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Broken Spoke Duo Takes Top Steps at Reforestation Ramble

With the faint sounds of the roaring lions from the nearby NEW Zoo, the Wisconsin Off-Road Series (WORS) held race #8, The Reforestation Ramble in Green Bay WI last Sunday. This race unlike most, with little to no hills and flowy singletrack made it extremely fast and exciting. Different from years past, this course was a 6 mile loop that covered all the fast corners and fire lanes the Reforestation Camp has to offer.


Off the start of the BelGioioso Elite men’s race, Ben Senkerik(Team Extreme) grabbed the hole shot with big names like Tristan Schouten(Pete’s Garage), Cole House(Broken Spoke Racing), Pete Karinen(True North Apparel) and Justin Piontek (Adventure 212/Specialized) following behind. The top five men formed the lead group and stayed together the first lap. Off the second lap, Senkerik and House surged to open a gap and Schouten bridged the gap to join. The three leaders remained together going into the third lap, but an unfortunate crash for Senkerik caused him to pop off the lead pack into no man’s land. Into the fourth lap, Karinen and Piontek bridged the leaders and Karinen took over the lead. With about 3 miles to go, Karinen took a spill in a corner that House was merely able to squeeze by but left Schouten and Piontek at a stand still. House, now all by himself kept plugging away to open a gap for the win. House made WORS history by being the first to ever win a WORS Elite race on a fatbike, his bike of choice being the Salsa Beargrease. Despite his crash, Karinen was able to come back and pass Schouten in the final minutes of the race to finish second with Schouten in third. Piontek finished shortly after in fourth place with Senkerik rounding out the top 5.


The BelGioioso Elite women’s race was once again dominated by overall series leader Leia Schneeberger(Broken Spoke Racing) but at the start, it looked to be anyone’s race. Anna Ganju(Colectivo Coffee) took the hole shot with Lindsay Guerra(Vision Cycling/Ryder 930) and Schneeberger following. At the first wide open fire lane, Schneeberger and Guerra opened a gap on Ganju and the rest of the field. The two leaders were able to work together for the first lap but as they began the second lap Guerra couldn’t hold the pace Schneeberger was setting. Schneeberger was able to ride away putting almost three minutes between her and Guerra for the win. Guerra finished second with Ganju finishing third. After a slower start for Lisa Krayer(Advenutre 212/Specialized), she was able to work her way into fourth place for her best finish of the year. Honorary mention to goes to Holly Lavesser(Milwaukee Bicycle Co) for rounding out the top 5.


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Karinen and Schneeberger Climb to SuccessLast Sunday the Wisconsin Off Road Series(WORS) traveled to the western part of the state for the Hixon Forest Epic. The 7th race of the WORS season took place on a gorgeous day in the Hixon Forest encompassed by the bluffs of LaCrosse. This WORS course was like no other beginning with a long gravel downhill lead out that had racers reaching top speeds. Once competitors reached the bottom of the bluff, they began the roughly 15 minute switchback climb back to the top where it was a half mile road time trial to the singletrack. Once racers reached the singletrack it had all of the rocks and roots one could only  image making racers cling to the handle bars as they navigated through the woods. The BelGioioso Men’s Elite race was missing one of the WORS regulars and overall series leader Nathan Guerra(Vision Cycling/ Ryder 930) due to a broken collarbone but that didn’t stop this race from being a hard fought battle. Off the start, Pete Karinen(True North Apparel) strategically led the field down the bluff but sat in once they reached the bottom. As soon as they entered the Vista Climb, Karinen took over the lead again with a group of four following behind. He was able to establish a gap when Minnesota racer Dominic Talerico(Angry Catfish) surged hard along the next large climb. Behind the two leaders, Ben Senkerik(Team Extreme) and Caleb Swartz(Team Wisconsin) were riding together when they came up upon Talerico along the side of the trail fixing an unfortunate flat tire. Senkerik, feeling excited to have passed Talerico, picked up the pace causing Swartz to fall off the back. Impressively, Talerico was able to catch Swartz and soon after caught Senkerik as well. It was too late for him to pick off one more as Karinen gapped the rest of the field for his first ever WORS elite win. Talerico and Senkerik sprinted to the line for second and third with Swartz finishing fourth. Honorary mention to Ray Nelson who rounded out the top five. The BelGioioso Women’s field once again was dominated by Leia Schneeberger(Broken Spoke Racing) but the young sensation, Emma Swartz(KS Energy/ Team Wisconsin) made sure it wasn’t a cakewalk. Off the start, Anna Ganju(Colectivo Coffee) led out the women but her lead was overtaken by Lindsey Guerra(Vision Cycling/ Ryder 930)  who led the women down the gravel road. At the start of the vista climb, Schneeberger jumped to the front, hoping to slow the field down as they climbed back to the top. Swartz passed Schneeberger about halfway up the climb and began to open a gap. The overall Series leader was able to pull Swartz back in on the road section where they entered the singletrack wheel on wheel. Schneeberger tactically chose where she would make her move choosing the A-line through a rock garden to take the lead as Swartz took the B-line. With the adrenaline pumping, she was able to extend her lead to finish almost 3 minutes ahead of Swartz who finished second. Guerra was ahead of Ganju until the last lap when she began to suffer from a slow front tire leak. Ganju passed Guerra to finish third with Guerra fourth. Rounding out the top five was Lisa Krayer(Adventure 212/Specialized). For results for the Hixon Forest Epic visit Join WORS for race #8, The Reforestation Ramble in Green Bay, WI. For more information visit
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