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Cooper Dendel Takes Back to Back WORS Wins2In the second event for the 2014 Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) presented by Trek, Cooper Dendel (Quick Stop Bike Shop) grabbed her second win of the season while Brian Matter (Momentum Endurance) showed up for his first WORS victory this year. The Crystal Lake Classic is a favorite among WORS racers that love fast lead outs and action packed single track. Located at the Camp Tesomas (Hanna Venture Base) Boy Scout camp in Rhinelander, WI, the Crystal Lake Classic delivers the kind of full throttle race action that adrenaline junkies live on. With a long a dusty double track lead out, racers need to maneuver themselves to the front of the pack before hitting several miles of single track. There is enough variety along the 7.5 mile lap to keep competitors excited and eager to win. In the Belgioioso Cat 1/Pro Women’s event, Cooper Dendel (Quick Stop Bike Shop) proved once again that she means business in 2014. Grabbing her second win, Dendel is on a hot streak. To her own admission, Dendel loves single track and the Crystal Lake Classic has plenty of it. But it was not an easy win either. Dendel was followed closely by April Morgan (Foundry Cycles), Corrie Osborne (Team Extreme), Evelyn Johnson (Linear Sports MTB) and Sarah Agena (Hidden Bay/CiderBoys). Morgan’s approach was to let Dendel do most of the work at first, hoping she would maybe let up at some point. But with her skills and confidence in the single track, Dendel opened almost a 3 minute gap that Morgan could not close. Not shaken by Cooper’s performance, April Morgan pushed on to keep her 2nd place spot. Knowing how strong of a racer Corrie Osborne is, Morgan kept her pace fast and rode much of the race alone. Osborne credited her full suspension Trek Superfly for her speed through the rough single track along with drafting off of riders near her. This is the second podium finish for young Osborne in her first year in the adult Cat 1 field. The Belgioioso Men’s Cat 1/Pro race showed the return of former WORS overall champion, Brian Matter (Momentum Endurance) for his first victory of the year. Matter has been traveling to get some early race miles under his belt before the Wisconsin summer arrives. It paid off for him Sunday as he narrowly slipped away from Nathan Guerra (Vision/Attitude Sports) for the win. The heat was on the entire 4 laps as the two ferocious competitors fed off of each other keep the pace high and the lead gap open. Matter is not one to give in easily while Guerra tried to relive his victory from this event in 2013. The wheel to wheel action had spectators excited and cheering for their favorite racer to win. Joseph Maloney (KS Energy Services/ Team Wisconsin) gave it all he had to try to hang with the top two. His efforts locked in a third place finish but did not get him into the running for the win. In the final lap, Matter proved to be the stronger rider by opening up a 30 second gap on Guerra, which was enough to give him the win. Honorable mention also goes to Tyler Gauthier (Bike Marquette/Quick Stop) and Justin Piontek (Adventure 212/Specialized) who grabbed 4th and 5th respectively.
Please Share Your Opinion of the 2014 Crystal Lake ClassicrhinelanderThank you for helping us to make WORS events even better. This survey will probably take around 5 minutes of your time. Every WORS event is run in partnership with a local organizer. Crystal Lake Classic is organized by the Boy Scouts of Samoset Council on trails built and maintained on their own land. Thank you for your support! We hope that you had an outstanding experience at this WORS race venue. At the end of this survey, we have included a place to share comments for those who volunteered, and organizers who helped to make the event possible. Thank you!
WORS Heads to the NorthwoodsRthinelanderRace Director, Elvis Bauman and his staff of Boy Scouts look forward to hosting the Crystal Lake Classic at Camp Tesomas in Rhinelander this weekend.  Elvis, reports the race course is in great shape and predicts favorable weather conditions for this event.  Pre-registration is strong as the WORS faithful prepare for this trip to WORS northern most venue.  This event has a great reputation for its extremely family friendly environment and a fast challenging course that many say favors full-suspension bikes.
Maloney and Dendel Triumph in OpenerIola_RRWORS presented by Trek began an impressive 23rd season in Iola, WI on Sunday, May 4th. The 2014 season opener, titled “The Iola Bump & Jump”, serves as a temperature check for many participants. It can be be the payoff of many months of training during Wisconsin’s long winters or it can be a harsh reality of unreadiness. Either way, racers are more than eager to dust of their rigs and take them to the dirt for, sometimes, the first time of the season. Concerns were had by some as to the weather conditions in the days leading up to the event. Slow melting of winter snow and rain in the area only days before the race led many to prepare for a mudfest. That, however, wasn’t the case, with a dryer than expected course full of fast descents, roots and switchbacks. The lineup at the start of the BelGioioso Elite Men’s race was stacked as usual, with names like Tristan Schouten (Rolf Prima/Attitude Sports), Nathan Guerra (Vision Cycling/Attitude Sports), Tyler Gauthier (Bike Marquette/Quick Stop), and Joseph Maloney (KS Energy Services/ Team Wisconsin) rolling up to the line. The first hill was dominated by Joseph (Joe-Mo) Maloney, stating that he had not planned the attack from the start. His plan was to sit in and get a feel for what the pack was going to do. But the legs had a plan of their own and with that Joe-Mo took the lead. Not to be outdone, Nathan Guerra grabbed onto Maloney’s wheel and hung in for the long haul. Tyler Gauthier tried to play it conservative and save his matches in the hopes that he would reel in Maloney and Guerra with the help of Eric Thompson(Mt Borah Epic team) and Tristan Schouten. But Maloney played the tactical card by using lap traffic to his advantage to gain some room between himself and Guerra and sealing the deal on first place. Guerra’s aggression to keep up with Maloney put him in a very comfortable 2nd place with over a two minute gap on third place finisher, Eric Thompson. This was Maloney’s first win in the WORS Elite series. In the BelGioioso Elite Women’s race, two of the top female cross country racers from the midwest once again faced off to see who had the legs to win. Seven-time WORS overall champ, Abigail Strigel(Honey Stinger/Bontrager) took on one of her favorite opponents, Cooper Dendel(Quick Stop Bike Shop). Dendel has spent most of the cold, snowy, upper Michigan winter on the trainer, waiting for her chance to dig into the dirt. The young college student decided to take a semester off to focus on racing. She definitely meant business at the Bump & Jump by putting Strigel through the paces. Never backing down from a challenge, Abby pushed herself to the limit to make sure not to lose Dendel’s wheel. Meanwhile, 19 year old Corrie Osborne(Team Extreme) had her own challenge trying to bring back Strigel and Dendel. Osborne hung onto 3rd overall. Dendel made a bold move going into the 3rd lap to broaden the gap over Strigel. Abby did not give up, but saw her opponents wheel slip away in the final lap. Dendel is shaping up to be a fierce competitor to anyone racing in the Cat1/Pro events in the midwest this summer. The WORS series will continue with the next event on May 18th with the “Crystal Lake Classic” at Camp Tesomas Boy Scout camp. Camp Tesomas (Hanna Venture Base) is located only minutes north of Rhinelander, where it’s set on the shores of Crystal Lake, a beautiful spring fed lake deserving of its name. This pristine setting is perfect for mountain biking with the lake making an excellent choice for cooling down after a hard ride through the woods.
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