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Tight Race for Both Men and Women At the Reforestation RambleSuamico, WI- The Trek sponsored Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) returned from a two week break with back to back race weekends. Last week, in Waukesha Wisconsin, Leia Schneeberger (Vision Cycling) dominated the course for the Women’s race while Cole House (Unnattached) tried to chase down Nathan Guerra (Vision Cycling) but fell short with second. This week House came back for the win while Schneeberger and Cooper Dendel(Quick Stop Bike Shop) rode the course together wire to wire. Just outside of Green Bay, the “Reforestation Ramble” in Suamico has traditionally been a prep race for riders competing in the Chequamegon 40. With similar terrain and a longer distance than most WORS races, it gives competitors a chance to test out their endurance at high speeds. More double track and flatter than most WORS events, the Reforestation Ramble offers longer laps in a marathon format of racing that pushed athletes to their limits. Pro mountain biker, Cole House(Unattached) came back aggressive after last weeks loss. On House’s home course, he pushed hard for an early lead after the first section of singletrack.  The chase came from current WORS overall points leader, Nathan Guerra (Vision Cycling) and Ben Senkerik (Team Extreme) who worked together to try to reel in House. Shortly after the two pros caught House, Senkerik suffered a mechanical which dropped him off the lead group. Soon caught by Joe Maloney, Pete Karinen and Justin Piontek, the four rode together to once again reel in the leaders. Maloney stuck on the lead pack’s wheel while Karinen, Piontek and Senkerik dropped back. The main battle was in front between competitors Guerra and House. Both said that it was apparent they weren’t going to work together and the race wasn’t as fast as they could have made it, often sitting up in the double track. But after 3 laps of going back and forth, Guerra had the lead going into the last section of singletrack. By House’s surprise, Guerra didn’t attack after they got to the ski trail which gave House the opportunity to take the lead. House took the win with Guerra 6 seconds back. Maloney finished third and after a crash and mechanical, Senkerik took the fourth step. Shortly behind fourth, finished Karinen after dropping Piontek who finished a respective sixth. Last years overall winner, Cooper Dendel (Quick Stop Bike Shop) has proven herself many times over this season but so has Leia Schneeberger(Vision Cycling), our current series leader. The two ladies had an electric battle riding together the entire race. Behind the lead competitors were Lindsay Guerra(Vision Cycling) who rode almost entirely a solo race and Sarah Agena(Hidden Bay/Cider Boys) and Rachel Jensen(Team Wisconsin/KS Energy/Mosh) who worked together with an elite junior throughout the race. Dendel and Schneeberger rode close to 36 miles working together, but Schneeberger admitted Dendel was doing most of the work. Despite pulling for much of the day, Dendel still had enough left in the tank to edge Schneeberger at the line.  Although riding alone for much of the day,  Guerra managed to pull off an impressive third.  Agena finished fourth after shedding Jensen on the second lap who rounded out the top 5. WORS will continue on September 6th with the 10th race of the series, Treadfest held in Lake Geneva WI. For more information visit RAM_1907_15 RAM_2530_15 RAM_1913_15 RAM_2267_15 RAM_2538_15 RAM_2632_15 RAM_2635_15 RAM_2086_15 RAM_2094_15 RAM_2096_15
Schneeberger and Guerra Grab The WinsWaukesha, WI- The eighth event for the 2015 Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) presented by Trek, was hosted at a new venue, Minooka Park near Waukesha, WI. This race, still named the Collectivo Coffee Bean Classic, brought some different challenges to the WORS series. This race tested riders concentration as they navigated through winding single track with tight narrow corners. Also in the mix were a few rock gardens, lots of fast flowy singletrack, and longer sections of wide open ski trail that made sure all racers kept on the gas.   In the BelGioioso Cat 1/Pro Women’s event, Leia Schneeberger(Vision Cycling) dominated once again without our WORS overall Leader, Cooper Dendel(Quick Stop Bike Shop) to challenge her. At the start of the race, Lindsey Guerra(Vision Cycling) led it up the hill but her lead was overtaken by Anna Ganju(Collectivo Coffee) for the preme win. Schneeberger was able to establish a gap early on, even catching some of the men from the elite field. She finished 4 minutes in front of her teammate, Guerra who came back after a concussion to claim second place. Behind Guerra finished Collectivo Coffee’s own, Ganju with third and Sarah Agena(Hidden Bay/ Ciderboys) and Jeanne Hornak(Vision Cycling) finishing fourth and fifth respectively.   The BelGioioso Men’s Cat 1/Pro race, started out with an all-out uphill sprint for the holeshot, led by Cole House(Unattached).  He made sure to put the hurt on early in the climb, as it was a race to the top of the start hill and over for the 100 dollar preme.  Even though House took the preme, Nathan Guerra(Vision Cycling) was not about to let up. Part of Guerra’s strategy was to be the first one to the single track which he made sure happened. After the first lap, Guerra and House opened a small gap with Ben Senkerik(Team Extreme), Joe Maloney( B + L Bicycle/ Trek), and Pete Karinen(Momentum Endurance) spread out behind the two leaders. After the second lap, Guerra began to pull away from House with a gap of 20 seconds.  By the third lap, Guerra was keeping the pace high but made sure not to blow up. His gap was opened to 40 seconds and after a clean fourth lap, Guerra was able to relive his victory from this event in 2014. House finished second with Senkerik’s best WORS finish at third. Honorable mention goes to Karinen and Casey Griesemer(Brazen Dropouts) who finished fourth and fifth, also with their best WORS results to date. Next up is WORS Reforestation Ramble on August 23rd in Suamico, WI. COL_3931_15 COL_4226_15 COL_3939_15 COL_4452_15 (1) COL_3949_15 COL_4054_15 COL_4331_15 COL_4081_15 COL_4384_15 COL_4137_15
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