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Introducing the WORS Cascade XC for KidsThe inaugural WORS Cascade XC for Kids on September 28th and 29th marks what is anticipated to be a long and mutually beneficial relationship between the mountain bike riders of the Midwest and one of Wisconsin’s premier ski area, Cascade Mountain. A first for WORS in many ways, the Cascade XC for Kids is a fundraiser in support of the recently established WIN (WORS Interscholastic) Cycling, a not for profit organization devoted to the mission of the establishment of school-based mountain bike clubs in communities throughout Wisconsin. WIN Cycling is a resource for leadership, coaching, training, volunteer, fund raising and development programs, including the organization and administration of a scholastic race series to kick off with the 2014 school year. A test event for WIN Cycling is in the works for Saturday morning at the Cascade XC. There is a lot of work to be done. WORS will need your help with the estimate 1000 man hours of work necessary to construction trails at Cascade and WIN Cycling will need many volunteers and a lot of support to accomplish its mission and for the Cascade XC to raise much of the necessary funding to do so. To join in the trail efforts, please use the form below to join our Cascade contact list. To become involved with WIN Cycling visit the WIN Cycling Facebook and please submit your name to our WIN Cycling contact list. We hope that you will come out and join in the support of this great cause. We encourage you to start a scholastic mountain bike club/team in your town. [highlight]Please join us for the WORS Cascade XC for Kids. We promise a unique experience that will leave you wanting to spend a lot more time riding and racing the trails of Cascade Mountain.[/highlight] Form is online here:

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Calling WORS Community: help WIN CyclingWith the launch of WIN Cycling, WORS is stepping forward to help make school-based MTB racing a reality in our communities. But we're not alone and we can't succeed without your help! [highlight]We need your help.[/highlight] There are many ways to get involved:
  • Sign up to support WIN Cycling - as a future volunteer, aspiring coach or school contact. We need to know who you are and we'll use this map of connected individuals to help build grassroots momentum in your community.
  • Donate today. Help us get kids on bikes, provide leadership and coaching resources and more.
  • Get the word out. Encourage others to join our grassroots movement.
  • Volunteer your time, skills or services. WIN Cycling needs:
    • School contacts. Our #1 goal is to establish school-based clubs and teams
    • Bikes and gear for Juniors
    • Support of existing WORS Teams
    • Trail building help for the Cascade XC for Kids
    • Media, photo and video support to document and celebrate Juniors racing this season
    • Volunteers with special skills: graphic designers, media contacts, writers, lawyers, cycling advocates, event planning - if you feel you could contribute by bringing a special skills to the table, please reach out.
[highlight]Here's just one great success story about a member of the WORS Community who answered the call to help launch WIN Cycling:[/highlight]   JustinPiontek_Logo Many of you know Justin Piontek from his BelGioioso Elite Series race resume, where he speaks softly and brings an A-game. Justin is a talented Graphic Designer and recently established his company, Justin Piontek Graphic Design, committed to bringing ideas to life, striving to make the the best design for client needs with a quick turn around.
"Justin's award-winning work reflects his commitment to bring new, engaging and effective designs to the table. From nationwide, well-established companies to a local start up you could benefit from Justin's proven expertise. He specializes in direct mail, logo design/brand development, website layout design, and can tailor to your unique specific needs."
When we approached Justin for help with the WIN Cycling logo, he stepped up with a great product! We're very grateful for his help and expertise and hope you'll high-five him for us at your next WORS Race.
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