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#SubaruCup tweetsYou should follow @TeamWORS on Twitter, here.   Course updates, racing results, nice things said about Wisconsin from cool Pros like @gouldgeorgia, and all the good @sam_schultz / @geoff_kabush smack talk...  don't see your tweets here?  Add 'em in the comments, yo. [hr]
MaxPlaxton Max Plaxton
[quote style="boxed"]@teamWORS favorite race this season, can't wait to come back next year! keep up the awesome work.[/quote]
TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Awesome! RT @GeoffKabush: Wish more courses had singletrack like this: Subaru Cup ProXCT Preride #InouAtlas[/quote] TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Likewise! RT @superfly411: Super FUN weekend!!!! Thanks Don Edberg and Posse and Claire Cannon for a fantastic Subaru Cup 2011!!![/quote]   @gouldgeorgia Georgia Gould [quote style="boxed"]Won the short track today. Tough race @leadavisonbikes, @emilybatty made me work for it! Headed home before next world cup[/quote]
MaxPlaxton Max Plaxton
[quote style="boxed"]Did I mention how awesome the fans in Wisconsin were, love it. I even felt welcomed out there being lactose intolerant n' all.[/quote]
  @ryantrebon Ryan Trebon [quote style="boxed"]I like racing in Wisconsin. Thanks everyone for coming out and cheering this weekend. Best mtb race we do all year[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Thanks for being there! RT @Radpolizei: @teamWORS: Thanks - Great Weekend![/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]Lucky enough to catch @yotwells and @GeoffKabush "rubbin is racing" action on the 4th lap to today. Thanks 4 the exciting race. Fun to watch[/quote]
GeoffKabush Geoff Kabush
[quote style="boxed"]Raced aggressively, did some sweet jumps, big drifts, a bit of "rubbin is racing" w/ @yotwells, but ended 2nd to a good ride by @MaxPlaxton[/quote]
  TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Photos - submit your picks![/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Pro men's ShortTrack presented by Salty Wench ...Adam Morka in 7th, then Tristan Schouten in 8th for the home crowd![/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup ShortTrack Pro men Plaxton, JHK, Wells (by a bike throw) and Ettinger, then Schultz in 5th. Ryan Trebon 6th after midrace flyers[/quote]   @garbagetry [quote style="boxed"]Cat 1 short track insanely packed and fast.[/quote] TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Pro women's ShortTrack presented by Salty Wench results: Georgia Gould wins, Lea Davison 2nd, Emily Batty 3, Irmiger 4 Freeman 5[/quote]   @chloeforsman Chloe Forsman [quote style="boxed"]9th at #SubaruCup in the XC. Hoping for better today in the short track. Thanks to all the @teamWORS super fans on course![/quote]   @Bontrager [quote style="boxed"]Prepping for another day at @TeamWORS Subaru Cup. Short track, SuperD and Expo. Lots of Bontrager tires on display + demo ^cc[/quote]   @Bontrager [quote style="boxed"]Congrats also to Bontrager athletes @Emilybatty and @irmigrrr for 2nd and 4th at @teamwors #SubaruCup. ^cc[/quote]   @culversracing [quote style="boxed"]The @teamWORS super fans even came out for the Cat 1 race. That was amazing support for the team. Thank you everyone.[/quote]  
[quote style="boxed"]Congrats to @MaxPlaxton for taking the w today and all but wrapping up the series, @jeffkabush 2, me 3. Super fun course[/quote]
  TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]@a_craig No worries AC. Thanks for all the wheelies! Great to see you out on the trails.[/quote]   @a_craig Adam Craig [quote style="boxed"]No disrespect intented @teamWORS for missing XC podium today. Tried to get there but I fell down and just couldn't get up. Shredded too hard...[/quote]   @JeremyHK JHK [quote style="boxed"]The Wisconsin MTB fans are awesome. Even racing for 8th with legs of concrete was fun thanks to all the cheers today.[/quote]   @tjwoodruff [quote style="boxed"]Not the race I planned, but I finished it out. Willed on by hundreds of @teamWORS superfans. Thanks for the cheers![/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]The course here is super awesome. Watching the pros now and getting my mojo/love for the sport back.[/quote]
TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Help a guy out? RT @nholzem: Broken frame! Need bike for tomorrow #SubaruCup![/quote]   @Jake_Richards [quote style="boxed"]Had a fun day at #SubaruCup. Stacked junior field. Ended up 5th for juniors. Course was perfect![/quote]   @cdncyclist [quote style="boxed"]US Pro XC Subaru Cup: Wm 1 Gould, 2 Batty, 3 Davison. Mn 1 Plaxton, 2 Kabush, 3 Wells[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Tristan Schouten finishes 17. Then Brian Matter, Rotem Ishay, Nathan Guerra in 20th. Mike Phillips 23 #SubaruCup[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Sid Taberlay just crossed line in 6th. Then Barry Wicks 7th. JHK 8th. Ryan Trebon 9Th. Adam Morka 10. Kris Sneddon 11. Carl Decker 12.[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Plaxton wins! Then Kabush, Wells. 4th is Adam Craig. 5th Ettinger. Then JHK, Trebon.[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]The move has been made. Plaxton now in the lead, Kabush chasing through last singletrack climb. Wells third. #SubaruCup[/quote] TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Tristan Schouten on wheel of Sam Schultz into last lap. Matter then Phillips now.[/quote]   @irmigrrr Heather Irmiger [quote style="boxed"]Nice job on 2nd for @Emilybatty today! I'm stoked w/ 4th- thumb pooped out but legs great!So nice to feel good in a race![/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Kabush takes the lead, Plaxton chasing, bigger gap for Wells. We've got the best seat in the house![/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Wells, Kabush and Plaxton staying away. Big gap, then Trebon chasing solo. Locals Schouten, Phillips and Matter in top 15. Lap 4[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup How great is DJ Costa! Kept it groovin' all day with Phil Liggit infused sets AND Rick-rolled the Pro men's start climb.[/quote]   @timrekdgorf [quote style="boxed"]#subarucup wells, jhk, and rest of pros at starting line[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup locals Tristan followed closely by MikeyP then Matter and Guerra.[/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]First lap action[/quote]
  TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Geoff Kabush, Todd Wells and Max Plaxton have a gap. 2nd lap through Firelane #SubaruCup[/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]No, this is not Europe. Awesome turn out. Fans are loud, heard about 5 different languages and the racing is ON![/quote]
  TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup men are on course. Todd Wells and Kabush leading the train. T Schouten first local through Firelane.[/quote] TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup unofficial Midwest Regional Champions Cat 1 Junior Men Brendon Davids of Big Bear City, CA (also overall winner for Cat 1 men)[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup unofficial Midwest Regional Champs Cat 1 Women 16-year old Karen Brocket of Kansas City, MO and Men Josh Johnson of Fort Wayne IN.[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup unofficial Midwest Regional Champions Cat 2 Women Maria Statz of Plover, WI. Men Paul Mumford of Chicago IL.[/quote]   @timrekdgorf [quote style="boxed"]Race done. Thanks @teamWORS for the great course and all the effort to put on a fun event! #SubaruCup[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Pro women final top 6 Georgia, Emily, Lea, Heather, Kelli, Judy.[/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]Georgia handing it to the other women right now[/quote]
  @chloeforsman [quote style="boxed"]Race at 12:30 today. Thanks @teamWORS for the great course! #SubaruCup[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Georgia Gould has a commanding lead. Emily Batty, Lea Davison and Heather Irmiger chasing. Jenna Rinehart and Abby Strigel top15[/quote]   @SubaruTrek [quote style="boxed"]Team is excited + ready for #SubaruCup tomorrow at Mt Morris, WI. Big grins on their faces from pre-ride laps on great course.[/quote]   @sam_schultz [quote style="boxed"]Made the cover of @Subaru_usa Drive mag![/quote] @gouldgeorgia Good to be out here in Wisconsin. Course is super fun and in great shape. Hopefully I am too...   @Jake_Richards [quote style="boxed"]Good pre ride with @Hildebrandt22 at #SubaruCup. Course is gonna be fast and sweet! Perfect conditions.[/quote]   @kylenagO [quote style="boxed"]RT @jumanjicycling: Good luck to @kylenago, JD, KMC, and the Eppens tomorrow! Wish I could be there! Iowa City represents in WI[/quote]   @timrekdgorf [quote style="boxed"]Car packed full - wife, kids, dog, & a bike. On our way to the inlaws cabin for the wknd and the subaru cup![/quote]   @Rotem_Ishay [quote style="boxed"]Thumbs up to @teamWORS for a great course on Mount Morris, WI. Looking forward to the race tomorrow![/quote] @emilybatty [quote style="boxed"]RT @OakleyRich2: @emilybatty bike is weight of Randys BMX mini! I pity the girls 2marow[/quote]   @exporacing [quote style="boxed"]Almost done with set list for DJ Costa's Subaru Cup premier. Yes, I just talked in 3rd person.[/quote]     TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Iowa represent! RT @kylenago: @teamWORS #SubaruCup Iowa City crew en route to the Cup. Sadly no Robin. Stupid job![/quote]   @jhmaloney [quote style="boxed"]MTB shakedown complete, the new wheels are AWESOME! @teamWORS Subaru Cup here I come![/quote]   @dzangel [quote style="boxed"]To Mt Morris for Subaru Cup...pre-ride today...volunteer tomorrow...race on Sun. Fun Fun Fun[/quote]   @rachelraces [quote style="boxed"]A couple more errands to run and then off to the Subaru Cup @WORSWomen @teamWORS[/quote]   @nholzem [quote style="boxed"]To nordic mt for subaru cup[/quote]   @exporacing [quote style="boxed"]EXPO Base Camp. Get here![/quote]   @exporacing [quote style="boxed"]Seeing the blue through the clouds. Winds have picked up a tad. This course should be blazing today.[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]#SubaruCup Work it. RT @svenofthenorth: ...pre-ride @ Mt. Morris. Work til 11 and race tomorrow morning. Going to be busy-and tired.[/quote]
iamspecialized Specialized
[quote style="boxed"]New Max Plaxton blog: - Heading to Wisconsin.[/quote]
@exporacing [quote style="boxed"]EXPO Photo Shoot 6pm. Be here![/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]Cool to see @HoneyStinger supporting top level MTB racing here at the @WORSRacing Subaru Cup. Tasty goodies in reg bag.[/quote]
  @m_laufenberg [quote style="boxed"]On the way to Mt. Morris with Alex![/quote]   @EXPORacing [quote style="boxed"]For as much rain as they have gotten, this place looks reaaaaaly nice. Still a little mist now.[/quote]   @ryantrebon [quote style="boxed"]First time in an airport since the end of january. Can't say I missed it. But I'm excited to be racing this weekend[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]@jenkins_ben At this time, the Short Track for Cat 2 men is a little over half full. On site registration opens Friday at 2. teamwors@gmail[/quote]   @irmigrrr [quote style="boxed"]Flying in to Wisconsin tonight for the #Subaru Cup. Excited to see all the racers, fans & my people from #Trek, #Bontrager![/quote]   @HoneyStinger [quote style="boxed"]Tasty goodies in each registration bag for all of you @teamWORS Subaru Cup racers. Good luck and have fun in WI.[/quote]  
PaysonMcElveen Payson McElveen
[quote style="boxed"]The sky's lifting a bit here in Wautoma. The course may turn out to be about perfect tomorrow. Glad I left the dry's on.[/quote]
@spycyride [quote style="boxed"]I'm leaving for this tomorrow. #stoked[/quote]   @JeremyHK [quote style="boxed"]Photo shootin' at @VeloNews, quick session in the #ValmontBikePark, and now off to Wisconsin for the Subaru Cup.[/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]We'll live tweet for you on Saturday! RT @thebonebell: Hate that I'm missing @teamwors subaru cup. Adam Craig is coming!!!![/quote]   @velonews [quote style="boxed"]Subaru Cup, MTB Marathon Worlds on Tap [/quote]    
GeoffKabush Geoff Kabush
[quote style="boxed"]@sam_schultz You should show up with a big gold necklace and when people ask about your bike say "biggest f@#%in wheels you can buy".[/quote]
  @sam_schultz: [quote style="boxed"]@GeoffKabush ha, you got that right. I'm ready to throw down![/quote]   @GeoffKabush [quote style="boxed"]Heading to Wisconsin. Feeling good but I heard @sam_schultz on the radio last night and he said he owns that place.[/quote]   @EXPORacing [quote style="boxed"]Subaru Cup attendance: "EXPO Racing?" Present![/quote]   @A_Craig [quote style="boxed"]... weights lifted, Longboard burritos picked up. Headed to WI for some @teamWORS action in Mt. Morris![/quote]   TEAM WORS [quote style="boxed"]Check out the map of the 2011 Subaru Cup Pro XCT course, including new technical singletrack and spectator areas.[/quote]   @gouldgeorgia [quote style="boxed"]Home, then heading to Wisconsin for the next Pro XCT. Excited to race at Mt Morris again- i had a blast last year![/quote]
Subaru Cup Results postedThe results for the Subaru Cup Legacy XC, Impreza Short Track and Outback SuperD have been posted at, here. Please don't forget our Subaru Cup racer and spectator feedback survey - help us make it better for YOU next year! Take the survey. Thanks to all who came out to race this weekend!
Subaru Cup PhotosWORS Photographers and Videographers, please submit your photos of the Subaru Cup weekend as usual for the WORS Photo and Video Contest, instructions here.  Marty Tank, our Official Videographer, will be putting together the 2011 Subaru Cup movie this week, and if you have video to share, please post to the FTP.  Don't forget the special contest category for the Trek Women SUPERFAN event.  Prize for best photo of spectator presence during the Pro women's race is a $50 gift certificate for Trek & Bontrager products. WORS Subaru Cup Pro XCT 2011 WORS Subaru Cup Pro XCT 2011 WORS Subaru Cup Pro XCT 2011 WORS Subaru Cup Pro XCT 2011 2011 WORS Subaru Cup Pro XCT 2011 WORS Subaru Cup Pro XCT 2011 WORS Subaru Cup Pro XCT 2011 WORS Subaru Cup Pro XCT Thanks to Jared Brodjeski for the great photos.  We'll be adding more Subaru Cup photos - including photos submitted for the Photo Contest - all week.  Check WORS Flickr for the complete set.
Please share your opinion of the Subaru CupRacer comments from the Survey: 1 Everyone was pleasant and helpful. You made a fantastic event!! Thanks 1 Everyone was very helpful in helping foudn out the correct information 1 Great 1 Great Job! Can't wait for next year! 1 Great event! 1 Great fun watching the pros go at it. Everything seemed to flow smoothly on Saturday. 1 Great job! Thank you! 1 NONE 1 Race offical/sweeper was great! really helped out my kid when his chain dropped. 1 Saw some of the same people all weekend, many thanks to those who help out! 1 THANK YOU !!! 1 THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! 1 THANKS! 1 Thank you and great job! 1 Thank you for supporting this amazing event and making it happen! 1 Thank you to all that helped with the event!! 1 Thanks a ton to the volunteers and staff, you put on a great event!! 1 Thanks for all the hard work and support. 1 Thanks for all the hard work! 1 Thanks so much to all of the volunteers. It was a great time like last year. 1 Thanks to all for a great event!!!! 1 The volunteers that I saw were very enthusiastic and encouraged everyone riding by. 1 The volunteers were always visible and ready to answer any questions or help. Great job to all. 1 Volunteers ROCK! Just a great job all around. 1 Volunteers were excellent everywhere I went. 1 You Rock!! 1 everyone was great 1 great job putting on such a large event 1 great volunteers and set up! 1 jon holcomb rocks!!!! 1 ran so smoothly, great race, thank you!!!! 1 thank you sooooo much for an amazing race!!!!! 1 thanks for volunteering couldn't do it without you 1 the volunteer staff was very helpful and helped make the event what it is. A huge thank you! 1 volunteers and race staff were AWESOME 1 well done 1 you guys did an awesome job.. Very organized.;) 1 Thanks a million for great volunteers with positive attitudes that made everyone feel welcome, and welcomed back. You too Don! 1 5 stars to the volunteers. Always helpful and friendly. Always smiling even after being ask the same stupid question a million times. 1 I thanked each volunteer I passed during the race. They were superb and deserved all the thanks they got. 1 Great job to Don and Clair especially...exceptional job with the overall event and getting the fans into it! 1 The volunteers of which I was one did great. The cheers and encouragement from them during my race was great and when I was volunteering on the course it was nice to hear the pros throw out a thank you to the volunteers. 1 Great job to all. Simply an amazing crew. This event makes me very proud to be a part of the WORS community. 1 Huge big thanks to all the volunteers, without them this event would never happen. Overall the best WORS event of the year! Great job to everyone involved! 1 Many thanks to all the staff and volunteers who set this up. It was a great event, and my favorite of the year. 1 the technicians in the trek tent are great. They need to know how appreciated they are. Keep up the great work guys and gals. Thanks 1 Thanks for sacrificing your time and talents. Races can not be run without volunteers. Without your help, there's no Subaru Cup. 1 Awesome job! But, the event was spectacular overall and I had an amazing time, thank you so much! 1 Excellent volunteers. Overall...excellent day, the most fun I have had at a race in a long time. 1 Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! You folks are great!! Everyone loves this race because of you. 1 Thanks to all of you! All of you jobs were important and without you the event wouldn't have been possible. 1 I know there was a ton of work put into this race weekend, and would like to thank all those involved. 1 I crashed and broke my collar bone toward the end of the race, and the medical people recognized something wrong when I finished. They hauled me and my bike away immediatly and took great care of me. Very professional, and followed up hours later when they saw me watching the races. A big thank you to them 1 Great volunteers, they did a great job. Only issue we had was the scoring on the Cat 1 race. My daughter was the overall winner but they had her all messed up due to some mixup with race numbers and they did not "think a 15yr old would be the winner". All got corrected and again awesome job at the venue! Amazing course and scene. 1 Incredibles! Each and everyone of you did a tremendous job in every aspect of the race. Still don't feel right that Pro races started without the traditional Don...GOOooooooooooooooo-; that's extremely dissatisfying but I guess I understand. 1 The Volunteers did a remarkable job. Very friendly and helpful,The bright shirts made them very easy to pick out during the race. 1 Volunteers and race staff that I interfaced with were helpful and courteous. Thanks for helping out!

Survey Results:

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Photo Contest WinnersThe 2011 season is off to a great start for WORS Photographers. There are so many good shots that we hope you'll check out all of the finalists at WORS Flickr, here. Below, you'll find the winners of the contest for the Crystal Lake Classic and the Trek Big Ring Classic. Winners can pick up their WORS Bucks at the WORS registration tent beginning at the Chippewa Valley Firecracker in Eau Claire. Next up - the Subaru Cup! If you've been watching the cyclingnews, you already know that the photos taken by WORS photographers at the Cup in 2010 were the best of the season. For the Subaru Cup photo contest, we'll focus on three key themes - amazing racing, sponsors and spectator presence. There will also be a special photo contest category with a special prize for the Superfan event, presented by Trek Women.
Map of the Subaru Cup Pro XCT course and spectator areasRead more about the Subaru Cup Pro XCT, presented by Trek, at the Subaru Cup website, here.
Map of the Cat 2 and Cat 3 courses for the Subaru CupRead more about the Legacy Cross Country race at the Subaru Cup website, here.
WORS Women Superfan event, presented by Trek WomenA scavenger hunt event presented by Trek Women that will lead SUPERFANS to the best spectator areas on the Pro course during the Pro women’s race. The event is open to both men and women - and all who complete the hunt will be entered to win a Trek gift card presented during the Pro awards by Emily Batty of Subaru Trek team. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Georgia Gould (Luna Pro Team) won the 2010 Subaru Cup Pro XCT. Gould will return in 2011."]Subaru Cup Photo Contest Finalist[/caption]
There will be four (4) designated spectator areas plus the Pro Team Area - all of these will be connected by marked spectator paths, and indicated with signs. Collect your scavenger hunt map and instructions at the Trek Stores of Madison tent. They'll also be supplied in racer bags! Two ways to win! Win the Scavenger Hunt Raffle! Each spectator area will hold a unique clue for the hunt. Look for the Trek Women signs. Collect all five to be entered for the win. Every SUPERFAN who visits each area should be able to complete the hunt. Completed scavenger hunt cards will be collected at the Trek Stores of Madison tents in the EXPO area for one hour after the Pro women's finish. (WORS Volunteers who work through the Pro Women's race will be automatically entered to win!!! Please stop by the Trek Store tent so we have your name.) Win the SUPERFAN Photo Contest! Bring your camera or cell phone and take a photo (or a dozen) of yourself at each spectator area. Photos with friends, racers, and massive amounts of SUPERFAN AWESOME will be in-it-to-win-it. We will be asking the Pro women to help us find their favorite SUPERFAN. So get out there with your replica team jersey, your cowbell and a great attitude. Face paint optional. After the event, email your photos to Pick up your SUPERFAN map at Race Registration, or from the Trek Stores of Madison tents in the EXPO area. WORS WOMEN SUPERFAN HUNT, presented by Trek Women Want to know what it will be like to spectate during the 2011 Subaru Cup Pro XCT? It will be something like this: Our new WORS Videographer, Marty Tank and WORS Photographer Jared Brodjeski will be on the course during the SUPERFAN event. Marty will be collecting video for a series of short video stories about teams, families, and women who race at WORS - as well as footage for the Subaru Cup movie. Please take a moment to talk to Marty if you'd like to be a part of those stories. Jared will be looking to collect some great Superfan photos! [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Heather Irmiger (Subaru-Trek) rode her new Superfly to 3rd place at the 2010 Subaru Cup. Irmiger will return in 2011."]Subaru Cup Photo Contest Finalist[/caption] About the spectator areas:
  • 1: Start and Finish - The start and finish chute will be a spectator focal point at the very center of the venue. Be there for the exciting start and especially for the finish.
  • 2: Nitro Amphitheatre - Nitro is the first singletrack-focused spectator area that the Pro women will reach after leaving the start.
  • The new spectator area for Nitro is on the hill overlooking the start. SUPERFANS can choose to watch the start from the hill, then move less than 100 feet up the slope - without crossing the course - to watch as the Pro women descend through new sections of technical singletrack, including A (technically harder) and B (safer but slower) lines around a drop, and then down the face of a large boulder.
  • Nitro's amphitheater-shaped grove falls away steeply from the grassy hill, affording great visibility of the racers from the grassy slope. WORS Trail Builders have trimmed low branches to allow spectators views of multiple sections of trail from a large area around the rim of the bowl. While you're cheering the Pro women, check out DJ Costa, who will be taking racer and SUPERFAN requests!
  • 3: Trek Firelane Drops - Fans will have 10-15 minutes to move across the ski hill on the marked spectator path and catch the Pro women as they pass through this section near the end of their first lap. Firelane was our most popular spectator area in 2010, lined with Trek cowbell-wielding SUPERFANS.
  • 4: Pro Team and EXPO Area - Check in at the Pro Team and EXPO area anytime on Saturday before the Pro women begin their race, or while passing through to the last spectator area - Hang On.
  • SUPERFANS are welcome in the Pro Team area throughout the Subaru Cup, and we encourage you to visit and check out the Pro team Rigs. LUNA, Subaru-Trek, Giant, Specialized and BMC are just some of the powerhouse teams who will be bringing their big rig to the Cup. Shimano Neutral Support will also be in the Pro Team Area - and can offer needed mechanical assistance to any racer. Make sure to visit.
  • 5: Hang On - Another new spectator area for 2011, Hang On is across the ski hill from the Firelane Drops but the easiest way is to walk through the EXPO and Pro Team area, then along the marked path. Hang On is section of curvy singletrack that descends the hill in a beautiful, shady grove. It’s easy to see the racers zoom through a series of challenging corners, but you'll need to enter the woods a bit for the best view. To reach Hang On, the spectator path will also run alongside the singletrack as the Pro racers pass through a small rock garden.
After visiting each area, choose your favorite - or continue to move between them to see the racers multiple times on each lap. Remember to make it back to the START / FINISH area to see the exciting conclusion and encourage racers to the finish line! [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="Sue Juedes (MadForcs) at the finish of the 2010 Subaru Cup. This is a great chance to come out and cheer for our local superstars as they line up with the Nation's best. For the women especially, they will be on the start line with some of the fastest racers in the world."]Subaru Cup Photo Contest Finalist[/caption] Important Rules: Be safe. Cross the course carefully, and at designated areas. Please always be aware of where the course is, and check for racers before crossing or standing near the track. Any spectator who impedes a racer will be disqualified. Be respectful. Please respect the racers, and your fellow spectators. The Subaru Cup is a family friendly event. Be awesome.
Volunteers needed for the Subaru CupThe Subaru Cup would not be possible without the amazing support of volunteers. Right now, only 8 people are signed up to help at the Subaru Cup and less than half are available to help on Saturday. We really need your help. Update: Wednesday June 22 - from zero volunteers last week to HERO volunteers today! We have reached our volunteer goal quicker than ever before - thank you to the amazing folks who have offered their time for the Subaru Cup weekend. Volunteer positions have been filled, and we'll be removing the registration link. Last year, dozens of selfless volunteers helped to course marshal, pull tags in the finish chute, present awards, and guide spectators and arriving visitors. In other words, they helped to make the Subaru Cup one of the best events in the nation, not just for visiting Pro racers but for every racer and every spectator. We did the Midwest proud, and it would not have been possible without them. We need your help. If you can help for a couple hours, please let us know. Most assignments can be done in shifts. So, you can volunteer for part of the day or even just a couple of hours and still have plenty of time to cheer on your favorite racer, compete in one or more of the races, and still have time to enjoy the Subaru Cup as a whole. Most positions include free food, a volunteer t-shirt, and entry into a drawing for a $700 Trek utility, urban, or commuter bike. Volunteers are needed for the following positions: course marshals, timing finish chute help, start personnel, parking attendants, set up and running of the kids’ race, awards presentations and event tear down & clean up. Please lend your hand and show the world why mountain biking in the Midwest is all that. We are especially in need of volunteers on Saturday! Remember, you can be a course marshal and still have a great view of the racing action! FACT: Volunteering will improve your race karma :) Please use the form at this link to sign up. Notes: • Positions will be done in shifts, so it is not necessary to commit to the full time listed for each. Just specify what hours you will be available to work within the hours needed. • Effective volunteers will be assertive and proactive, but always courteous and helpful.
Salty Wench Short Track - Going Fast! Important news about the Impreza Short Track and Impreza Pro Short Track presented by Salty Wench Organic Sea Salt Herbal Seasonings. Sea Salt is delicious. Also, you should register for the Short Track today. New for 2011 - the Impreza Short Track will be limited to the first 100 Cat 2, 50 Cat 1, and 50 Pro racers. Those numbers are for separate fields for men and women - so, for example, 50 Pro men and 50 Pro women. Pre-register to save your position on the start line!
Introducing our new WORS Videographer and Contour CamerasWORS is very pleased to announce our official 2011 TeamWORS videographer and our amazing new demo racer cameras from product sponsor Contour. Here's a couple examples of the Contour cameras in action. The first, hosted at Vimeo, gives a better idea of the high quality of the image captured by the Contour camera. The video is a complete, unedited download of the Kinetic Citizen Series race at the Chippewa Valley Firecracker. Enjoy!

Demo the new TeamWORS Contour Racer Cams!

The 2011 WORS Videographer, Marty Tank, will be handling the Contour Camera demo program for WORS. If have an interest in shooting POV video on one of the video topics below, or just trying the CONTOUR cam at your next WORS race, please feel free to contact him at and he would be happy to coordinate the use of one of the Contour cameras with you at any WORS event. We've tested the new Contour cameras and we think you'll be blown away by the video quality and ease of use.  Contour also offers unique and very cool features - especially for those who love to mountain bike.  Their online community makes it easy to edit and share video.  And their built-in GPS functions allow you to view your video side-by-side with your position on the map.  Very cool!

Marty Tank is the new official WORS videographer.

Since starting to seriously create video over 3 years ago, he's developed a real passion for bicycle related video production. Besides working with WORS, Marty also creates videos for Airborne Bicycles as a member of the Airborne Flight Crew and for a number of outdoors organizations including Wheel & Sprocket, Hayes Bicycle Group, Kali Protectives, GoPro and the Southern Kettle Moraine chapter of WORBA. He has collected a number of contest wins for his video work (including the WORS Subaru Cup Video Remix contest) and has had videos featured on, Airborne Bicycles website and numerous other websites and blogs. Here's Marty's winning Subaru Cup Video Remix entry: Marty's excited about this new opportunity to be working on video projects with the WORS community. These project will include videos surrounding the topics of amateur teams within WORS, Juniors, Women, Families and the Subaru Cup. For those interested in working with a talented videographer and video editor, Marty is open to accepting freelance opportunities. Email: phone: 414.698.1194.
BelGioioso Elite Series post-race interviews - WORS #31st place BelGioioso Elite Women : Kim Eppen (Mercy-Specialized) of Iowa City, IA. 1st place BelGioioso Elite Men : Brian Matter (Gear Grinder / Trek) of Sheboygan, WI. 4th place BelGioioso Elite Men : Brian Eppen (Mercy-Specialized) of Iowa City, IA
WORS Blog Update: b-matterBrian Matter is a 3-time Overall WORS Champion and is in it to win it in 2011. He has some tough competition at the front, but managed to come out on top at the Trek Big Ring Classic - by one of the narrowest margins in WORS history. Read about it at Brian's site: b-matter
I can't believe another race at Wausau came down to a three man sprint and was decided less than 5 ft from the line. Here is the photo sequence from last year. What's crazy is last year we soft pedaled the entire race. Nobody had great legs so we all came to the line together....this year...a different story. I was coming off of a rest week. Sometimes you feel awesome, sometimes you feel stale. I thought I was feeling pretty good in the warm up, but as soon as we hit the first climb I went was a shock to the system. Luckily there were still enough guys that I jumped in at the end of the train and made the first 5 man split. Mr. Tree was at it seems like it's always at Wausau that he is off in the woods taking down sapplings... he slowed things down for me when he was over the bars and into the woods on the first it was Eppen who was showing me a hole in his arm as we were starting lap 2. Then the fun and games stopped.... Tristan was ready to race and started attacking early in the 2nd lap. To make a long story short he must have attacked 15 - 20 times on slight climbs or steep climbs. He had the snap that I didn't have...must be all the crit racing he's doing....but I had the Top Fuel and closed the 15-20 attacks each time in the singletrack. Towards the end of the race I wanted to get to the singletrack first, but Tristan wanted to control even more and wouldn't let me lead. On two occasions I was able to pass him before the singletrack and came out with significant gaps, but didn't have the power to stay away. My max HR was 193! That is pretty high for an old man like me....T was hurting me for sure. In the end it was a perfect mountain bike battle of skills vs fitness and it came down to a sprint...
Read the complete race report at Brian's site: b-matter
Please share your opinion of the Trek Big Ring ClassicEvery WORS event is run in partnership with a local organizing committee. The Trek Big Ring Classic is organized by Muddy Paws Racing LLC and is presented by the Trek Store of Wausau. Thank you for your support! We hope that you had an outstanding experience at this WORS race venue. Racer comments: 1 I think it is great that people volunteer just for the love of mtn biking. 1 Awesome job! 1 BIG THANK YOU TO ALL THE VOLUNTEERS!!!!!!!!! 1 Great job! 1 Great work Volunteers! Thank you. 1 Race Director, Course Director and volunteer staff were awesome! Thanks to all! 1 Seems to always be a well run event; nice job! 1 Staff and volunteers always seemed cheerful and friendly 1 Thank you very much for all the hard work that you put in to make this a great event. 1 Thank you very much to the IMBA Mtb Patrol and all of the volunteers! You made it a great event. 1 Thank you! 1 Thanks a bunch! 1 Thanks for all your efforts! This was a great race as always. 1 Thanks for all your help. Great job! 1 Thanks for volunteering, I'll definitely be back next year! 1 Thanks to all the volunteers for being so helpful. 1 Thanks to all volunteers 1 Thanks to those who kept everything running smooth 1 The staff was amazing as always. I will be back. Thanks for the great day! 1 The volunteers ROCK.... Thanks a ton... 1 Very helpful. Thanks, for putting on a great race. 1 Volunteers and staff went out of their way to make this a fun venue. 1 Volunteers were AWESOME! Big big thank you the them. 1 Volunteers were friendly and helpful. Nice work everyone. 1 Volunteers=awesome. Especially bike marshalls, who patched me up! 1 nice job, seemed smooth from my point of view. Thanks for the fire wood 1 no 1 thank you for making this a great event 1 volunteers are always awesome. 1 volunteers were great !!! 1 A big thanks to all the volunteers out there today. I know this wouldn't happen without their help! 1 Thanks so much for the help. It is so nice to have people who give their time to mountain bike racing! Thank! 1 Thank you so much to all the volunteers. The tent with the water and fruit in it was great at the finish. 1 My team hosts the Alterra Coffee and I know that these races could not happen without significant help from volunteers, team members and family. They did a great job at the Big Ring we all appreciate their efforts. 1 Thank you so much for all of your efforts. The staff at registration was friendly and helpful. The volunteers on race day were as well. Also, thanks to those who ran the learn to race clinic. My son learned a lot and had a great time. You all rock! :) Click to view original WORS 2011 Surveys (version 1).xlsx Click to view original WORS 2011 Trek Big Ring Classic racer survey by Categories
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