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Impressive Wins for Schneeberger and GuerraWORS (Wisconsin Off-Road Series) presented by Trek held its 4th race of the season, The Red Flint Firecracker last Sunday June 26th in Eau Claire, WI. With the help of CORBA (Chippewa Off-road Bike Association) and Team WORS, we were able to put on a race full of fast singletrack covered with roots and rocks, hard packed whoops and wet creek crossings. The rain that came through Saturday helped to pack down the sandy corners making the conditions great for race day. The Pro/Elite Men’s field started out fast as always on the gravel road roll out. Nathan Guerra(Vision Cycling P/B Ryder 930), overall series leader has never won in Eau Claire but made it his goal to take home the ‘W’. Guerra was first into the Singletrack with David Flaten(US Military), Corey Stelljes(5 Nines / Cannondale), Issac Neff(Neff Cycling Service) and Justin Piontek(Adventure 212/Specialized) in one group chasing him down. In the second chase group it was Pete Karinen(True North Apparel) and Ben Senkerik(Team Extreme) and Casey  Hildebrandt(The Underground Project). Piontek, still feeling sore from a pre-ride crash decided to pull out early on in the race leaving Stelljes, Flaten and Neff to battle it out in the chase group. This being a home course for Flaten, he felt an advantage in the singletrack so he made sure to attack in those areas and after many attacks, he lost Neff. Stelljes then countered Flaten’s attack by turning up the burner a little more in the third and fourth lap. Stelljes was slowly able to open a gap and ride away from Flaten who just couldn’t match his pace. After 4 laps, Guerra was still out front putting in a solid solo effort which would result in his first win at the Red Flint Firecracker. Stelljes would finish second with Flaten finishing third and Neff coming in fourth. Rounding out the top five, Karinen outsprinted Senkerik for 5th. The Pro/Elite Women's field continues to be dominated by WORS overall series leader Leia Schneeberger(Broken Spoke Racing). From the get go, Schneeberger led the women off the start and down the gravel road. She was the first one into the whoops and that would be the last that most would see of her. Schneeberger had a near flawless ride to take home the grand prize finishing first overall. Behind Schneeberger were racers Lindsay Guerra(Vision Cycling P/B Ryder 930), Corey Coogan Cisek(The Fix Studio) and Robin Williams(UlHVC/Specialized). In the first lap, Williams was chasing Guerra but after a crash she lost contact with Guerra who would end up finishing second. Minnesotans and friends, Coogan Cisek and Williams worked together taking turns pulling, hoping to catch Guerra but it never happened. In the end, Williams was just able to clinch a four second advantage over Coogan Cisek to secure 3rd place with Coogan Cisek coming in Fourth. An honorable mention goes out to Lisa Krayer(Adventure 212/Specialized), who raced her first WORS race of the season coming in a respective 5th place. For results visit Come join us at Minooka Park in Waukesha WI for the Collectivo Coffee Bean Classic. For more imformation visit
Guerra and Swartz Grab Their First Win of the SeasonLast weekend, WORS (Wisconsin Off-Road Series) with the help of WAMBA (Waushara Area Mountain Bike Association) hosted WORS #3, the Mt. Morris Challenge at Nordic Mountain in Mt. Morris Wisconsin. Pre-ride on Saturday was blistering hot but it brought a beautiful day for racing on Sunday. The Mt. Morris Challenge starts off with a tough climb that takes racers partially up the ski hill before dumping racers into a technical downhill section with the infamous rock drop. Once clearing the rock drop, racers enter the pines for some fast winding single track. After the single, racers climb back to the top of the hill switching back and forth between open climbs and singletrack. Once racers reach the top of the ski hill, they snake through wide open grass trying to get in their passing before entering the technical switch backs taking racers back down the hill. To start out, the BelGioioso Men’s field raced to the top of the climb with WORS overall series leader Cole House (Broken Spoke) summiting the climb first and leading the field through the singletrack. Vision Cycling/P/B Ryder 930’s Nathan Guerra positioned himself behind House off the start and at the first chance he got, he took over the lead. Issac Neff (Neff Cycling Service), Tristan Schouten (Pete’s Garage), Pete Karinen (True North Apparel) and Justin Piontek (Adventure 212/Specialized) were close behind Guerra and House. Piontek, after hearing that House pulled out because of a naggy reoccurring injury, surged to see if he could catch Guerra. Despite not catching Guerra, Piontek was very happy with his best WORS career finish coming in second behind House who took his first win of the season. Schouten’s first MTB race of the year had him “dusting off the cobwebs” for the first lap until he worked his way into third place, battling the last two laps with Karinen. In the end Schouten surprised himself with a third place finish and Karnien came in 4th. Neff finished with a respective 5th place. The BelGioiosio Women’s field started out with Lindsay Guerra (Vision Cycling/P/B ryder 930), Leia Schneeberger (Broken Spoke) and Emma Swartz (KS Energy Services/MOSH/Team Wisconsin) attacking the hill hard and forming a pack. Guerra led through the pines before Swartz attacked on the big climb back to the top of the ski hill. At just 19 years old, Swartz was able to open a gap early in the first lap on the rest of the field that would end up sticking. Guerra who was riding in second began to suffer from a slow leak in her rear tire. She began to let off the gas, as she favored the rear tire in hopes to keep as much air in as possible. As Guerra began losing more and more air, she was finally forced to pull over and put some air back in. This gave Schneeberger the opportunity to pass and open a gap on Guerra. Swartz was able to take her first career WORS win as an Elite women with a minute ahead of Schneeberger who finished second. Despite her rear tire troubles, Guerra finished in third. Anna Ganju (Collectivo MTB) finished fourth and Rachael Jensen (KS Energy Services/ MOSH/ Team Wisconsin) rounded out the top five respectively. Come join us for the fourth WORS race of the season, the Red Flint Firecracker in Eau Claire, WI. For more information visit For results on last weekend’s race visit   Cover Photo compliments of Gary Smits and XTR Photo
Stelljes Wins His First Ever, Schneeberger Comes Out on TopWORS presented by Trek made its second stop of the season in Rockdale, WI hosting the Battle Of Camrock. A few weeks after the opener, the WORS family was brought together again for some fun in the sun and some hard racing. Despite the rain on Saturday, the conditions on Sunday were perfect with tacky hero dirt. The Battle Of Camrock begins with the infamous start hill followed by a ride through the prairie and some tricky, fast descents. Once reaching the bottom of the course, it spits racers onto a gravel road for a 2 minute effort before climbing the singletrack back to the top. To start out, the Pro Men weren’t afraid of a blistering pace out the start gate. As the men sprinted to the top of the hill, Corey Stelljes(5 Nines / Cannondale), Nathan Guerra(Vision Cycling P/B Ryder 930), and Cole House(Door County Brewing Co/Intelligensia) banded together off the start. During lap 1 and 2, Guerra was leading the pack feeling confident he could pull this one off, but after a crash or two he just couldn’t get the bike to ride the way he wanted. He began to feel his chance of winning slipping away. Meanwhile, House also felt his window closing with the legs just not performing to his expectation. Stelljes on the other hand, came into this race weekend determined to win his first pro mountain bike race and that he did. Going up the start hill for the final time, Stelljes stood up and surged to the top of the hill dropping Guerra. The adrenaline rush he experienced continued to fuel the fire as he opened up almost a two minute gap for the win. Behind Stelljes, came in House finishing 2nd and Guerra coming in 3rd. Rounding out the top 5 was Isaac Neff(Neff Cycling Service) in 4th and Justin Piontek(Adventure 212/Specialized) for the fifth step respectively. Once again this year, the women's Pro/Elite field had a healthy number of racers to compete on the hot sunny day. Leia Schneeberger(Broken Spoke Racing) came into Sunday looking for some sweet revenge as she placed second to Lindsay Kriete (Holllander Benelux Racing) at the WORS opener. Off the line, Schneeberger, Kriete, Emma Swartz(KS Energy Services/ MOSH/ Team WI)  and Lindsey Guerra(Vision Cycling P/B Ryder 930) broke away from the rest of the field. Soon enough, Guerra began to drop back and Kriete was suffering from mechanical after mechanical. Swartz and Schneeberger worked together to open any gap they could but weren’t able to hold off Kriete for long. Schneeberger was able to ride away from Swartz who was later passed by Kriete. With just a minute ahead of the Holllander Benelux racer, Schneeberger was able to pull off the win with Kriete in second. Then came in Swartz for third and Guerra in fourth. Anna Ganju(Collectivo) finished fifth respectively. Join us next weekend in Mt. Morris, WI for the Mt. Morris Challenge. For more infomation visit For last weekend’s results, visit   Photo by Kari Scheppman  
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