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Join us in building WIN Cycling!

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WORS declared 2012 "The Year of the Junior".  In 2012 alone, the Wisconsin Off Road Series hosted nearly 2700 junior entrants.  Over 1700 competitors 17-and-under raced WORS singletrack events 30-minutes and longer, ranging from the beginner level to Cat 1 Elite. In addition, the 10-and-under WORS Kid's Race, presented by Attitude Sports, averaged over 80 participants at each WORS venue during the 2012 Series. WORS Series Director Don Edberg, who coaches with the SPASH Mountain Bike Club, is ready to bring even greater focus to the support mountain biking in our schools and interscholastic mountain bike races as he has committed the full resources of WORS along with significant financial backing to WIN Cycling  as well as existing junior opportunities within WORS.

How can you help today? Donate and Volunteer to become a part of WIN Cycling!

Please help us to raise awareness and funds to bring mountain biking and mountain bike racing to our schools.  All donations will be used to support local club development, get Juniors on to bikes, and support existing local clubs who wish to expand Junior development programs.
  • REGISTER: Everyone who registers for the 2013 WORS Series will have the opportunity to support WIN Cycling.
  • DONATE: Please visit and donate.  Those individuals who donate $25 will receive a WIN Cycling sticker showing their support.  We are looking for support from shops as well and have a partner shop progam for them to participate in.  WIN Cycling's sponsorship program is also available for businesses wishing to commit to the advocacy of mountain biking in our schools.
  • VOLUNTEER:  Become a champion of WIN Cycling by visiting the website and completing volunteer survey so WIN will be able to reach out to you and get you involved in a way that fits your skills, level of interest, local, and availability.

[highlight]Introducing WIN Cycling [/highlight]

WIN Cycling is dedicated to facilitating the establishment of school-based mountain bike clubs in communities throughout Wisconsin. The organization will be a resource for leadership, coaching, training, volunteering, fund raising, and development programs, including the organization and administration of a race series to provide an avenue for spirited competition and community-building among these student clubs.

What will we be doing?

First, we will focus on the creation and development of school based mountain bike clubs thoughout the Wisconsin.  We won't exclude interested clubs based on state borders, and we're happy to welcome Juniors of all ages  to compete in WORS and hope to see continued development of those clubs that choose to race WORS as well.  After all, one of our fastest growing categories at WORS are racers 14-and-under! WIN Cycling is a resource with decades of experience.  It will serve as a support for, and means to connect between, local interests.  We can help support local fundraising efforts.  Bottom line, we'll be getting things done, and helping those of you who want to get things done for juniors mountain bike racing.  As more strong local clubs become a reality, we'll move on to teams capable of supporting junior events, and ultimately a race series for Interscholastic Cycling. An interscholastic test event is scheduled for September 28 at Cascade Mountain in Portage.  So get your school's team together!  This event will be open to school team, composite teams (students from nearby schools combining to form a team), and independent student-atheletes, (home schooled and those with no local school or composite team representing their school district).  This inaugural WIN Cycling event will take place on Saturday and overlap the Sunday WORS race, the Cascade XC for Kids presented by Machinery Row Bicycles which is a fund raising event for WIN Cycling.  Planning is under way for a stand alone four race interscholastic race series for WIN Cycling beginning in September of 2014.   Please visit for more details as they become available.
WORS Series Banquet Raffle WinnersThe excitement continued last Saturday night at the WORS Series Awards Banquet as winners of the WORS Overall Raffle were drawn. All 2012 WORS overall finishers were included in this drawing and each had a chance at winning many of the same great prizes from our sponsors that the Elite overall champs receive for their efforts. The lucky winners are listed below. The overall drawing for those in attendance was followed by a general raffle. In all, fabulous prizes worth over $35,000 courtesy of WORS’ fine sponsors were awarded by drawing. Are you a winner of one of the Elite packages listed below?  Contact
Retail Value
Won By
1st 19.5" Trek Superfly 100
#4035 David Gorski
Extreme Photography Collage coupon
Retail value of Prize Package
2nd Rock Shox SID XX suspension fork certificate
#2087 Steve Kapaun
Extreme Photography Collage coupon
Retail value of Prize Package
3rd Kinetic Rock & Roll Trainer w/ turntable riser
#2009 Clive Warren
Bontrager Tire Arsenal
Extreme Photography Collage coupon
Retail value of Prize Package
4th Bontrager RXL wheelset
#6058 Grace Harold
Retail value of Prize Package
5th Bontrager RXL wheelset
#6014 Karl John Tillman
Retail value of Prize Package
6th Rotor Components Gift Certificate
#1053 Corey Samz
Park Home Mechanic
Starter Tool kit, Work Stand, & Floor Pump
Extreme Photography Collage coupon
Retail value of Prize Package
7th Hayes Disc Brakes
#4031 Aaron Frink
Bontrager tires XR3 Team Issue 29"
Native Eyewear certificate
Extreme Photography Collage coupon
Retail value of Prize Package
8th Kinetic Road Machine Trainer pkg
#2918 Michael Owens
Thule Backpack
Retail value of Prize Package
9th Thule Raceway Platform 2 Bike Rear Carrier
#1070 Thomas Cabacinski
X10SL-Ti Chain
Retail value of Prize Package
10th Park Torque Wrench Set
#1073 Christopher Richmond
Native Eyewear certificate
Retail value of Prize Package
11th Park Home Mechanic
#2130 Steve Drecoll
Starter Tool kit, Work Stand, & Floor Pump
Retail value of Prize Package
12th Bontrager tires 29-2 Expert 29x2.2
#6063 Dylan Waldner
Native Eyewear certificate
Honey Stinger Pkg
Retail value of Prize Package
Congratulations 2012 WORS Heads!The festivities at the 2012 WORS Series Awards banquet began with a social hour, allowing racers an opportunity to meet with friends and competitors to rehash their favorite experiences.  The awards followed at 7:00, with series director, Don Edberg leading the thank you and recognition of WORS sponsors, race directors, local organizing committees, land owners, WORS timing and Scoring crew, WORS Marketing Director and Race Reporter Claire Gehling, new Race Reporter Todd Nutter, webmaster Ryan Rastedt, on-site WORS tent manager Karen Gunderson, the WORS posse (the volunteers who do the set-up and tear down at WORS races), advertisers, WORS Learn to Race staff Claire and Matt Gehling, and last but certainly not the least, WORS racers, as all of these work together to make WORS the success it is. First to receive their awards were the WORS Heads, WORS racers who competed in all twelve races during the 2012 season.
11 to 12 6026
Lorissa Thorpe
11 to 12 6041
Julia Whitedog
11 to 12 6030
Katy McDicken
8 and under 6024
Lucas Fletcher
8 and under 6018
Stephen Liepert
9 to 10 6043
Skyler Schmitt
9 to 10 6025
Porter Thorpe
11 to 12 6016
Calhan Norman
13 to 14 6015
Owen Reich
13 to 14 6042
Alexander Halfman
13 to 14 6031
Cole McDicken
13 to 14 6013
Dylan Eggebrecht
Cat 3 (Citizen) Female
50 and over 5011
Lisa Zimmerman
Cat 3 (Citizen) Male
14 and under 4063
Nathan Knowles
14 and under 4100
Anna Poulton
14 and under 4047
Daniel Gretzinger
14 and under 4008
Jimmy Splittgerber
15 to 16 4024
Nolan Steig
15 to 16 4004
Ted Kretzmann
15 to 16 4135
Cole Huffman
17 to 18 4019
Rowan Norman
19 to 29 4039
Joe Guse
40 to 49 4022
Jim Steig
40 to 49 4123
Brad Jorsch
60 and over 4043
Dennis Kinkert
Cat 3 (Citizen) Clydesdale
40 and over 4813
Scott Barclay
40 and over 4808
Timothy Liepert
Cat 2 (Sport) Female
50 and over 3011
Pam Piotrowski
Cat 2 (Sport) Male
19 to 24 2014
Cory Marty
19 to 24 2195
Josh Rupnow
19 to 24 2182
Matthew Paterson
25 to 29 2084
Patrick Blakeslee
25 to 29 2200
Brian Paterson
30 to 34 2033
Erik Backhaus
30 to 34 2052
Joshua Wood
35 to 39 2110
Ben Leach
35 to 39 2006
Jeremy Drake
40 to 44 2144
Brian Coppock
40 to 44 2032
Ron Smith
40 to 44 2131
Troy Olm
45 to 49 2111
Scott Nyland
50 to 54 2080
Todd Fletcher
50 to 54 2130
Steve Drecoll
50 to 54 2019
John Senkerik
60 to 64 2047
Frank Lobello
Cat 2 (Sport) Clydesdale
39 and under 2804
Aaron Fleming
39 and under 2801
Todd Nutter
Cat 2 (Sport) Single Speed
Cat 2 (Comp)
25 to 29 1053
Cory Samz
25 to 29 1029
Ben Marchewka
25 to 29 1020
Tony Wagner
30 to 34 1008
Ben Schreiber
30 to 34 1073
Christopher Richmond
40 to 44 1017
Jason Ruesch
40 to 44 1005
Gary Ehrike
45 to 49 1002
Ken Naef
45 to 49 1111
Ross Lemke
50 to 54 1019
David Poulton
Open (Comp) Singlespeed
All Ages 1902
Jesse Jaehning
Open Women
Brenda Zimmerman-Thorpe
Cyndi Ehrike
Cat 1 - Junior
15 to 18 105
Brett Poulton
Elite Women
Cat 1 514
Denise Coppock
Elite Men
Pro 6
Darrin Braun
Pro 31
Justin Piontek
Cat 1 77
Carolos Haeckel
Cat 1 23
John Shull
Cat 1 60
Gabriel Ion
Congratulations to our Wisconsin State Mountain Bike Champions!WORS races decide the official USA Cycling State Championship in Wisconsin.  Medals were awarded to the top three in each category at the WORS Awards Banquet. Congratulations to all of the Wisconsin Champions! Eligibility to be named a USA Cycling State Champion is dependent upon the following criteria: 1) A competitor must have a current USA Cycling Mountain annual license, 2) A competitor must have raced WORS and finished with an overall score, and 3) a competitor must be a resident of Wisconsin. If you were unable to attend the Banquet, please send $3 to cover postage & handling to WORS, 8675 Rolling Hills Rd., Custer, WI 54423 to claim your award. Include your name, award category & class, and return address. Wisconsin State Champions - Pro
1 Abby Strigel
2 Lisa Krayer
1 Brain Matter
2 Nathan Guerra
3 Darrin Braun
Wisconsin State Champions - Cat 1
Female 15 to 18
1 Corrie Osbourne
Female 19 to 29
1 Amber Markey
Female 30 to 39
1 Denise Coppock
2 Michelle Peariso
3 April Dombrowski
Female 40 and over
1 Lori Sable
2 Brenda Zimmerman  Thorpe
Male 15 to 18
1 Andrew Senderhauf
2 Parker McColl
3 Fletcher Arlen
Male 19 to 23
1 Ben Senkerik
2 Myles Beach
Male 24 to 34
1 Brian Heifner
2 Carlos Haeckel
3 Tim Racette
Male 35 to 44
1 Ryan Krayer
2 Bill Nigh
3 Vincent Steger
Male 45 to 54
1 Jeff Melcher
2 JW Miller
3 John Wypiszinski
Wisconsin State Champions - Cat 2
Female 15 to 18
1 Maja Holcomb
2 Grace Prewitt
Female 19 to 29
1 Cassey Lynn
2 Jenaiya Stolper
3 Heather Marty
Female 30 to 39
1 Rachel Drake
2 Kelli Piotrowski
3 Jennifer Clark
Female 40 to 49
1 Cyndi Ehrike
2 Brittany Nigh
3 Nina Fortune
Female 50 & over
1 Helmy Tennis
2 Pam Piotrowski
Male 13 to 14
1 Andrew Schmidt
Male 15 to 16
1 Mitchell Bratz
2 Conner McColl
Male 15 to 16
1 Christopher Osbourne
2 Brayden Schott
3 Andy Summers
Male 19 to 24
1 Taylor Kimberly
2 Cory Marty
3 Travis Schirpke
Male 25 to 29
1 Cory Samz
2 Ben Marchewka
3 Tony Wagner
Male 30 to 34
1 Ben Schreiber
2 Eric Grissom
3 Shane Semrow
Male 35 to 39
1 Jimmy Toombs
2 Christopher Richmond
3 Christopher Schmidt
Male 40 to 44
1 Jason Ruesch
2 Gary Ehrike
3 Christopher Gabrielson
Male 45 to 49
1 Ken Naef
2 Christopher Berge
3 Ross Lemke
Male 50 to 54
1 Neil Statz
2 Bob Boone
3 Todd Fletcher
Male 55 to 59
1 Donald Carr
2 Bill Styer
3 Steve Kapaun
Male 60 to 64
1 Gary Meader
2 George Doty
3 Brad Swenson
Clydesdale 39 & under
1 Eric Johnson
2 Jeff Steckbauer
3 Brian Benson
Clydesdale 40 & over
1 Marcus Steele
2 Dale Crowell
3 Jon Holcomb
Singlespeed 39 & under
1 Joshua Blum
2 Steven Schaefer
3 Christopher McArdle
Singlespeed 40 & over
1 Wade Flisram
2 John Grosz
3 Andy Trewyn
Wisconsin State Champions - Cat 3
Female 9 to 10
1 Leah Fletcher
2 Emma Osborne
3 Miette Gosse
Female 11 to 14
1 Megan Snderhauf
2 Kaitlin Splittgerber
3 Ella Shively
Female 40 to 49
1 Melissa Kennedy
Female 50 & over
1 Lisa Zimmerman
Male 7 to 8
1 Lucas Fletcher
Male 9 to 10
1 Skyler Schmitt
2 Joshua Prewitt
3 Porter Thorpe
Male 11 to 14
1 Kyle Kargel
2 Caleb Swartz
3 Jacob Ahles
Male 15 to 16
1 Nolan Steig
2 Ted Kretzmann
3 Jacob Bons
Male 17 to 18
1 Alex Oberthaler
2 Rowan Norman
3 Jack Davies
Male 19 to 29
1 Chuck Girkins
2 Isaiah Schwinn
3 Aaron Frink
Male 30 to 39
1 Peter Fetters
2 Chris Mattmiller
Male 40 to 49
1 Jim Steig
2 Dave Hanrahan
3 Brad Jorsch
Male 50 to 59
1 Andrew Mishlove
2 David Gavinski
3 Tony Smet
Male 60 & over
1 Erik Hofmeister
Clydesdale 39 & under
1 Aaron Messenger
2 Brian Smith
Clydesdale 40 & over
1 Timothy Liepert
2 Thom Brown
3 Alexander Pieper
Series Registration and Mandatory Move-Ups2013 WORS Series Registration will open early! WORS is currently working to open 2013 WORS Series registration early.  In the last several years, we have seen increased interest in this option.  Stay tuned to the WORS website and Facebook for updates! Register for the appropriate category of competition In January of 2011 WORS Guidelines changed, moving away from top age class finishes to overall placing. If you place well within your category overall last year please check to see if you are required to advance. The overall placing for Citizen or Sport can be viewed on the website by clicking on either the men’s or women’s series results and replacing the “m” or “f” at the end of the url with an “o”. Fifth place is 177 points and tenth place is 157. We believe this is the best criteria currently available for assessing a racers readiness and need to advance, however there may still be a number of racers that have good rational for remaining in their previous ability category. These riders need to submit a written statement to WORS justifying staying in their current category. WORS will have these statements on file at the WORS tent for public viewing. There may also be some conflict with USA Cycling rules that could curtail a racer from advancing to the next category. If you have any questions, please email Don at, and include your name and series number from 2012.
Please share your opinion of the 2012 Wigwam MTB Challenge in SheboyganThank you for helping us to make WORS events even better. This survey will probably take around 5 minutes of your time. Every WORS event is run in partnership with a local organizer. The Wigwam MTB Challenge is organized by the FatKats Club on trails built and maintained on Sheboygan park land. Thank you for your support! We hope that you had an outstanding experience at this WORS race venue. At the end of this survey, we have included a place to share comments for those who volunteered, and organizers who helped to make the event possible. Thank you!
2012 WORS Awards Banquet October 20The Annual WORS Awards banquet, including the world-famous WORS Sponsor Raffle, will be held on October 20 at the Holiday Inn in Stevens Point, WI. Meetings for Race Directors and Riders will be scheduled prior to the Banquet in the afternoon. Please stay tuned to the WORS website, Facebook and Twitter for additional details as they become available. In keeping with our 2012 theme “Year of the Junior” WORS will have some special presentations at this year’s Awards Banquet. First place finishers in all WORS Junior classes will be awarded a special Mt. Borah WORS Junior Champion jersey. Also there will be a drawing for a certificate for the winner’s choice of a 2013 Trek X-Caliber or Trek Cali SL bike from all Junior Series Overall Finishers. Additional information: 2012 WORS Awards Banquet The 2012 WORS Awards Banquet will be held Saturday October 20th at the Stevens Point Holiday Inn, 1101 Amber Ave, Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Banquet tickets will be on sale online* starting 9/09/2012 for $27* each or you can buy them by mailing a check** for $27 per adult and $15 for each child’s (10 and under) ticket to WORS Racing, 8675 Rolling Hills Rd, Custer, WI 54423. A self addressed stamped envelope must be included and all mail-in request must be received by October 15th. Tickets will also be available at the WORS tent at the Wigwam Mountain Bike Challenge races. LAST DAY TO BUY TICKETS: Oct. 17th! Tickets are not available at the Banquet. *online sales incur a $1 convenience fee per transaction. If you buy 4 tickets all at the same time, you will be charged a total of $1 in convenience fees. ** Banquet tickets can not be purchased with "WORS Cash". Tickets purchased online and mail-in ticket sales without a self-addressed stamped envelope will be available for pick-up at the door. Purchase your tickets online now! Get your tickets early to reserve your spot at the Banquet; attendance is limited. Below is the agenda for this year’s banquet. Please come and join the fun! Awards Banquet Agenda 10:30 Group ride at Standing Rocks Update: Standing Rocks trails are currently closed due to rain.  Trail condition updates are available here: 715-824-3949. The WORS Banquet group ride will not take place at Standing Rocks trails if the trails remain closed!  Bring your bike and join fellow WORS racers for a casual ride of Standing Rocks mountain bike trail system (14 miles of singletrack).  There is a $4 trail fee at Standing Rock.  Standing Rocks is located south of County Road B which intersects with I-39/US Hwy 51 south in Plover (just south of Stevens Point) and US Hwy 10 at Amherst (14 miles east of Stevens Point).  Additional info on Standing Rocks Park, 11:00 Race Directors’ Meeting Race Directors meet to discuss 2012 and prepare for the 2013 season. This meeting is only for race directors and special quests of WORS until 3:00 when all in attendance will adjourn to the Riders’ Meeting. 3:00 Riders’ Meeting Come early and present your thoughts on issues and concerns regarding WORS. Don and many of the race directors will be available to address you questions and concerns.  We encourage all to email with agenda items for this informal meeting. 4:00 Social Hour A great opportunity for all in attendance to relax, share memories of past WORS events and look ahead to WORS 2013. A cash bar will be available. No carry in, please. 6:00 Awards begin *note change* Overall awards for WORS 2012 sponsored by Subaru, including: the Kinetic Citizen, Hayes Sport, Bontrager Comp, and BelGioioso Elite series, WORS Team Competition awards, drawing for Overall Raffle prizes (all WORS 2012 WORS overall finishers are eligible and you need not be present to win) and the famously schwag laden WORS Banquet Raffle (only WORS 2012 overall finishers in attendance are eligible). 7:00 Break for Dinner *note change* The menu will consist of a scrumptious buffet with all the trimmings including a vegetarian entrée. 8:00 Awards will continue *note change* The Overall Raffle Grand Prize: A 2012 Trek Superfly 100 mountain bike , as well as merchandise from WORS Category sponsors, Bontrager, Hayes Bicycle Group, and Kinetic and product sponsors: Native Eyewear, Park Tool, Mt. Borah, Thule, Rock Shox, Honey Stinger, Kuhl Sportswear, Rotor Bike Components, PHerformance Water, Extreme Photography Unlimited, and more. 10:30 Closing
Please share your opinion of the 2012 Bear Paw Rock & RollThank you for helping us to make WORS events even better. This survey will probably take around 5 minutes of your time. Every WORS event is run in partnership with a local organizer. Bear Paw is organized by the Bear Paw Adventure Resort on trails built and maintained on their own land. Thank you for your support! We hope that you had an outstanding experience at this WORS race venue. At the end of this survey, we have included a place to share comments for those who volunteered, and organizers who helped to make the event possible. Thank you!
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