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2009 WORS Guidelines Up for Review

After much deliberation and thought WORS has hammered out its Guidelines for 2009.  Notable changes from 2008 are: 1) reorganization and in some cases renaming of racing categories and classes, 2) a new entry fee structure reflecting  increased insurance cost and the formalization of the USA Cycling one day license, and 3) changes and expansion of the "WORS Cash" awards of WORS  Please read through them and submit any comment, questions, recommendations, etc. to



WORS Guidelines & Rules to Race By
are in place to provide consistency from race to race within the Wisconsin Off Road Series. They are designed to support a safe, fair, and enjoyable racing experience for all involved.  WORS Guidelines & Rules to Race By apply to all WORS events and all participants in WORS events!




FIRST TIMER: (Men & Women) A non-series category designation for individuals looking for a casual initial exposure to WORS.  Race distance will be approximately half that of Citizen.


Juniors: (Boys & Girls racing age 14 & under) Races for this category start at least 1/2 hour before the Citizen race and are 3-6 miles in length (1-2 laps of a modified Citizen course). 


Citizen (USA Cycling Category 3): (Men & Women) A Citizen competitor, shall be a new or recreational racer with limited riding time.  Racers with 2 or more years of race experience and training more than 4 hours per week, should compete in the Sport Category or above.  Competitors that finish in the top 3 in a WORS Citizen Class with 10 or more overall finishers in 2008 must advance.  Winning time in this category should be approximately 40 minutes (course length of 8-12 miles dependent upon course conditions).  The race distance for Citizen at WORS marathon events will be 18-22 miles.


sport (USA Cycling Category 2 women): (Men & Women) A Sport competitor is an experienced racer of average ability.  Competitors finishing in the top 3 overall in a WORS Sport Class with 10 or more finishers the year before must advance.  USA Cycling Road category 4 & 5 racers may compete in this category, however those competing on the road at category 3 level or higher on the road with USA Cycling and/or any other road association must race WORS Comp or above.  Winning time in this category will be approximately 65 minutes (course length of 12-18 miles dependent upon course & conditions).  The race distance for Sport at WORS marathon Series will be 27-33 miles.


Comp (USA Cycling Category 2 men): (Men only) A Comp competitor is a racer looking for top level Category 2 competition.  Male USA Cycling Mountain Category 2 competitors looking for State and Regional recognition should compete in this category.  In WORS races, Comp competitors will generally share the course with the Pro & Category 1 competitors, but race a shorter distance.  Winning time will be approximately 90 minutes (course length of 18-24 miles depending upon terrain & course conditions).  The race distance for Comp at WORS marathon events will be 37-44 miles.


Pro, Category 1, Open & Junior X: (Men & Women, 15 & older) WORS highest level of competition.  Either a International Pro or USA Cycling Mountain Category 1 annual license is required to register and to compete in this category.  Winning time in this category will be approximately 100 minutes (course length of 25-32 miles dependent upon terrain & course conditions).  Pro & Category 1 women as well as Junior X and all Open classes will race the WORS Comp distance, (one lap farther than Sport at the discretion of the director of that race). The race distance for Pro/Category 1, Open, & Junior X racers at WORS marathon events will be 37-44 miles.



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