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Winners Announced for Crystal Lake Photo ContestThanks to the many photographers who submitted great photos from Crystal Lake! Due to time constraints, we were able to load and judge only those photos submitted before Wednesday, May 19. Remember, to be assured of inclusion, submit photos by Monday evening after the event. Please review the photo contest rules before submitting. We look forward to seeing you at the Trek Big Ring Classic this weekend, May 30. Photo contest categories for the upcoming event will be:
  • Best Venue
  • Best Sponsor Banner - Subaru is the featured Sponsor for Race #3
  • Best Spectator
  • Best Group of Racers in Singletrack
  • Best Elite Women's Leader
  • Best Overall
  • 250+ Team WORS Photo Contest Finalists
  • More WORS photographer and spectator videos at TeamWORS Vimeo.
  • WORS Photo Contest rules
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  • Race Report: Crystal Lake Classic 2010

    The WORS race report has a new layout for 2010. Use the controls below to view in full screen, pause, and navigate between pages.

    The race reports also have a new posting schedule. Look for a quick update with press links early in the week after each race. The pictorial race report, here, will be posted the following weekend.

    Photo Contest Categories for Crystal Lake ClassicCategories ($10 WORS Bucks for Best Photo in each category)
    1. Best Venue Photo. For tips on this category, see this page. A particular challenge of the Rhinelander venue is the long, narrow start area and the pines that separate it from the awards podium.
    2. Best Photo of Racer(s) and Sponsor Banners. For tips on this category, see this page. All banner photos will be considered, and Featured Sponsor Banners for Crystal Lake are Subaru and Trek.
    3. Best Singletrack Photo. A great photo in this category gives an accurate impression of the course conditions and features multiple racers in singletrack. Singletrack is close, and often wooded. It is distinct from double track, where multiple riders can ride abreast. In singletrack, riders must ride in single file except when passing. Bonus points for Citizen and Sport riders!
    4. Best Photo of Racers on the course AND the lake. Crystal Lake is the beautiful backdrop to this race. Include it in your photo for the win.
    5. Best Spectator Photo. WORS loves the cheering spectators who make the racing action great at each event.
    $25 WORS Bucks for the Overall Best Photo. This can be an image submitted to any of the Categories below, or may not apply to any of the specific categories for this race – just a great image!
      Remember your USAC License!A reminder from WORS Series Director Don Edberg. All racers who hold a USAC license must remember to bring the license to every race.
      Winners Announced for Iola Photo ContestThanks to the many photographers who submitted great photos from Iola! We look forward to seeing you at the Crystal Lake Classic on May 16.
    1. 140+ Team WORS Photo Contest Finalists
    2. More WORS photographer and spectator videos at TeamWORS Vimeo.
    3. WORS Photo Contest rules
    4. WORS Photo Contest tips at
    5. Capital Brewery Jersey Contest

      Win a Capital Brewery jersey

      Capital Brewery Bier GartenWORS is pleased to announce that the 2010 Subaru Cup Staff Bash will include a Capital Brewery Bier Garten.  Capital will be in attendance to offer a special beer tasting for racers on Saturday evening before and during the awards ceremony, and Capital Brewery beers will be available on-site at Nordic Mountain throughout the event weekend. 

      Help us to celebrate the partnership of America's Largest State Mountain Bike Racing Series and America's #1 Rated Brewery by entering to win a Capital Jersey.
      Capital Brewery Jersey

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      Trail Days at Nordic Mountain

      Saturday May 22 and Sunday May 23 You are invited to a weekend at the trails of Nordic Mountain, site of the 2010 Subaru Cup Midwest Regional Championships and USA Cycling Pro XCT.

      WORS Series Director Don Edberg is the MTB "trail boss" at Nordic Mountain, which means he's built most of those sweet trails himself, with the help of dedicated WORS racers and friends.

      Come help Don and friends build trails in the morning (9-2), and then enjoy an exclusive chance to ride them in the afternoon! Bring a sack lunch, and WORS will bring snacks and gatorade. On Sunday, the Trek Store of Madison Team will have free bike demos for riding during the afternoon (12-4), and beverages from our fine sponsor, Capital Brewery. RSVP on Facebook.

      In addition to helping to build some of the best trails in Wisco, this is an great chance to preview and ride the course that will host the Midwest Regional Championships, Subaru Cup, and USA Cycling Pro XCT.

      No experience is necessary. Check out this video of a Trail Building and Demo day from the Trek team to get an idea of what a trail-building party is like.

      Kids Win a Bike!New WORS Kids Race sponsor Attitude Sports is offering three bikes to participants of this year’s WORS Kids Races. At each of our twelve kids races the names of three boys and three girls, one from each of the three age groups, (5 and under, 6-8, and 9-10), will be drawn and announced as qualifiers for the end of the series drawing with one bike to be awarded in each age group courtesy of Attitude Sports. Attitude Sports goal is to make mountain bike racing a family fun sport by supporting kids, families, and racing. The qualifiers at the Iola Bump & Jump were: Andrew Huntingon Madison Dacoda Banes Beaver Dam Trent Weiss Pine River Brianne Fletcher Waterford Louise Gilbertson Green Bay Greta Schwiesow Green Bay
      Race Report: Iola Bump & Jump

      The WORS race report has a new layout for 2010. Use the controls below to view in full screen, pause, and navigate between pages.

      You can view or download each page here.
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