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Subaru Cup Confirmed for 2011 Pro XCT

In a press release today USA Cycling announced the 2011 Pro XCT schedule confirming the Subaru Cup as penultimate event of the nation’s top level cross country mountain bike racing series. Hosted by Nordic Mountain ski area in Mt. Morris, Wisconsin, about 30 miles west of Oshkosh the race will be held on Saturday, June 25th with peripheral races and activities planned for both Friday through Sunday.

Here is what the national press and the 2010 champions, Sam Schultz and Georgia Gould had to say about the event.

  • “Overall, I was very impressed with the event. The course was great, there were tons of spectators and lots of amateur racers and kids. I'd say it was the best national series race we've been to in awhile- hopefully we'll be back next year. Thanks to everyone who came out and cheered- it always helps me dig a little deeper!”
Georgia Gould, Luna Pro Team

  • “The race certainly had a festival atmosphere, and there were more spectators than at any other Pro XCT this season. The WORS organization seemed well oiled and free of the glitches that often plague first-time Pro XCT races.”

  • “Many of the top professional racers raved about the course, comparing it to World Cup courses in terms of lap length, punchy climbs, and the fact that there was virtually nowhere that you can rest on the course.”

  • "They did a fantastic job on the course," said Gould. "There is plenty of room to pass and it was spectator friendly. It had technical stuff and power stuff. It was really fun to ride."
  • The crowds on the course today were large, and as enthusiastic as those you find at World Cup races. Adam Craig said, "This is the biggest crowd we’ve seen in a long time at a national series race. WORS…they love it." Dave McElwaine,
  • “On Saturday all of the elements of a good day of racing came together. Rad course—check; rowdy crowd—check; dialed bike—check; good legs—check; lots of luck—bonus check.”
  • Sam Schultz, Subaru-Trek

    A complete list of racer and press comments on the 2010 Subaru Cup can be found here. More photos and videos from the 2010 Subaru Cup are here.

    Check out the complete USA Cycling Pro Mountain Bike Cross Country Tour (Pro XCT) 2011 schedule at

    WORS Bear Paw Rock n' Roll This Weekend

    The Bear Paw Rock n' Roll will be held this weekend at the Bear Paw Outdoor Adventure Resort along the edges of the beautiful Nicolet National Forest.

    Those who made the race last year can confirm that the course at Bear Paw can stand alongside the best of the WORS Series. The camping is good, nearby lodging and food can be found at a great price, and the scenery is amazing. The weather forecast for Sunday is sunny and 60 degrees - great racing weather! Get a real taste of Northern Wisconsin singletrack and mountain bike racing this weekend.

    For those who will be attending the Bear Paw race for the first time this weekend, the photo contest from last year's Bear Paw event gives an idea of the course and venue.

    Treadfest Photo Contest Winners Announced

    We hope you've had a chance to look at the Treadfest Photo Contest Finalists on the WORS Flickr, here! Treadfest was our fourth FTP-only photo contest, and the 550+ entries were outstanding.

  • 550+ Team WORS Photo Contest Finalists and Official WORS Photographer photos.
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  • Midwest Regional Championships Competition Returns to Iceman

    WORS has just received word from OMBC's Ryan O’Dell that the Midwest Mountain Bike Championship (MMBC) will again be hosted by the Iceman Cometh Challenge in Traverse City, Michigan on Saturday, November 6. The MMBC is a competition between mountain bike series in the Midwest and includes WORS, the DINO series from Indiana, the OMBC series of Ohio, the Tailwind Series of Michigan, and KYMBA representing Kentucky. See the WORS Race Report recap of the 2009 Midwest Mountain Bike Championship, here - and a report on the Pro Races and Wisconsin's Win at cyclingnews, here.

    It was thought that this competition may need to find a new host event as the Iceman changed their format to age-based racing for all amateurs this year, and all series involved in the MMBC use ability based categories. However, it has been decided that the competition will go on. Steve Brown of the Iceman has offered access to his sold out event for class winners of each of the series for a mere $10 administrative fee. So it our understanding that each an every WORS class winner has the opportunity to race the Iceman. As far as scoring for the MMBC, each entrant will compete in their appropriate Iceman age division and scoring for the competition will be as it has been in the past*.

    The great news for 2010 is that every class winner (excluding Junior age classes) is eligible to represent WORS this year. However, if the class winner cannot attend, the entry can not be “passed-down” this year. All class winners wishing to participate must submitted a completed entry to WORS by 5:00 p.m. October 14th. WORS will pick-up the $10 administrative fee due to the Iceman!

    Download your entry form HERE.

    *Scoring for the MMBC is centered on a lowest common denominator, lowest points win’s formula.

    • One point is counted for each place within an Iceman age division. First place equals one point, second place two points, third place three points, etc.
    • The number of divisions that will be counted to rank each state series will be based on the state sending the fewest “finishing” representatives. This will allow a smaller series to compete on a level playing field with a larger series.
    • The lowest minimum finishing number of representatives is 10 to insure that the competition is representative.
    • If a state sends fewer than 10, they will be penalized 20 points for each missing representative.
    Strigel and Schouten Defend At Treadfest

    by Claire Cannon

    During the tenth race of the Wisconsin Off Road Series in Lake Geneva, WI this Sunday, overall leaders Tristan Schouten (Mafia) and Abigail Strigel (Trek Stores of Madison) faced tough challenges from within the WORS Series ranks, as well as from out-of-town contenders with serious racing credentials.

    In the women’s contest, former WORS Overall Champion Kim Eppen (Mercy-Specialized), of Iowa City, IA made an appearance at Treadfest for the second year in a row, along with WORS Series rider and teammate Robin Williams. In the men’s race, Brian Eppen, also of Mercy-Specialized, was on the start line, along with two-time road cycling Olympian and 2009 Tour of California King of the Mountain winner Jason McCartney (RadioShack / MellowJohnny’s), of Coralville, IA.

    Evening rains late Friday set the stage for beautiful racing conditions on the rocky, technical course. The intense climbing and tight singletrack sections at Lake Geneva afforded Strigel and Schouten a chance to further their winning streaks.

    Strigel Takes a First At Treadfest

    WORS Media Photo - Treadfest 2010

    <p.“Kim Eppen is really fast, and she was making me hurt very badly on the first couple of climbs,” said women’s winner Abby Strigel. “Somehow I got by her on the first lap, and just tried to hold the gap. It was a huge honor just to be anywhere close to Kim Eppen on bikes, so my race was incredibly exciting. I knew she was pretty close, though, behind me. I was trying to go as fast as I could, and I got lucky.”

    Last year at Treadfest, Eppen surged to an early lead and finished the race over two minutes ahead of the field, with Strigel following in second. This year, the two women reversed places, and Strigel maintained her gap throughout the race to finish almost two minutes ahead. Apart from a race several years ago where Eppen broke a thumb but still finished, Strigel had never before beaten the Iowa racer in a head-to-head competition.

    “I came for a great workout, and as always, WORS delivered,” laughed Eppen. “The start is always brutal. I guess that’s the best and the worst all at the same time. You can’t take yourself to the the edge like that, but you can in a WORS race. I got what I came for. WORS is just the best venue in the country, ever.”

    Eppen’s teammate Robin Williams also had a great race at Treadfest, finishing third in the Elite women’s field. With her finish at Treadfest, Williams met her goal of eight WORS races in 2010 and qualifies for the Series, something she’s been trying to accomplish, despite a demanding work schedule in Iowa City, for three years.

    WORS Media Photo - Treadfest 2010

    “I love all the singletrack and I think they did a really nice job with it this year,” said Williams (Mercy-Specialized). “I always love the rock garden.” After racing 12 miles missing the seat of her bike in her previous WORS race, the Reforestation Ramble, Williams added: “I've had some serious mechanicals the last two races I've been in, and so it was really nice to have a clean race today.”

    Williams is currently in contention for the BelGioioso Elite Series women’s podium at WORS, and strong finishes throughout the season may place her as high as third place at the end of the year. Lisa Krayer (Adventure 212 / Specialized), who has a strong hold on second in the Overall, finished fourth at Treadfest, less than a minute behind Williams. The tough course spread out the rest of the ladies field, and fifth place Renee Bach (Chain Smokers) crossed the line nearly seven minutes later to claim the final spot on the podium.

    Schouten Takes The Win and Perhaps The Series

    “I was probably a little defensive today,” said BelGioioso Elite men’s winner Tristan Schouten. “I had the Series lead coming in to Treadfest, but I wanted to wrap it up tight today. There were two guys I was watching. But, I had really good legs today and I knew it after we started, so I went to the front and tried to put it away early.”

    WORS Media Photo - Treadfest 2010

    The men also started fast up a series of climbs to the top of the ski hill. The tight singletrack at the Treadfest course leaves little room for passing, so the first few minutes of open climbing can be critical. Opening up the charge with legs that took him to two Olympic games, Jason McCartney (RadioShack) led to the top of the ski hill, and the group quickly separated.

    “I knew that I had good legs by the time we were on the last climb to the top of the hill,” said Schouten. “The group was already breaking apart and I was not at my limit, so I knew that was good. Jason McCartney led through the first singletrack and then I snuck around him in the second section. Nathan [Guerra] bridged to me shortly after and we instantly had a pretty good gap, so we just kept that going.”

    “I had a good race,” said second-place finisher Nathan Guerra (Mr. Tree / PowerBar). “I felt really strong, especially during the last two laps. I thought maybe I could close it down to Tristan, but he obviously felt really good too! I talked to him after and he said he had no pain today, so he had a great race.”

    “I liked the singletrack here today,” continued Guerra. “I felt that it flowed well, and it was technical enough that you could get away if you were riding it really fast.”

    “The rain helped,” agreed Schouten. “The course was really tacky, and you could hit it really hard, which was fun for me. I enjoyed it.”

    Third-place finisher, and 2009 WORS Overall Series winner Brian Matter (Gear Grinder / Trek) found himself in an unusual position at the start of this year’s Treadfest.

    “I had what I’d call a really bad first half-lap,” said Matter. “I was riding back in the teens, and wasn’t really feeling it. But, half-way through, something clicked and I was having a really good time in the singletrack. I moved up, moved up, moved up, and ended up with a pretty good result.”

    Riding with Matter for a time was Jason McCartney (RadioShack / Mellow Johnny’s). As a a two-time Olympian, holder of numerous stage victories and King of the Mountain titles, and VeloNews 2004 Rider of the Year, McCartney’s name is known to many, but was new to the WORS roster on Sunday. Brian Matter was riding with McCartney at the start of the second lap.

    WORS Media Photo - Treadfest 2010

    “When we came out into the open climb at the start of lap two, he just crushed it,” said Matter. “He gapped me, but I closed the gap again once we got into the singletrack. We kind of worked together for a while, until I led into a section of singletrack and opened a gap. This was a good, mountain bike-style course, and the most fun I’ve had on the mountain bike all season. I think this was a perfectly designed course for my Trek Top Fuel bike.”

    In one of his best finishes for 2010, Chris Peariso (Adventure 212 / Specialized) took the fourth step on the podium, while McCartney placed fifth in the BelGioioso Elite men's Pro / Cat 1 race.

    The next race in the WORS Series, the Bear Paw Rock and Roll, will be hosted on September 26th along the edges of the Nicolet National Forest by the Bear Paw Adventure Resort. Local race organizers promise an excellent event at the newest venue on the 2010 WORS circuit, including a mountain biking film festival on Saturday evening with prizes for the best homemade video. The WORS Series will wrap-up on October 10 at the Wigwam MTB Challenge in Sheboygan, WI. The contest for the Overall this year looks to be a good one to the very finish.

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    Treadfest Pre-ride Starts at 2 PM

    The pre-ride at Treadfest will begin 2 hours later than usual, at 2 PM, to allow the trails to dry after overnight rain.

    The trails at Lake Geneva dry quickly, and we expect conditions on race day will be very good - so long as those who pre-ride can do so later in the afternoon on Saturday. Thank you for your cooperation - and see you there!

    Alterra Photo Contest Winners Announced

    We hope you've had a chance to look at the Alterra Photo Contest Finalists on the WORS Flickr, here! Alterra was our third FTP-only photo contest with over 150 entries.

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  • Reforestation Ramble Photo Contest Winners Announced

    We hope you've had a chance to look at the Reforestation Ramble Photo Contest Finalists on the WORS Flickr, here! The 2010 Reforestation Ramble was our second FTP-only photo contest, and the entries were outstanding.

  • Team WORS Photo Contest Finalists and Official WORS Photographer photos.
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