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BelGioioso Elite Podium interviews and media coverage of 2012 WORS Alterra Coffee Bean ClassicPost race interviews with BelGioioso Elite podium finishers after the sixth race of the season, the Alterra Coffee Bean Classic outside Milwaukee, WI. Blogs:
Please share your opinion of the 2012 Alterra Coffee Bean ClassicThank you for helping us to make WORS events even better. This survey will probably take around 5 minutes of your time. Every WORS event is run in partnership with a local organizer. The Alterra Coffee Bean Classic is organized by the Alterra Mountain Bike Racig team on trails maintained by the trail builders of IMBA Chapter Metro Mountain Bikers. Thank you for your support! We hope that you had an outstanding experience at this WORS race venue. At the end of this survey, we have included a place to share comments for those who volunteered, and organizers who helped to make the event possible. Thank you!

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