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Delivering Hope & Bearing Bad News the Don

Image removed.Like many of you, spending summer weekends at WORS races is something that I look forward to each year. For the past 28 summers, it is all I have known. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that the time for hope of salvaging the series for 2020 has expired. The ripples in the water that started with COVID-19 have become waves, forcing the cancelation of five of the eight events we had planned for this year.

Pressures and concerns from venues, health departments, sponsors, local organizing committees, racers, and volunteers have all contributed to the need to cancel these events. Unfortunately, it is not financially feasible to hold the series with only three events, so the 2020 WORS season is officially canceled and we will shift our efforts to preparing for a strong return of WORS in 2021. Fortunately, this leaves additional time and energy to make an even better series than before!

Three of our long-time events have also expressed a desire to run non-WORS events this year and we encourage you to check the WORS website for announcements on these events as they are developed. The premier of our new website will take place later this summer and with it will be the announcement of our 2021 schedule.

Also fortunately, those who have paid for a series registration or All-In-One for this year, we will automatically roll those over so you will be all set for the 2021 season. Money received for these has been used to cover unavoidable expenses that were incurred in preparation for this year’s events, as most of the expected sponsorship dollars for 2020 failed to materialize.

I wish all of you the best. Please stay safe and keep riding. I hope to be lining up with you on the start line next year as we continue to work on how to keep WORS going for years to come! (from July 5th, 2020 WORS Rider Newsletter)

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