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House and Guerra Win at the Sheboygan FinaleSadly, the Wisconsin Off-Road series(WORS) season came to a close last Sunday but it went out in style. The WORS community not only celebrated the finale of the season but also the finale of the venue. Sheboygan WI has hosted a WORS mountain bike race for 23 years and last Sunday we had to say our farewells. The Sheboygan MTB challenge has always entertained our spectators with the infamous log jump, the quarry rock face, creek crossing, and Loft and Shove’s Hill Climb Preme. Sunday’s race was particularly difficult due to the rains that brought on a slick and fast course.   The BelGioioso men's race started out fast as always with Tristan Schouten(Pete’s Garage) grabbing the hole shot. Cole House(Broken Spoke Racing/Intelligentisa), Ben Senkerik(Team Extreme), and Justin Piontek(Adventure 212/Specialized) were following. House and Schouten, riding strong in the mud, began to open up a gap on the rest of the field. After taking turns leading, House hit a section of single track hard at the start of the third lap. Locking out his fork, House believed that he was able to ride faster in the mud as his gap opened up even further. With one lap to go, House continued to ride smart to secure the win with Schouten finishing in second only a minute behind. Piontek riding a lone race was stuck between the two leaders and the two chasers, Senkerik and Ryan Rollins(Linear Sport MTB/Trek). Piontek aware of his overall standing knew that at a minimum, he had to finish this race to lock him in for third place overall. He was able to do just that as he finished with a strong third place. Behind Piontek, Senkerik and Rollins were working together until Rollins took a spill on a wooden bridge. Senkerik opened the gap just ahead of Rollins late in the first lap and kept it open to solidify fourth place with Rollins rounding out the top five.   The BelGioioso women’s field took off with a bang as Leia Schneeberger(Broken Spoke Racing) and Lindsay Guerra(Vision Cycling/ Ryder 930) set the screaming fast pace. The two ladies took turns in the lead until Schneeberger attacked a hill to open a gap between Guerra and herself. With a small gap open, Schneeberger was riding well in the mud before taking a corner too hot, sliding out. As one would say “monkey see monkey do” as Guerra went down in the same corner. After seeing Guerra crash too, Schneeberger surged again but Guerra wasn’t going to back down. After recovering from her crash, She found a rhythm through the mud. As the race was nearing a close, she saw her opportunity as Schneeberger was off to the side fixing her handlebars after a crash on the rock face. Guerra continued on steadily, riding conservative and smart as she took the lead. Guerra rode in for the win with Schneeberger just a minute back to finish second. Behind the leaders, Holly Lavesser(Milwaukee Bicycle Company) continued to stay focused as she hammered her way through the mud to finish third. Kristina Navarro(5 nines) and Jeanne Hornak rounded out the top five finishing fourth and fifth respectively. To view the results for the Sheboygan MTB race, visit   Photo Courtesy of XTR Photo
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