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Broken Spoke Duo Dominates at Reforestation RambleSuamico, WI-   The Wisconsin Off-Road Series made its 9th stop of the season in Eastern Wisconsin, just outside of Green Bay. WORS alongside the Ashwaubenon ski team and volunteers hosted the Reforestation Ramble as over 550 competitors came together to enjoy a fun weekend of racing and camaraderie. Saturday kicked off the weekend with the pre-ride where racers dialed in all the fast lines and learned just how to corner in the infamous sandy turns and then finished out the day with Broken Spoke’s Short Track race under the lights. Sunday brought sunny skies and dry conditions as racers gave it their all on the fast and flowy course at the Brown County park.   In the BelGioioso Men’s field, hometown racer Cole House(Broken Spoke Racing) came into the race with one goal: win! He felt this was possible if he got to the singletrack first, considering he knows  the lines as well as anyone. Off the start, House matched pace with fellow competitors Issac Neff(Neff Cycle Serivce), Pete Karinen(Broken Spoke Racing) and Ben Senkeri(Team Extreme) but moved to the front just before the single. Neff and Karinen followed closely behind but it was no match for House’s skill and speed. House was out of sight before the second section of singletrack even began. Karinen and Neff tried to close the gap, but Neff was having a hard time getting warmed up on the flats of the reforestation camp. Soon he decided to sit up and wait for the chase group to catch, knowing he could handle that pace better. Entering the second lap, the chase group consisted of Neff, Karinen, Senkerik, Casey Griesemer(Neff Cycle Service), and Ryan Rollins(Broken Spoke Racing) but soon split into two. With House and Karinen out front alone, Neff and Senkerik thought they would give one last effort to reel them in so they broke off the pack. Despite their best efforts, no one could catch House as he took his third win of the season. Karinen finished in second, down a minute and a half. A battle continued for third and fourth as Neff and Senkerik were still together going into the last section of singletrack. Neff entered first, but after the Team Extreme rider took a hot line, Neff’s desires of cracking the top three were no more. Senkerik would go on to finish in third with Neff in fourth. Fighting it out for top five, Griesemer and Arlen sprinted to the line with Arlen rounding out podium respectively.   In the BelGioioso Women’s race, Broken Spoke Racer, Leia Schneeberger also had the same goal as her teammate: Win. Off the start Linear Sport Racing Team’s Katrina Hurst nabbed the hole shot and led the ladies out as Holly LaVesser(Neff Cycle Service) and Schneeberger sat back. Both Lavesser and Schneeberger moved up to the front as they approached the first section of single, but Schneeberger put in an early dig, in hopes of shaking any followers off her wheel. No one could hold her pace as she entered the single track first, and that was the last anyone saw of her. Behind the leader, LaVesser found herself working with two Cat 1 juniors as they knew the lines and she could hold a steady pace in the open. As the ladies reached lap two, LaVesser found herself off the back but knew if she stayed consistent, she could hold onto second place. Meanwhile, off the front Schneeberger developed a strong sense of flow, trying to work with the Elite Men as she would catch them, to further open her lead. Schneeberger would go on to finish in first with over two and a half minutes on Lavesser who would finish in second. Kristina Navarro(Neff Cycle Service) worked with ASU Devo’s Mckenna Dwyer to finish third while Dwyer dropped off the pace towards the end of the race. Maria Statz continued to chip away catching Dwyer near the end of the race to finish fourth and fifth respectively.   Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature Cole House, Winner of Reforestation Ramble Image may contain: people riding bicycles, bicycle, outdoor and nature Leia Schneeberger, Winner of Reforestation Ramble To see more results visit,   Join us at the last WORS race of the season! For more info, visit   Photos courtesy of
LaVesser and House Triumph in the MudThe Wisconsin-Off Road Series made it’s 8th stop on the tour in the bluffs of La Crosse where racers searched for crucial series points and a good time! Despite the recent flooding in the western part of the Badgerland, the race course held up fairly well. Some adjustments were made in the lower lands but nevertheless the volunteers and the WORS staff made sure the course held up to its name. The Hixon Forest Epic flowed up and down the bluffs while snaking through the forest challenging every racer to his or her maximum capabilities.   The Pro/Elite Women’s field had an extra challenge though, as Mother Nature threw in a curveball showering the racers with rain and high winds just before the start of the race. Off the start, Mckenna Dwyer(ASU Devo) took control and scored the hole shot, while veteran riders like Leia Schneeberger(Broken Spoke Racing) and Anna Ganju(Colectivo Coffee) worked into the race and the long lead out. Schneeberger wanted to control the race and to test out the singletrack as she jumped in the lead for the first section. The Hixon Forest hero dirt turned into a very greasy and slick clay exploiting a racer’s skill level and mental fitness to overcome the adversity. One racer who shined was Neff Cycle Service’s Holly LaVesser. LaVesser a typically slower starter, grabbed her tool belt and hard hat and went to work. She was able to find a groove in the mud and chip away eventually catching Ganju, Dwyer and soon enough Schneeberger who was suffering from a muddy mechanical. LaVesser would go on to win the race with almost eight minutes on the rest of the field! Dwyer in her inaugural season as an Elite racer finished in second while Schneeberger took home the bronze. Seasoned rider Ganju finished fourth while Kristina Navarro(Neff Cycle Service) rounded out the top five respectively.   Mother Nature also tested the Pro/Elite Men’s field with the abundance of mud. Many men sought comfort in complaining but strong cross racers like Issac Neff(Neff Cycle Service) and Caleb Swartz(Linear Sport/Trek) were excited for a muddy battle. Mother Nature caught many by surprise as there was no time to change tires so racers had to compensate by bringing out their best handling skills. Off the start, Cole House(Broken Spoke Racing) developed a sizable gap on the chase group of Pete Karinen(Broken Spoke Racing), Mark LaLonde(Free Wheel Bike), Neff and Swartz. As the men began to find the rhythm in the grease, Neff and Karinen started to pull away. Just as they opened it up, Karinen took a hard spill leaving Neff by himself. Neff’s all around good tire choice and his experience in the mud propelled him to the front catching House in the middle of the race. House struggled to stick with Neff on the climbs as he would continue to lose traction and spin out but felt that he could handle his own in the single. House’s main goal was to not let Neff out of sight and as the course began to dry up, House reeled him in. With about a mile and a half to go, House began to hit it hard, every chance he could get. Neff could feel the legs quiver as he couldn’t find an answer. House dug deep on the last open section to seal the deal for the win while Neff rode in for silver, just 10 seconds off the mark. Minnesota’s LaLonde finished in third while Karinen filed in fourth. Rounding out the top five, was Swartz respectively.     Photo courtesy of
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