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WORS Website "remodel"The WORS website is your source for information about America's largest mountain bike racing series.  We've added some features that we hope will make this site easier to use, and more helpful for you!

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It's still easy to find information on events, registration and results.  Use the drop-down menus to navigate to a specific event.  Or, click on events for the WORS event map.  There's also a search function to find articles in the archives, and a complete site map if you're looking for something in particular.

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Our racers and the community they create make WORS special.  There's a lot going on and we've added a community hub to connect and recognize how much our racers give back to their communities and trails.  Check out blogs and race reports by WORS racers at every level.  Find out more about the teams that race at WORS, about group rides, mountain bike advocacy and trail work in your area.  Find information for families, women and juniors.

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The WORS website is the best way to find event details or results and register for races.  You'll also find race reports and the WORS photo contest and videos here.  You can share whatever you find using the sharing link icons below.  And you can connect to WORS through our email newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.  Most of all, we hope to see you out on the trails at our next WORS race! 2010 WORS Favorite
Wanted: WORS Photographers

TeamWORS is seeking an official photographer (or two) to document 2011 WORS events and sponsor presence. Interested parties should send an email to The selection process will include a "try-out" at an early-season WORS event, preferably Iola - and we will supply you with more specifics in an email response to interested photographers.

The Official WORS Photographer will enjoy complimentary WORS series registration and race entry fees, as well as a free, limited edition Team WORS kit. Photos credited to the photographer will be included with WORS media and press releases, as seen in,,,, and others. Finally, the WORS Photographer(s) will be featured in a regular column as a showcase for "Photographers pics" after each event.


The photographer(s) will be responsible for capturing high-quality venue, sponsor, vendor and event images at WORS events. It will be possible to perform these duties and race. Preference will be given to those who can attend all, or many, of the events. The individual must provide and maintain their own camera equipment, and be able to upload or email a few specific images to WORS HQ by early Sunday evening after each event, or download the images to compatible media before leaving the event on Sunday afternoon

An example of some of the images needed at each WORS event (note, some of these images are taken during the Saturday pre-ride):

  • WORS Learn to Race Clinic
  • Junior's race
  • Subaru Display vehicle with crowd presence
  • Bontrager Wheel & Tire Demo Tent with team, racer and crowd presence
  • Kenetic Trainer Tent with crowd and racer presence
  • Vendor displays with crowd presence
  • Venue Image(s) with crowd presence and racers
  • Spectator areas with crowd presence
  • WORS Banners and Sponsor presence in the venue area, EXPO area, start scaffold, finish scaffold, awards podium and on-course
  • WORS Start Image (preferably during a Sport or Elite wave start)
Citizen Juniors Start

If interested, contact

Include a complete list of the WORS events that you plan to / will be available to attend in 2011.

Photos taken by the Official Photographer may be included, with photographer attribution, in press materials distributed by WORS and published in regional, national and international cycling media. WORS also uses these images to document sponsor presence and recruit sponsorship support for the series.

Subaru Cup 2010
Calling out to WORS racers, teams and trail advocates on the webDo you have a website that you would like to share with the WORS community? Are you a member of the WORS community who posts fun, interesting, mountain-bike-related content on a personal, team, or group website? Are you a trail steward who would like to share your work with WORS racers - and perhaps attract the attention of new volunteers in your area? A team who'd like to get the word out? We'd like to know about your site and share it here at The WORS website is visited over a million times each year. Right now, we're working on some new site features for the 2011 season. The one that we are most excited about will be a hub for the WORS community - a one-stop spot for new blog updates, race reports, team news and advocacy and trail stewardship. All the important WORS news - from YOU. Please consider sending us your site info so that we may include you.

If you are a WORS racer

Here's what we need
  • An email entitled - "Please include my site" sent to
  • The site title
  • The site url
  • A short (100 character max) description of your site for a WORS audience
  • Is it a team site? Personal site of a WORS racer (or aspiring WORS racer)? Advocacy or group site?
  • Optional: Link to your site RSS feed for "updated recently" queue.
  • Optional: Small (16 px X 16 px) .png or .gif image icon for your site.
  • Optional: when we see updates at your site that we really like, can we re-post a link at our WORS hub to share?

If you represent a WORS Team

Here's what we need
  • An email entitled - "Please include my site" sent to
  • Your team site url
  • A short (150 word max) description of your team for a WORS audience
  • Is it a team site? Personal site of a WORS racer (or aspiring WORS racer)? Advocacy or group site?
  • Optional: Medium sized (600 px X 400 px) .jpg image of your team.
  • Optional: when we see updates at your site that we really like, can we re-post a link at our WORS hub to share?
We're also looking to select a small group of "Official WORS Bloggers" for the 2011 season. If you're interested, please send us an email. We're looking for people who already maintain an active website and know how to create engaging stories about their experiences on two wheels. Ideally, we'd like to highlight WORS racers at every level of experience and competitive success. Are you Pro - that's probably pretty interesting. Just race for fun? So do we! Both? Now we're talkin'. Whatever your reasons for being a part of the WORS community - we'd like to hear from you. We'd re-post an excerpt of your content and your own, personal "New WORS Blogger Update" image here at WORS when you have new content to Feature - and direct readers to your site for the full story.
WORS Women Spring Fling Rescheduled for April 23Originally planned for April 16, the Spring Fling has been postponed due to poor weather. Please check back for updates! We have tentatively rescheduled for the following Saturday, April 23. WORS Women are a group of women who enjoy the sport of mountain biking in the upper midwest. Our goal is to encourage more women to share our sport. Some of us are racers, some of us just ride for fun and many of us are beginners just learning the sport. If you’ve ever thought about going on a group ride but decided not to because you “don’t want to hold everyone up”, we want you to ride with us! If you’ve ever thrown up your hands and thought “I’ll never figure out how to shift”, we can help you learn. Or, if you’re looking for women who train and ride just as hard as you, they’re here too. Some of our members are top 5 elite racers. In other words, WORS Women has something for everyone. Just like WORS, we want to share mountain biking with as many people as possible. Our second-annual Spring Fling will be help on Saturday, April 23. All are welcome. The free off road duathlon in the morning is for women only. Everyone is welcome to help course-marshal, cheer, and enjoy the potluck and afternoon clinics. WORS Women Spring Fling 2011 Click on the flyer above to view it in detail. You can also download the pdf here to share with friends or co-workers. Learn more about the event at the WORS Women website, here. For beginners, this event is a great way to get a feel for riding your bike on trails, and experience the fun of competitive mountain biking. It's a friendly competition and the trails at Lapham Peak are not rocky or especially "technical". Demo bikes from Wheel & Sprocket Delafield will be available for any woman wishing to try a new bike. Clinics, informal social time and our new voluntary mentor/mentee program will give novice off road riders the ability to enjoy riding and learn more at their own pace. For more advanced and intermediate WORS racers, this event is a great way to enjoy a fun race-paced ride and some pre-season competition. You can get in a bit of training, gauge early season fitness (both for yourself and - ahem, let's be honest ladies - others who you plan to race with in 2011), and get together with friends to have a really awesome potluck with bikes. It's also a great way to give back and if you're interested in mentoring a less experienced rider, we want to hear from you! Plus, the White Elephant Bike-Stuff Prize table will be even more amazing than last year. Here's a video from the 2010 Spring Fling to give you an idea of what the event was like in our first year. We hope to see you there. If you are not able to RSVP on our Facebook event page, please drop us a note at if you're thinking about attending. There's no obligation. We want to gauge interest to plan the clinics and potluck for everyone. If you are interested in childcare at the Spring Fling, we plan on making this available provided there is interest. Please send an email to This is a new initiative to provide community-sourced cooperative childcare options at WORS Women events and - ultimately - WORS weekends.
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