Jr.    
Beginner Men 25-29 Jeff Bernaeyge   X   Mark Hanson    
Beginner Men 30-34 Scott Diedrich     Jeremy Jonas    
Beginner Men 35-39 Jack Schirpke   X   Mark Clinton    
Beginner Men 40-44 Jeff Wren     Larry Hipps    
Beginner Men 45-54 Brian Gill     Daniel Bucklaew   X  
All Men 12-14 Myles Beach   X   Nathan Labecki    
All Men 55-59 Warren Fowler   X   Kieth Westphal    
All Men 60-64 Wayne Fish     Dale Lenss    
All Men 65+ Steve Manthe     Richard Finch    
Pro/Expert Women 19-34 Abbigail Strigel   X   Holly Liske    
Expert Women 35-44 Christine Czarnecki   X   April Dombrowski    
Sport Women 19-34 Heidi Hittner     Meghan Korol   X  
Sport Women 35-44 Brenda Zimmermannthorp   X   Angela Theriault    
Sport/Exp Women 45+ Patti Kaufman   X   Colleen Westphal    
Beginner Women 19-34 Sara Birdsall     Lisa Olson    
Beginner Women 35-44 Jodi Rummelhart     Sheri Farrell    
Beginner Women 45+ Helmy Tennis     Amy Dykema    
All Women 12-18 MurphyKate Montee   X   Moriah Griesbach    
All Women 55-64 Rose Lenss          
All Women 65 + none          
Sport/Expert Clydesdales Chris Gabrielson     X Shawn Hauser   X  
Beginner Clydesdales Chris Fellows   X   Phil Oliveri    
Women Singlespeeds Regina Livingston   X        
Men Singlespeeds 39 & Under Joe Curtes     Mike Curtes    
Men Singlespeeds 40+ Jerry Daanen   X   Tim Montee    

CycleOps Trainers For Sale

The CycleOps Fluid2 trainers from the Saris/CycleOps warm up tent go on sale starting at 8:00 Sunday morning, October 12th.   The Fluid2, is one the most advanced trainer available in cycling today.  It delivers road-like feel, progressive resistance, and best-in-class performance allowing for a real impact on your training program.  The Fluid2 trainers carry a suggested retail price of $330 and can be purchased at the WORS tent during the Wigwam MTB Challenge for $189 plus tax on a first come first serve basis.  No pre-sale orders will be taken.  If you are unable to make to Sheboygan, we suggest you have a friend or teammate make the purchase for you.  Also, WORS will have a list that you can be put on to purchase a trainer should any be available after Sunday

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