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Iola Photo ContestThe Iola Bump & Jump - May 1, 2010. [nggallery id=19] [fblike style="standard" showfaces="false" verb="like" font="arial"]
Nordic Mountain Downhill Details AnnouncedDetails of the Nordic Mountain Race N' Ride on June 19 & 20th are now available at the Subaru Cup website, here.? The Riven Downhill Kid's Race is also featured!? Check back for further event information as it becomes available!
Mandatory Move-Ups

WORS Guidelines for 2010 have been posted on the website and by now most of you have received your 2010 WORS Race Handbook in the mail. Please take a moment to review the new guidelines overall and with respect to mandatory move-ups. You will find the language regarding move-ups in the category descriptions. Also please be aware that many WORS racers are also subject to the USA Cycling rules regarding advancing to the next level of competition.

It was decided at last fall's meeting of WORS race directors that using a racers overall performance within the category versus a racer?s placing within an age class would be a more accurate assessment for identifying racers that could and should move up to the next level of competition.? The new guidelines state that those finishing in the top 20% of?WORS Citizen and Sport categories and top 15% of the Comp category overall in 2009 must advance for 2010. Citizen and Sport racers can check their overall placing by opening the 2009 Overall Results at the WORS website for their category and replacing the ?m? or ?w? at the end of web address at the top of the page with an ?o?.

WORS overall policy regarding mandatory move-ups is that every individual circumstance bears review and that is why our criteria are in the Guidelines section and not the Rules.? Should you feel that your individual circumstances do not support advancement, you must petition WORS in writing to continue to compete in your current category.? Without acceptance of a petition from a racer meeting the mandatory move-up criteria, should that racer elect to remain in the category that they raced in 2009 they would be at risk of disqualification should someone file a protest citing the Guideline stating, Any competitor?registering in a category for which they are ineligible will be Disqualified!

The following racers have qualified to advance by their performance in last year?s WORS Overall.

Citizen Females

Place Bib Name

1 5025 Emily Shull**

2 5001 Rachael Jensen**

3 5029 Andrea Lyman**

4 5013 Niki Frazier**

5 5022 Rolleen Kralovec*

Citizen Males

Place Bib Name

1 4015 Tony Kaatz**

2 4019 Dan Wierzba**

3 4029 Eli Lipp**

4 4073 Derek Sommerfeld**

5 4004 David Flaten*

6 4061 Jason Gibson

7 4031 Terry Harron*

8 4012 Nick Krcma

9 4809 Mark Clinton

10 4070 Jake Therrien

11 4042 Larry Hipps

12 4013 Jordan Loeck

Sport Females

Place Bib Name

1 3021 Kate Heil*

2 3009 Brittany Nigh

3 3032 Molly Wolf*

4 3007 Ashley Weichmann*

Sport Males

Place Bib Name

1 2098 Ryan Kleimenhagen**

2 2142 Greg Heil**

3 2097 Noah Marcus*

4 2049 Ben Senkerik*

5 2052 Bryan Frazier*

6 2175 Scott Diedrich

7 2083 Dan Szczepanski

8 2070 Jesse Kusserow

9 2036 Ben Marchewka

10 2077 Brian Kelley

11 2117 Dustin Dale

12 2108 Kenneth Ramm

13 2144 Joshua Rupnow

14 2176 Andrew Webb

15 2156 Bill Burkholder

16 2138 Jim Sadauckas

17 2055 Greg Krieger

18 2126 Bradley Stankowski

19 2164 Cole Jacobsen

20 2034 Jamie Prange

21 2119 Cameron Schave

22 2145 Erin Sikora

23 2177 Jimmy Toombs

24 2007 Bob Callaway

25 2182 Lance Wall

26 2107 Robert Mautz

27 2041 Jeremy Lentz

28 2053 Chris Hinshaw

Comp Males

Place Bib Name

1 1043 Matthew Muraski**

2 1058 Justin Piontek

3 1051 Brian Braun

4 1084 Anthony Dipiazza**

5 1028 Nick Sabel

6 1029 Dan Schaefer

7 1022 Jeff Aksland

** indicates five or more top five overall category?placings

* indicates three or more top five overall category placings

Please direct any question or petitions to
Series and cross-country event registration now open!Now open: 2010 series and individual cross-country event registration. Register online here at WORS: register online. Or, download and submit your mail-in registration with this form. In order to have your points tracked in the WORS 2010 Series Overall you must register for the series. Other benefits include: eligibility for the WORS 2010 overall raffle, discounted entry fees, pvc number plate, preferred start position, and more!
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